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Not Okay

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After the water has been turned off I slowly started making my way out of the shower block but the pain in my ass wouldn't let me.

“Are you okay?” A small voice asked.

I looked up to see a young, small boy, younger than me standing by the door.

“Come on, I’ll help clean your wounds.” He said taking my hand and leading me out of the shower block.

I grabbed my suit and put it on before following him.

“My name's Frank, what's yours?” He asked as we walked into his cell.

“Ray.” I answered.

“First night huh? Never easy.” He said picking up a wet tissue, he indicated for me to sit on the bed, I didn't know whether to trust him or not, but if he was trying to help me I didn't want to risk making any more enemies.

He sat next to me and started patting my bleeding nose which I didn't even notice until now.

“So what they get you for?” Frank asked breaking the awkward silence.

“A false charge.” I snapped.

“Oh, you're the guy who raped those two girls.”

“I didn't rape them!” I shouted. “One was a liar and the other was my girlfriend... I loved her... and she loved me... I think.”

“Did she back you up in court?”

“She tried.” I sighed. “But they didn't believe her. What about you?”

“Drunk driving.” He shrugged. “My sixth conviction and I killed a five year old girl. Not on purpose obviously.” He said quickly. “It's just... my dad's a lawyer and he's been able to stop me from going to prison, but when the life of a child is taken because you're reckless actions the whole world turns against you.”

“I understand.” I sighed. “Life sucks huh?”

“It's does when you're me.” He mumbled. “There, all done.” He smiled throwing the tissue into the bin. “So who did this to you?”

“My cell mate and two of his friends.”

“Whose you're cell mate?”


“You mean... Boris McNeil?” He whispered.

I nodded.

He let out a low whistle and patted my back.

“Sorry to hear about that.”

“What the fuck do you think you're doing?” A harsh voice snapped.

Frank pulled away from me and stared at Gerard.

“G- G- Ger-”

“You filthy whore!” He yelled. “You're cheating on me?”

“N- no, you don't understand.” Frank stuttered.

“You're MINE Frank!”

“Gerard please, I- I can explain.”

Gerard turned to me and frowned.

“You better get out of my sight.” He hissed.

I nodded and ran out of the cell.

Gerard slammed the door as I left, I heard Frank let out a loud cry as Gerard told him to shut up.

I wanted to do something, tell someone, but we were in prison, and no one will help us in here.

I walked passed a wide open cell door seeing a tall, slim man sobbing on the bottom bunk.

His bloodstained sheets covered his battered and naked body, it was only my first night and already I knew how he felt.

“Are you okay?”

What a dumb question, of course he wasn't okay.

The young boy looked up at me, startled by my presence, he adjusted his glasses and nodded as he wiped away his tears.

“What happened?” I asked walking into his cell.

“Don't!” He cried. “He'll only beat you too.”

“I've already been raped twice today, I think I can handle a third time.” I said sitting next to him. “What's your name?”

“M- M- Mikey.” He stuttered.

“I'm Ray.”

“Please don't hurt me.” He sobbed.

“I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to talk. Now tell me who did this to you.” I said.
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