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A Change: The End

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The last installment.

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This is the last chapter, I hope you all enjoyed this c':

Frank skipped school, again, feeling sorry for himself, but before he could go outside and play guitar, Jamia knocked on the door.
"Hi!" He smiled. "I didn't think I'd see you again," Frank added, smiling. He thought that Jamia looked awesome in her ripped jeans and boots.
"I thought I should come over and see you." Jamia hummed, rocking forward and back on her heels. "How are you feeling?" She asked, comfortingly. Frank beamed softly, blushing.
"I feel, heart broken, upset and betrayed. I think that's how I should describe it," He sighed, looking at her. Jamia held her arms out.
"I'm here, if you need me." She smiled softly, blinking innocently at him. Frank hugged her, holding her close.
"I do need you," He sighed, gulping. Jamia stroked Frank's hair softly, comfortingly, holding him to her.
"You can come to mine, if you want? It's kinda cold out here."
"Yes, please. You're amazing," Frank smiled, "Ride on my bike with me, Gerard was always to scared to." He rolled his eyes, pulling out his bike, the pegs on the back clipped on.
"Sure," Jamia smiled, hopping onto the back of the bike, resting her elbows on Frank's shoulders and her chin on his head.
"Might want to hold on," Frank giggled, pushing off, cycling quickly down the narrow roads and turning corners with accuracy. Jamia held onto Frank's shoulders lightly, surprisingly used to skating down streets on the back of bikes. Not quite as posh as her parents might have liked.

Frank stopped suddenly, stepping off the bike, resting it by the fence.
"What do you want to do at yours?" He asked, softly, grinning.
"I.. I don't know, watch a movie? I thought you'd want to talk about what happened." Jamia hopped off the bike, smiling gently. Frank nodded ,smiling.
"It might take a lot of explaining, but I'll sure try." He giggled, following Jamia into the house, "So, what do you already know?"
"I know that Gerard was forced to marry this girl.. And I know her, personally, but.. Other than that, not much." Jamia shrugged, taking Frank through to her 'lounge area'. Her house was large, similar to Gerard's, minus some of the extravagance. Frank sat down, slumping into the couch.
"Well, Gerard and her kissed, and I got jealous, because I saw how they looked at each other, and I would try to ask him, but then he would deny it, I know he's fallen for her, and we broke up." He sniffed, rubbing his eyes, "It hurt that he said, 'even if I'm with her my entire life, I won't fall for her.'" Jamia sat beside him, distancing herself, just.
"I'm real sorry." She frowned, resting her cheek on her hand. "Have you ever thought, that maybe he's better off?" She whispered. "I mean - he doesn't deserve you Frank. And he doesn't have a choice in this anyway. Isn't it better that this Marina girl has someone to love her? She needs someone to love her."
"She's had a boyfriend and he died, she is pretty and really rich, she could have anyone in France, why did it have to be my Gerard?" He sighed, looking at Jamia, "I want someone to love me." Frank looked down, sadly.
"You'll find someone, don't worry." Jamia reassured, biting her lip. "Do you think he's happy?" Frank shrugged.
"I have no fucking idea." He sighed, leaning his head on her shoulder. "I can't be bothered to deal with him any more."
"First loves are always hard Frank, and very rarely work out. This was never going to work, between you two, was it?" Jamia sighed.
"Probably not, I need someone who is more like me, I was changing too much for him." Frank sighed, looking at Jamia, thinking.
"You'll find someone." Jamia nodded, giving him a quick hug before stepping over to the fridge and pulling out two cans of coke. Frank smiled, biting his lip.
"What about you?" He asked, softly.
"I don't know." Jamia replied, handing a can to Frank. "I've dated and stuff, but I've never really.. People from my Mum's work are so boring, they're not interesting.. I don't know how you managed to date the only interesting male that goes to the social events."
"No, I mean, what about there being" Frank blushed, opening the coke. "We are so much alike, I feel comfortable around you, and you're so pretty." Jamia sat beside him, tilting her head.
"You.. What?" She raised an eyebrow. "It's been like, a day since you broke up with Gerard.."
"I know. I know it's fast, and you don't have to say yes, we could always...Go on a...Date?" Frank asked, awkwardly, taking a sip of the coke.
"I don't know, I mean," Jamia laughed. "I mean, double yes, but.. Should you really be doing this? It's not healthy."
"I would never date you to get over some posh boy, I wouldn't dare do that to you, Jamia." Frank smiled, blushing.
"I.." Jamia looked across to him. "I thought you were.. You know," She mumbled. "Gay," Frank rolled his eyes.
"I said that to make Gerard feel happier, because in the beginning, I think he thought that I was falling for that French girl." He giggled, "I'm bi."
"Oh right." Jamia replied softly, nodding. "Yeah. Okay."

It had been a year since Frank had seen Gerard. It had been exactly six months and 23 days since he had thought of Gerard. He and Jamia had been dating for quite a while now; enjoying their time with one another, Frank finally enjoying something that, maybe wasn't too exciting, or heartfelt, or new - but something that was definitely real.

Gerard spent his days alone. It had been exactly 6 months and 24 days since Marina had died. It had been 6 months and 13 days since it had been her funeral. Gerard was still yet to tell Frank - he didn't think he needed to. Frank didn't care for him anymore, and why should he? Why would he. He sat in the large house, in silence.

Frank wrapped an arm around Jamia.
"Hi, babe, I need to call someone, so I'll be back in a second, okay?" He smiled, kissing her cheek, walking to the kitchen, pulling out his phone and calling Gerard. "Hello?"

Gerard jumped a little as his phone rang. It rarely did, anymore. No one really wanted to speak to him. Not even his father.
"Hello." He replied, quietly.
"Gee? We haven't spoken in ages, I wanted to see how you were," Frank smiled, speaking softly.
"Oh, me? I'm.. I'm fine. How are you?" Gerard asked, politely, disguising the heavy lump of depression in his throat.
"I'm good, but I was worried, I thought you'd call or text, or something, you're still my closest friend, Gee." Frank sighed.
"I've uh, had a lot going on, I guess. Nothing important." Gerard responded, gently. "Anything going on with you?"
"Gee, something's going on. I can tell, so say it." Frank pressed, speaking softly.
"Nothing, really." Gerard insisted. "Honest."
"Is it stupid of me, to want to visit you? I miss my friend." Frank hummed, Jamia talking to him in the background. Gerard panicked. He knew he couldn't lie for him for too long.
"If you think that's a good idea, then.. Yeah. I've missed having you around."
"I'll visit you, what about tomorrow? I have money lying about in my bank, I'm dying to use it, and I wanna see you." Frank smiled.
"Okay." Gerard replied. "I'm staying at the house."
"Okay, I'll see you soon, bye bye." Frank smiled, hanging up. He walked over to Jamia. "I have to visit a friend, tomorrow." He sighed, running a hand through her hair.
"Where you going?" Jamia asked, casually, getting a drink.
"France. Yes, I am going to visit Gerard, as a friend, nothing more, okay?" Frank spoke softly, pulling her into a hug, "By the way, do you like the lip ring?" He asked.
"I like it a /lot/." Jamia grinned, kissing Frank softly. "It's okay. He has the french girl anyway, doesn't he?"
"Mh hm," Frank kissed her softly, kissing the tip of her nose, "I'll be back in a couple days, I'll phone you every night." He ran upstairs, packing his suitcase, standing by the front door, "Love you."
"Love you." Jamia hummed, waving gently to Frank as he jumped in a cab. Frank went to the air port, getting on the plane, it took the night because of various cancellations, he ended up in France. Frank rang Gerard's door bell.

Gerard was dressed scruffily on account of rarely leaving the house; his hair was long and tangled, his skin pale and dark bags hanging under his eyes. He wore a band shirt and a pair of ripped jeans, which didn't really look like his own, which looked unnatural hanging over his knobbled knees. He opened the door, and smiled weakly, gazing at Frank. Romantically, or not, he had missed him. Frank smiled, being a little taller, his hair a little longer, wearing scruffy clothes, plus the new lip ring.
"Hi there. I've missed you." He sighed happily.
"I've missed you too." Gerard nodded, gazing downwardly, wondering whether it would be entirely inappropriate to hug him.
"Hug?" He asked, smiling, blushing slightly, feeling awkward for asking. Gerard nodded, biting his lip, direly avoiding letting out a single sob. He moved towards Frank, wrapping his arms around him softly, letting Frank be the dominant one. He felt so tired. He couldn't be bothered with doing things. Frank held him close, sniffing.
"So, where is Marina?" He asked, softly, still holding onto Gerard.
"Oh, ah, she's gone out.." Gerard mumbled. Frank nodded.
"Can I come in?" He asked softly, releasing Gerard, gazing at him. Gerard gave a soft nod and shut the door behind him, walking idly forward beside Frank. All he really did nowadays was sit around - no one really came to check on him. Frank sat down on the couch, glancing around him suspiciously. There was far too much dust settled on the furniture, like a house that hadn't been lived in.
"Gee, you're lying about something. I can tell, and you're not normally like this." He sighed, "You were the outgoing, dashing, charming, handsome young man, when you left." Frank smiled, gazing at Gerard.
"Things change," Gerard sniffed, gazing at the floor absently. "I changed."
"Why though? Things change for a rhyme and a reason." Frank smiled softly, his tongue playing with his lip ring.
"I don't.. It still.." Gerard mumbled, glancing up at Frank.
"You can tell me anything, y'know." Frank smiled, "Even if we're not dating, I still care about you." Gerard hunched his shoulders up, resting his elbows on his knees.
"It's just.. Still kinda hard to talk about, I guess." Frank placed his hand on Gerard's back.
"I understand how you feel, and you know I do, but the only way life moves on, is when you talk." Gerard was silent, his lips trembling as he stared absently at the floorboards.
"She's gone." Gerard mumbled, covering his face with his hands.
"Marina?" Frank asked, softly.
"Yeah." Gerard murmured, the heels of his palms in his eyes. "Gone."
"Runaway gone, or.." Frank asked, softly, almost a whisper.
"The second one." Gerard crumbled, choking on his own tears. Frank wrapped his arms around the older boy, sighing.
"Aww, Gee, I'm so sorry."
"She killed herself. We were getting along okay but I kept.. I kept crying and she was so lovely to me, she was so lovely to everyone, but she just felt as though she was in the way," Gerard cried, rubbing his own eyes. "I didn't tell you, I just didn't think I needed to.."
"Why were you crying?" Frank asked, cradling Gerard in his arms, sighing softly.
"Because as much as I loved her, and as much as she loved me, I knew that there was always going to be something holding me back from loving her fully." Gerard shook his head. Frank sighed, biting his lip ring.
"What was it?" He asked, stroking Gerard's hair, comfortingly.
"You." Gerard hid his gaze, scrunching up his eyes. "I'd hoped you had forgotten about me."
"I could never forget about you, Gee." Frank sniffed, "I thought you didn't need me any more, because you had her."
"How are you faring?" Gerard asked, wiping away his tears. "What've you been doing for the past year?"
"Hm... Okay, I guess, it took me ages to get over you, but then I started dating Jamia, we have been dating for sometime now, but I can't carry on for much longer, because it's like I'm dating my best friend. It's so weird." Frank giggled. "You were always in my mind, I haven't even taken off that key yet, um.. For my sixteenth birthday I got a lip piercing, not much this year." He sighed ,gulping.
"I'm so happy for you." Gerard responded, truthfully, looking up at Frank with soft, genuine eyes. "Honestly. Stay with her. You really like her and I can see that." Gerard nodded. "And I like the lip ring."
"I'm not happy." Frank sighed, "It's too weird, I just wanted to try dating a girl, and I don't like it, at all." He smiled, "And thank you," He nodded, pulling out the key on the leather strap that was old and broken in. Gerard nodded, watching Frank for a few moments before turning away.
"Have you seen Mikey?" He asked, softly. "He'll be turning seven soon. I talked to him on the phone a couple of weeks ago,"
"I would love to see him, but I haven't seen your family in ages." Frank admitted, rubbing the engraving on the key with his thumb, sighing.
"They moved back after I moved in with Marina. They couldn't even come back for the funeral.." Gerard mumbled, feeling himself crumbling again. "Dad was busy. I don't know."
"I wouldn't of seen them for a few reasons, they don't like me, I moved out and I would of been upset every time I saw them." Frank sighed, chewing his lip.
"Where do you live now?" Gerard asked, tangling his fingers.
"I live in a small apartment on the outskirts of town, I like having a place to myself, but it gets lonely." Frank shrugged.
"Oh, right." Gerard hummed softly. "I'm going to move home soon. I'm sick of being over here. I don't know anyone. No one wants to talk to me."
"American in France, kind of makes sense." Frank giggled softly. "Lindsey misses you, Bob and Ray do too.
"Well that's good." Gerard nodded, reaching over and taking Frank into a hug. "Thanks for being my friend, Frank." Frank sighed, his eyes sad. "Yeah, sure, no problem."
"Let me gather my stuff, okay? I'll be really fast."
"Of course," Frank smiled, releasing Gerard, "I have a thought... Which could be a stupid idea..."
"What is it?" Gerard asked.
"Y'know, you're seventeen, correct?" Frank asked, just to clarify.
"You could...Live with me? Room mates and all?" Frank suggested, a slight smile on his face. Gerard watched him, softly.
"I'd like that." He responded. "I'd like to have a week or so to spend with Mikey before I move in, but.. Yeah. Okay."
"That's fine with me," Frank smiled, blushing, "But, come here," He motioned for him to come closer. Gerard moved over to him, his expression blank, a little confused. Frank moved slightly closer, taking a deep breath, cupping Gerard's cheek, leaning in and kissing him softly. He pulled away slowly, beaming gently.
"Sorry, I had to." Gerard nodded quietly, not complaining, not reciprocating. He moved away and collected his bags, bringing them down the stairs. In his hands, he held a t-shirt.
"Why have you got a random shirt?" Frank asked, holding open the door, giggling softly.
"It's.. It's Marina's." Gerard held it out, delicately in his fingers - a Smashing Pumpkins shirt. "She really liked them. Guess I just wanted something to keep." He mumbled, folding the t-shirt back together and holding it carefully in his hands. Frank nodded, sighing.
"You are going to help me with a tricky decision, okay?" He asked softly.
"Uh, okay," Gerard breathed into the t-shirt privately and put it back into his bag, returning his attention to Frank. The shirt still smelt as sweet as she did.
"Should I break up with Jamia?" Frank asked, the look of confusion covered his face.
"No," Gerard replied. "Only if you stop loving her." He looked up at Frank, softly. "I just want you to be happy. I'm just your roommate."
Frank nodded, smiling softly.
"Okay, I'm taking your words." He sighed, biting his lip ring.

Gerard waved to Frank as he stepped from the taxi and towards his own house. He breathed in deeply, knocking on the heavy wooden doors and awaiting the pitter patter of Mikey's excited footsteps to sound, but they never did. He unlocked the door quietly and shut it behind him.
"Mom? Dad? Mikey?" He called, into the empty hallway.

Frank went to Jamia's house, giggling, he knocked on the door.
"Guess who's home early?"
"Frank!" Jamia grinned, throwing herself at him. "How are you? How was France?"
"I'm fine, a little tired, and it was boring." Frank explained, wrapping his arms around her waist, lifting her up.
"I've been really bored without you here," Jamia grinned, resting her arms around Frank's neck.
"Well, I'm back." Frank smirked, kissing her softly, walking into the house, carrying her. She laughed, tapping him on the nose.
"Why'd you come back early?" She asked, pressing a kiss to Frank's jaw.
"No need to stay out there, I guess." Frank shrugged, giggling, putting her on the couch, sitting next to her.
"Oh, well I'm glad." Jamia beamed, resting her back against Frank's side. Frank put an arm around her.
"You'll never guess what." He smirked.
"What?" Jamia asked, hunching up her knees and glancing up at him.
"Marina.. Kinda.. Died." Frank spoke softly and bluntly. Jamia gasped, a hand covering her mouth.
"Frank, that's awful! Hey! Stop smirking!" She frowned, shaking her head, batting him softly on the arm. She curled back up beside him.
"I'm sorry, I can't help it, you know that." Frank tried not stop, he chewed on his lip ring, as he played with her hair.
"She was still a person, Frank," Jamia mumbled. "I know she annoyed you but.. She didn't deserve that, and you know it." She sighed, pushing her lips against Frank's chin.
"I know, I know." Frank frowned, "I feel sorry more for Gerard, he was married to the girl." He smirked.
"Stop it!" Jamia whined. "You're awful." She pushed a hand behind Frank's neck, pulling him to her. "You're lucky you're cute," She sighed, kissing him. Frank kissed her softly, placing his hands on her waist.
"I'm hot, not cute." He giggled.
"A little vain," Jamia smirked, stroking a thumb over the soft stubble on Frank's chin. "But we'll go with both." Frank chuckled, nipping at Jamia's lip, purring softly. Jamia wrapped her fingers around Frank's waist, playing with the lip ring with her tongue.
"Mmm," Frank moaned softly, "Playful mood, I see," He noted, purring softly, tangling his fingers in her hair.
"You've been gone, I've been forced to listen to Bob complaining about his girlfriend, It's been boring," She laughed, moving her attention to Frank's neck. Frank laughed, gulping, biting his lip, "Mmm, if you leave any marks, I'll get you, because my parents were asking." He giggled.
"I won't, promise, I'm being gentle," She smiled, kissing up and down his neck softly. She entwined her fingers in Franks behind him.
"Thank you, babe." Frank smiled, chewing his lip, holding Jamia's hands. Jamia laughed openly, kissing Frank properly once, before pulling back.
"/Babe/," She repeated, laughter in her eyes. "Sorry," She snickered, poking Frank in the ribs softly.
"Babe or baby." Frank laughed, "Sorry, it just rolls off the tongue." He added, purring loudly, rolling an 'R' sound with his tongue.
"I can't do that." Jamia scowled playfully. "Never have been able to." She put her legs over Frank's lap, not quite sitting on him, but resting her legs on him. Her head was laid on the sofa cushion, and she grinned up at him. Frank over exaggerated, running his hands over Jamia's legs, tickling her.
"Oh well, no biggie." He giggled. She squealed and kicked her legs up.
"It's so much more fun with you here." She smiled, softly, poking Frank in the face with her bare foot playfully with a smirk. Frank kissed the top of her foot.
"Aww, thank you." He smirked, sarcastically. He looked out the window, seeing Gerard sit on the porch, "I'll be right back," He kissed her calf, getting up, walking out the house towards Gerard.
"Hi." Gerard mumbled, scratching the nape of his neck.
"Hello, what's up?" Frank asked, softly, sitting next to him.
"Mikey's sick, I'm not allowed to go see him." Gerard sighed. "Some kind'a scarlet fever? Kids don't really get it anymore. He's at home."
"Aww, want to go to my apartment?" Frank asked, softly, sighing.
"Uh, yeah, sure." Gerard nodded, smiling. "Though, say goodbye to Jamia first. Actually - can I see her? I just want to say Hi, and all."
"Of course, c'mon," Frank smiled, standing up, walking around the corner, with Gerard following behind, Frank walked in first. "Babe, I'm going home, just to sort Gerard out, I told you what's happened and he's going to stay with me." Jamia nodded, fiddling with her hair.
"Okay. Call me, okay?" She smiled, warmly, nodding to Gerard. Her voice turned incredibly gentle and sympathetic. "How are you, Gerard?" Gerard nodded softly in reply.
"I'm okay, thanks, Jamia."
"Of course, see you a little later," Frank blew a kiss to her, walking out, grabbing his car, "C'mon, get it." He giggled, getting in the drivers side. Gerard ducked under and into the car and sat beside him, humming softly to himself.
"It's only a five minute drive," Frank smiled, driving carefully, but a little fast. Once they arrived, Gerard followed Frank dutifully up the stairs, to Frank's apartment. Frank opened the door, to a new, clean, rather big apartment.
"I have two spare rooms, so you can decide which one you want, and just make yourself comfortable." Gerard nodded, dragging his stuff to one of the rooms.
"Thanks, Frank." He nodded, organizing his belongings in the smallish room.
"Welcome, you're still my closest friend, I want to help you in any way I can," He smiled, blushing. Gerard nodded, returning from his room and smiling softly at Frank. He wanted to see his brother, it wasn't fair.
"I might go to bed soon. I'm pretty tired." He mumbled.
"Do what you wish, honest." Frank shrugged, getting a can of coca cola for himself, leaning in Gerard's door way. "I'm sorry about Mikey, and I'm sorry about Marina."
"Mikey's fine, he'll fight it, little boys do." Gerard nodded. "And.. Thanks. I know you didn't.. Exactly like her." Frank nodded.
"I know, but I feel for you, it must be hard losing someone you care about."
"It is." Gerard shifted from foot to foot, awkwardly. "Goodnight, Frank," Gerard whispered, the old t-shirt clutched behind his back.
"Goodnight," Frank smiled, sighing, shutting the door, walking into the living room. Gerard locked the door behind him, and curled into the mattress on the floor, holding the t-shirt guiltily against him, breathing in the sweet scent he felt so hungry for. Frank pulled out his phone, calling Jamia, smiling.
"Jamia?" He asked softly.
"Frank," Jamia replied, lazily.
"I'm staying over here tonight, Gerard doesn't seem like himself, it's the whole Marina thing, I'll visit you first thing in the morning, okay?" Frank spoke softly, smiling.
"Alright, don't worry, just stay with him, okay? And don't make any snide comments about her, alright? I know you," She smirked, sadly.
"I won't, love you." Frank laughed, "Get some sleep, you sound like you need it."
"Ah, I just can't be bothered with moving to my bedroom, it's cold in there. I forgot to pay my heating bill." She laughed. "I'm watching a program about how they make lampshades. Mildly interesting."
"How do you make lampshades 'Mildly interesting' exactly?" Frank asked, laughing, "I can lend you some money if you need any?"
"I don't know, I'm kinda drunk," She laughed. "And nah, It's okay, I just forgot. Love you." She smiled, softly. Frank laughed.
"What have you had to drink?" He asked, smiling.
"Uhm," Jamia fumbled, looking for whatever she had been drinking from. "Expensive champagne I took from the last social event I went to." She smirked.
"You took champagne from a social gathering?!" Frank laughed, "You're perfect, I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" He kissed the phone, "Night night, sweetie."
"Night," She mumbled, resting her head back on the sofa. Frank put the phone down, hearing crying coming from Gerard's room. He knocked on his door.
"Gee?" Gerard sniffed and lifted his head.
"Frank?" He mumbled, softly.
"Can I come in?" He asked softly, waiting by the door.
"Y-yeah." Gerard replied, clutching the t-shirt carefully, keeping his eyes squeezed shut. Frank walked in, sitting on the edge of Gerard's bed.
"What's wrong?" He asked softly.
"I don't know. I have cried myself to sleep for the last 6 months of my life, every night, without fail - I guess it's just.. I don't know, habit." Gerard mumbled, resting his body back against the mattress, t-shirt in hand. Frank held out his arms.
"Come here, I know you feel better once you've had a hug." He sighed softly. Gerard nodded, wrenching himself up and falling back against Frank. Frank wrapped his arms around the older boy, stroking his cheek with his finger tips, "I know how it feels, okay? You just have to trust me, so I'll tell you something the catholic school told me."
"O-okay." Gerard responded.
"Heaven's gained an angel, she's up there looking over you. She may not be here, but she is, you just can't see her. Memories live a lot longer than people." Frank sighed softly, cuddling Gerard gently. Gerard nodded in understanding.
"Do you believe that?" He asked, hunching his shoulders.
"I believe it, yes. But it also works when people just aren't in your life any more, it helps you keep hope." Frank smiled, feeling the tears in his eyes. Gerard lay back down in his bed, the t-shirt still kept clutched in his hand, discreetly by his side. "Thanks, Frank."
"You're welcome, Prince Charming," Frank stood up, smiling, "I'm not tired, so I'm just gonna watch tv, if you need me, I'm in the other room."
"I will." Gerard nodded to him, turning over on his side and burying his cheek into the pillow. Frank sighed, shutting his door, going back to the couch, texting Jamia.
'help me, he wont stop talking about her :L xo'
'h;e'lll gheet ovver iet. xxds' Jamia replied - drunk.
Frank laughed quietly, 'i hope so xo'
'iii thiginik i'gm druinkj' Jamia responded.
'I think you are too, are you sick? xo' Frank texted, smiling.
'no, tiiured.' Jamia typed clumsily, growing less aware of whatever she was hammering out on the phone. Frank called her.
"Hi, I can barely understand your texts," He giggled. Jamia's speech wasn't much better.
"W-well, i'if th'a k-eeys wereen't so ddamn sm'all, i cou'lld type be-etter." She slurred.
"You've drunk the entire bottle, haven't you?"

When Gerard awoke the next morning, he didn't bother getting out of bed. He would eventually, but 9am felt too early for his liking. He thought he could hear Frank, already stirring. Frank put the kettle on, making himself a cup of coffee. He walked to Gerard's door and knocked.
"Morning," Gerard replied quietly, staying still in his bed, watching the ceiling calmly.
"Can I come in? I hate to intrude." Frank giggled.
"Uh, if you want," Gerard murmured, laying his head back. Frank walked in, in his batman pyjamas.
"Don't laugh at my pyjama's, please." He giggled, blushing.
"I wasn't going to," Gerard smiled, weakly. He rubbed his forehead and groaned.
"Thanks, what's with the groaning? Didn't sleep well?" He asked, sitting next to Gerard's bed, on the floor.
"My head hurt's, as all," Gerard thumbed his temple. "You'd think I'd been drinking." Frank laughed softly.
"Do you want anything? Coffee? Juice?" He asked.
"Nah, I'm alright." Gerard said, hoarsely. "Think I'll just stay here for a bit, sleep a bit more until I feel better."
"Feel free, I just have to nip over to Jamia's for a little while, she was drunk last night and I don't trust her by herself," He smirked, leaning in, pressing his lips to Gerard's temple, "Have a nice nap,"
"I'll try. Look after her. She does the stupidest shit when she's drunk." Gerard nodded sleepily, shutting his eyes and turning his head over.
"I'm just visiting then coming back in about an hour," He smiled, shutting the door, driving over to Jamia's.

Jamia, had not awoken yet. She was sprawled in the middle of the kitchen floor, a smashed, empty bottle in her hand, every cupboard open, including the fridge and oven. (Not on, of course.) It seemed, Jamia had fancied making some sort of - cake? Frank couldn't really be sure, and was more concerned about the shards of glass around her. Frank sighed, picking her up, taking her up stairs and laying her on the bed.
"Jamia, wakey wakey." He giggled, kissing her nose, Jamia's eyes opened slowly.
"Ugh," Jamia groaned, rubbing her head. "Did I actually manage to get myself to bed?" She looked around, surprised. Frank shook his head.
"Nah, sorry, I carried you." He giggled, laying on the bed next to her.
"Damn it." Jamia sighed, lying absently for a second. She quickly turned and shook her hand in Frank's face, before abruptly vomiting over the edge of the bed. Once she was finished, she turned ever so slightly, and murmured. "..Sorry." Frank sighed.
"It's okay, just don't drink like that again, you can't hold your liquor." He smiled, kissing her forehead.
"I'm sorry." Jamia mumbled, leaning against Frank. "Did you talk to Gerard?" Frank stroked her hair.
"I was talking to him and he wanted some extra sleep, he must have a lot on his mind," He shrugged.
"Guess he does," Jamia mumbled. "Did you happen to see if I had any coffee on your way through?"
"I wasn't really looking for coffee, when my girlfriend is drunk, passed out on the kitchen floor." He smiled.
"I was asleep on the kitchen floor?" Jamia asked, getting up slowly, wobbling on her feet, determined to get her sustenance of coffee.
"You were passed out on the kitchen floor, yes." Frank nodded, holding onto her waist.
"Oh. I'm impressed. I normally end up outside. Or the rubbish bin, that one time." Jamia grinned, embarrassed, as she stumbled towards the kitchen, Frank keeping her supported. "Oh fuck. What did I do?" She stared, at the broken shards of glass, and spilt 'cake' mix on the sides. Frank shrugged.
"No clue, um...Baking?" He asked, laughing. "I guess you're not having any coffee, because I'm not letting you in that death trap," He blocked the door to the kitchen.
"Okay okay." Jamia mumbled. She moved over to the sofa, lying down promptly, making an aggressive noise, gripping her hair with her hands. Frank sat next to Jamia, looking at the clock.
"I'll be back soon, I have to check on Gerard, love you." He kissed her nose, smiling. Driving back home.

Gerard was sat on the sofa, curled up, his phone pressed up against his ear. Frank stood in the doorway, gazing over at Gerard.
"I can come visit you in a few weeks," Gerard smiled softly, scratching his head. "I promise." Frank gulped, thinking who he could of been talking to.
"You've gotta get better first, so get better quickly, okay? I love you." Gerard whispered softly, down the phone. Frank knew who he was talking about, he smiled. Walking into the living room, sitting at the table. Gerard pushed the phone into his pocket and skulked through to where Frank sat.
"Hi there, have a nice sleep?" Frank smiled softly, talking quietly.
"Decent, I guess." Gerard mumbled, resting his chin in his hand.
"Was I right in thinking you were talking to Mikey?" He asked.
"Yeah. He's still at home. They're gonna have to burn all of his stuff." Gerard sighed. "Everything he's touched, since he was ill, so mainly just his colouring books and his teddies and things, but still."
"Aw, I hope he gets better soon." Frank frowned, taking a sip of coffee.
"Yeah, he will. It's not the scarlet fever that's keeping him ill, it's the fact that he misses me, and all the shots they're giving him." Gerard grumbled. "Is Jamia okay?"
"Jamia's fine, she's just watching tv at her place, but she gets drunk every night, it's getting out of hand." He sighed.
"Why doesn't she stay here? Or you stay over there?" Gerard suggested, pouring himself a coffee.
"Because, Um.. It's.. I-." He stuttered, sighing, "It's complicated."
"More complicated than Jamia drinking herself to an early grave?" Gerard sighed. "But, I guess, I don't know what's going on."
"It's hard, everything, our relationship is built on nothing." Frank shrugged, gulping.
"Then make it something," Gerard smiled, a twinkle resting in his eye. "Or.. Or talk to her. I mean, I don't know what you - you know, do, what you've.. Done, with her, I.."
"I don't want to." Frank admitted, "We are two people who broke up with the people they actually loved, so we came together and decided to go out. It was a stupid idea, because I'm an idiot for being caught up over you." He shrugged, "I haven't done anything with her, the most we've done is make out, and that's because she wants to. Not me." Gerard rubbed his forehead.
"I thought.. I thought you were done with me." He groaned. "You seemed to really like her. I don't get it. Frank sighed.
"I know, I'm an idiot, I should move on, I've been told this by everyone. Jamia, Lindsey, Bob and Ray, but no one understand, how I feel about you." He shrugged, his head in his hands. Gerard glanced upwards at him.
"Okay, so, I have a really bad idea.." He rested his chin on his hand.
"Continue." Frank gazed at Gerard, smiling softly, taking his mug of coffee, taking a sip.
"Let's start again. Vous et moi?"



Once Mikey had healed from his scarlet fever, several weeks later, and after his items were sent away to be burnt - Gerard returned home. He moved his belongings into Frank's house, leaving a large portion of his musical items at his families home, other than his small, scarlet violin. And then, it was square one. A new beginning; A different outlook, slowly as they adjusted to normal life. Gerard maybe hadn't fully grown out of his status, but he was glad that it didn't own him anymore. He was different now- he had changed. Things change for a rhyme and a reason; and this, was definitely a good one.
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