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Chapter 6

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Unusual awakenings

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Gerard’s POV

Hazel coloured eyes . . . . golden brown and honey brown, swirled together with just a hint of green. Such a remarkable eye colour. And such big eyes too, almost fearful and scared. I smile slightly, letting out a sigh, letting my eyes slip shut again.

Wait a minute . . . .

My eyes snap open; I jolt upwards, my sketchpad falling with a resounding thud on to the floor, hitting the coffee table as it went, my pencil rolling off somewhere. I snapped my head towards the lounge door. My heart pounds slightly against my ribcage as I breathe deeply

Was that a dream? Or was it real?

“Gerard?” Mikey’s voice, thick with sleep, croaks out into the lounge

I look round, to see he’s pushed himself up a little, his sleep filled eyes landing on me

“Are you ok Gerard?” he whispers. I look back at the door, thinking I can hear the faintest sound of footsteps upstairs

“I’m fine Mikey, go back to sleep,” I whisper looking back round at him. He stares at me for a second, before he lays back down, exhaling loudly and falling asleep once again. I look to Ray, who is snoring lightly in his spot. Bob is quiet as he sleeps, now curled up tightly in a ball on the arm chair

Fuck, I need a cigarette. I sit up, kicking the blanket off my legs, the coldness of the room hitting my body as I moved. Grabbing my messenger bag and digging through it, I pull out my packet of cigarettes and a lighter, before getting up, taking a candle and wondering out into the hallway. I stare in the direction of the stairs for a moment. It was just a dream. Shaking my head and wondering out through to the kitchen. I open the backdoor slightly, allowing a small amount of the dawn light to filter through. The wind has dropped and a very fine drizzle falls from the sky. Balancing a cigarette between my lips, I hold up my lighter, flicking it, until kicks into life


Looking up at the ceiling, I pull my cigarette away from my lips and place it down on the counter, along with my lighter. Maybe it wasn’t a dream. Pushing the backdoor shut, I pick up the candle and wonder back out of the kitchen and towards the stairs. I glance quickly into the lounge to see that the other three were still fast asleep. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, I stop and stare, the candle flickering as I hold it. Slowly, I climb back up the stairs, until I reach the top. It’s quiet; not a sound is heard or made. I glance towards where the study is; the door is slightly ajar.

Strange, I thought it was closed. I glance at the other two doors that were shut. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have a look. Wondering down the landing, I push the first door open. Peering in, it looks like another bedroom, possibly a child’s bedroom. The carpet is midnight blue colour, the walls a pale baby blue. There’s a single bed pushed up against the wall, with the odd toy scattered about the room. It smells particularly damp in the room, as I look around, an old wardrobe against the opposite wall, one of the doors hanging off its hinges. A desk sits against another wall, the chair toppled over. This must have been the little boy’s room

Backing out of the room, I pull it to before walking to the next door. I open the next door, this time, the carpet is a cream colour, the walls a pale pink; a typical little girl’s room. Like the little boy’s room, there is a bed pushed against the wall, except the covers are missing. A baby doll lays on the ground by the bed, long forgotten. The wardrobe is in better condition, a desk and chair sat neatly together, with little bits of paper covering it. Walking over to the desk, I notice the bits of paper are in fact drawings; drawings made by the little girl. Drawn using crayons, they are simple but sweet. I smile slightly, remembering when Mikey and I would sit together in our Grandma’s house, on the floor, surrounded by paper and crayons, drawing random pictures and characters. I chuckle a little, dropping the piece of paper I held of a butterfly back onto the desk. I let out a little sigh, before turning around and walking back towards the door

I pause in my steps, by the door. There’s a shuffling sound, coming from on the other side of the study door. Pulling the bedroom door shut I stood in front of the study door. The movement stopped on the other side, it falling silent again. I stare intently at the door, waiting for something to happen, waiting to see if the shuffling sound started again, whether the door would close shut or as stay as it was. Slowly, I stretch a hand forward, ready to grasp hold of the door handle

“What are you doing?”

I jump at the sudden voice; Bob’s to be precise. I look at Bob, my hand dropping back to my side

“Man, you scared me!” I exclaimed. Bob laughed quietly, but raised an eyebrow

“What are you doing up here?” he asked. I glance back at the study door

“I . . . I thought . . never mind, it doesn’t matter,” I shake my head, looking at the door one more time, before walking towards Bob. He still had an eyebrow raised at me

“Better get back downstairs, the other two will be wondering where we’ve gone,” I mumbled. Bob looked at me for a moment, before simply nodding and walking back down the stairs. I glanced back at the study door, before following after Bob

“What were you doing up there anyway?” I asked

“A man’s gotta pee,” Bob said, simply shrugging his shoulders. He turned to face me again

“You sure you’re ok?” he asked, “It’s just, you look a little uneasy.”

I chuckled, slightly nervously, rubbing the back of my neck

“I’m fine, honestly Bob,” I smile at him. He nods his head, still looking at me, rather sceptically, before he turned and disappeared back into the lounge. I let out a breath I had been holding, before deciding to go back to my original task

Walking back out into the kitchen, I walk back over to the side where I had left my cigarettes. I frown for a second at the counter top. I put my cigarette and lighter on the counter top. I glance around me, checking to see if they had fallen on the floor. Nope. Nothing. I pick my packet up and open it and frown again

“I had more than that,” I mumble, clutching my packet tightly in my hand. I turn around and head back out of the kitchen, back through the dining area. Maybe it was Mikey; sneaky little bastard, stealing my cigarettes. I scowled slightly, before stopping dead in my tracks. The front door rattled loudly, making me jump and let out a little gasp. Bob appeared in the doorway quickly, staring at the front door

“What’s going on?” came a gruff voice; Ray’s. Mikey soon appeared, adjusting his glasses, before Ray stumbled up behind Bob. The front door rattled again, making us all jump. I gulped, looking at Bob, who walked forward a little, towards the front door. There was muttering coming from the other side

“It’s locked,” a voice hissed

“No, you don’t say! I thought it was open!” came a sarcastic reply

“Hey guys! Look at this cool spider!” came another cheerier voice

“Gah! Get that thing away from me Tré!”

We all looked at one another, and smiled. Bob walked forward to the front door and banged on it loudly

“GHOST!” someone screamed out. I chuckled along with Mikey and Ray, while Bob smirked

“Such pansy’s,” Bob laughed

“THEY’RE ALIVE!!” Tré called out, making us laugh again

“The front door won’t open, you’ll have to use the back door,” Bob chuckled. There was silence for a few moments

“HEY!! Nice place you got here,” Tré called out as he burst through the back door. He glanced around the room, as Billie and Mike appeared behind him, their steps cautious. Tré froze on the spot staring at the ground

“Well someone’s on their period,” he said, before looking up at me, Mikey, Ray and Bob

“How much chocolate milk has he had this morning,” Ray commented, making both Billie and Mike snigger

“HEY! Chocolate milk, is good,” Tré said, pointing a finger at Ray

“I never said it was bad,” Ray mumbled

“So you guys made it through the night then,” Billie spoke up, before Tré could say anything else

“Of course,” I said

“Which is a good thing,” Tré grinned, “Because I really like you guys.”

Next thing I know, Tré has me and Bob trapped in a tight hug

“Alright Tré, put them down,” Mike laughed. I pulled away, while Bob struggled to break free from Tré’s grip

“Come on, get your stuff packed up, coffee and breakfast is on me,” Billie laughed, as Bob finally broke free from Tré’s grasp, stumbling backwards into me and Mikey, his cheeks flushed, and he scowled slightly at Tré who was now wondering around and looking in all of the draws and cupboards he could find

“Did you say coffee?” Mikey asked

“Sure did,” Billie smiled. Mikey grinned before running back into the lounge again, making me laugh along with Ray

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“So, anything spooky happen in that house?” Mike asked. I had settled in a rather comfy chair, clutching a cup of much needed coffee

“Well,” Ray said looking at me

“There was one thing,” Bob spoke up as I sat up a little more in my seat

“What’s that?” Billie asked, leaning forwards

“Well, we were down in the kitchen area, lighting up the candles, we were about to go and check out the basement,” Mikey said

“When we heard someone or something walking around upstairs, and then there was a thud, as if something had hit the floor,” Bob said

“So, we went upstairs to take a look, split into pairs,” Ray said. He glnced at Bob and smirked, and Bob scowled back at him

“We found a book, on the floor, in the study,” I spoke up, before Ray or Bob could say anything else

“A book?” Mike asked

“Yep, in the middle of the floor. There was another door in the room, that led up to the attic, it was unlocked, but, just as me and Gerard were about to go investigate,” Mikey said

“We got distracted,” I said

“Yeah, by Bob screaming like a girl,” Ray snorted. Bob kicked Ray hard in the shin, Ray letting out a yelp, causing Tré to burst into a fit of laughter

“Why’d you scream?” Mike asked, holding back his laughter. Ray rubbed his shin and glared at Bob

“I got spooked by something,” he mumbled, his cheeks flushing a pink colour

“By what?” Billie asked, a cheeky grin breaking out across his face

“He walked into a load of cobwebs and freaked out,” Ray spoke up, but immediately shied away as Bob glared at him again

“Who wouldn’t?” I said taking a sip of my coffee

Just then, the waitress walked over, placing several plates of food down onto the table. She smiled before leaving the table. Tré lunged forward and grabbed a plate before sitting back

“So what happened after that?” Billie asked, picking up a plate and balancing it on his lap

“Well, we went back into the study, only to find that the book had gone and that the door to the attic was locked,” Mikey said

“Locked?” Mike asked

“Yeah, it was open, because both me and Mikey fell through the door before hand, when we came back, it was shut and locked,” I said placing my coffee mug down onto the table

“Weird,” Billie frowned as he tucked into his food. I nodded my head

“Apart from that, we found that only spiders and rats live there,” I said, leaning back in my chair

“So no ghosts?” Mike asked

“Nope,” Bob spoke up, as he picked at his food

“Hey Mikey,” I asked. Mikey looked up from his food

“Did you take anymore of my cigarettes?” I asked raising an eyebrow

“No, why?” I frowned at him slightly

“No reason,” I sighed. I picked my mug back up and took another sip. Bob stared at me for a second, before looking back down at his food.

We were quiet for a few minutes, before Tré spoke up

“Hey, you guys should come to our show tomorrow night!”

“Really?” Ray asked

“Sure! Hey Billie, can they come to our show?” Tré asked

“Of course they can, isn’t Mikey’s girlfriend on the merch stall tomorrow?” Billie asked. Mikey choked on his coffee, coughing and placing the plate and mug down on the table

“Alicia isn’t my girlfriend,” Mikey choked out. I smirked at him

“Oh,” Billie said, “Well, whoever she is to you, I’ll give her your tickets, just go up to her and get them from her on the night,” Billie said finishing the last of his food

“Thanks man,” Ray grinned

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After a while, we had gone our separate ways. The light drizzle that had been falling, had stopped, the sky still grey with clouds. Ray had dropped me and Mikey off at the end of our street

“Hey Gerard?”

“Hmm?” I hummed in reply looking round at Mikey

“Do-do you think, I-I-I would have a chance, you kn-know, with . . . . Alicia?” Mikey asked rather awkwardly, his cheeks turning a little pink. I chuckled and wrapped my arm around him

“Of course you do Mikey.” I smiled reassuringly at him as he looked rather sceptical

“Come on Mikes, you may be awkward at times, but you have just as much chance as everyone else. Besides, I think Alicia likes you too.” Mikey smiled, his cheeks going a brighter pink. I laughed and ruffled his hair

“Hey!” he pushed me away laughing

“So, what do you wanna do?” I asked him

“How about a gaming marathon?” Mikey asked. I grinned back at him

“Sure,” I said walking up our garden path

“Sweet,” Mikey smiled as I pulled out my house keys and unlocked the front door

“Just let me get changed and all that jazz,” I said walking through into the hallway, Mikey shutting the door behind him

“Boys?” mom called out to us

“Yeah, it’s us,” Mikey called back as we kicked our shoes off. Mom soon appeared in a doorway. She smiled at us

“Have fun?” she asked. Me and Mikey looked at one another

“Of course we did,” I replied, wondering past her and towards the kitchen

“Better not have been up to no good,” mom warned

“Of course not mom,” Mikey chuckled as he headed up the stairs

“Good, because you’d be in even more trouble if you had!” mom called out as I disappeared down the stairs into the basement. Opening the door and flicking the light on, I smiled at the familiar sight, my room certainly a lot warmer than that old abandoned house. Shuffling over to my bed, I dump my bag before collapsing onto my bed, smiling more at the familiar warmth and smell. I sit up a little, looking at all the drawings I have pinned up on my wall

Drawings; my sketchpad. I grab my messenger bag and open it. I pull out my dirty clothes, tossing them somewhere in my room. My sketchpad isn’t in my bag. Fuck; I need that for when I go back to college! Fuck! Where is it! I dive off my bed and begin searching on the floor around my bed for it

Wait! I sit up, realisation setting in. I left it at the abandoned house! I stand up quick, running to my bedroom door. I need to get it back. I rush back up the stairs, through the house, up another set of stairs, before stopping in front of Mikey’s room. I knocked quickly before opening it

“What is it?” Mikey asked looking up from his spot on his bed

“Uh, I’m just going out quick,” I said

“Where are you going?” Mikey asked raising an eyebrow

“Look, I left something behind back at that house, I won’t be long,” I said

“I’ll go-”

“No, it’s ok Mikey, I won’t be gone long,” I said closing his bedroom door and running back down the stairs. I pull my shoes back on as quick as I can, making sure I have my phone in my pocket, and grabbed hold of my car keys and disappeared out the front door, wincing slightly as it slammed shut. I got in the car and started up the engine and backed out of the driveway.

“Perry Street,” I said aloud, driving out of our street. It didn’t take me long to find the street and pull up in front of the house. I got out of the car locking it, before staring at the house again. I honestly didn’t think I’d be back here so soon. Lounge; that’s where it should be. I walk up the garden path, glancing around me, expecting someone to stop me and shout at me, but nothing; seems like the neighbours really don’t care. I wonder through the back gate, into the back yard glancing around, before walking up to the backdoor. I pulled it open, and stepped inside. I don’t bother closing the door all the way, I won’t be here long

I navigate my way back through to the lounge and over to the coffee table. I peer underneath and smile, when I find my sketchpad laying there, the pencil not too far away. I pick both up, tucking the pencil into my pocket, as I walk back to the lounge door. I pause in my steps.

Music; I can hear a guitar, being played. It sounds like it’s coming from upstairs. My heart picks up a little. There is something here, or better yet, someone. I walk out towards the stairs, clutching my sketchbook tightly to my chest, s I take the stairs up, listening, as the guitar playing got louder and louder. I reach the top of the stairs. The study; the guitar playing is coming from the study. Slowly, I walk steadily towards the door; it’s still open ajar. As I near the door, a floorboard creaks loudly, the guitar playing ceases completely. I reach a hand forward and push the door gently, it swinging slowly forwards. I peer into the room; nothing. Stepping into the room, I glance around a little. The door to the attic is open. Walking forward a little more, I spot the book, The Catcher In The Rye, sitting back onto the computer desk


I freeze in my tracks, my heart stopping a little, as I hear movement behind me. Before I have a chance to turn around, a sharp pains runs through my head, as something hits it. Collapsing to the floor, my sketchpad falling out of my hands, my vision blurs a little, as I hear someone move behind me. Fuck. I gulp and begin to panic, as the ache in my head grows stronger, my vision blurring more. An incessant ringing fills my ears, getting louder with each second. My head feels hot. I catch sight of a pair of feet, before my vision goes black, eyes slipping shut, and the ringing ceases.


Ok guys - I'm sorry this has taken a few days longer to update but I have been off sick with the flu, which isn't particularly nice and I really didn't feel like writing :-/ but now I'm better, I have finished this chapter :-) I have tried to leave it on a bit of a cliffhanger, so I hope you guys like it!!
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