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Hey guys! :) So I think I have this idea for the new Christmas story and if I don't, I'll find one eventually :') It's gonna be a one-shot by the way :D I'll probably write a little bit more every night... I might post a sneak peak like I did for Undeck The Halls?

Anyway, here's the results :D

Gerard's girlfriend: Danni Alvarez
Frank's girlfriend: Penina
Bob's girlfriend: Jennifer
Mikey's girlfriend: Rebecca Black
Ray's girlfriend: Awkwardly no one auditioned for this... So part's going to Raven because I know she'd like it secretly :3
Gerard's daughter: Sara Way
Mikey's daughter: Lauren Way
Frank's daughter: Mia Iero
Bob's daughter: Prudence Bryar and Jude Bryar
Ray's son: Draven Toro

Love Hozzie
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