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section one: the ins and outs

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A fitting together of sorts.

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Sasuke has mastered basic ninjutsu skills. He does not hesitate during his first battles and his reflexes are fluid and fast and unfaltering.

This is because he is a prodigy.

If his clan was still around, he would only be above part, however, as his brother was the true god among men of the Uchiha.

But this is immaterial at the moment, as Sasuke is very close to a perfect genin. Second only to Neji, if they are comparable-but only because the Shargingan is second to the Byakkugan, if they are comparable.

Naruto, on the other hand, is rusty. He lacks basic skills and he is not stealthy. He does not walk quietly. He is a hard worker, and he has the potential to be strong-the effort is there, as well. He is already starting to improve.

But he still walks carelessly with his arms tucked behind his head, elbows out and, for the most part, his eyes closed.

He is inattentive.

And Sasuke covers for him, because he knows that there is something else inside Naruto, and this is before he knows anything.

Because all of this was when they were rivals; this was when they hated each other. And Sasuke still shared his lunch, and Sasuke still knocked away the soundnin when Naruto froze up, and Sasuke still lunged between Naruto and a barrage of deadly needles.

And the something else inside Naruto flares up when this happens-when Naruto is hurt because of Sasuke, if Sasuke is hurt, as is usually the case.

Or when Sasuke hurts him by leaving him, and this happens once.

But this had been their relationship: Sasuke covers for Naruto, catches up his ankle when he slips from a tree or hauls him into his arms to pull him to safety, or lends a shoulder when they are both dragging themselves home from training.

And it gets to the point where Naruto would do anything for Sasuke-and he very nearly does.

But Sasuke walks away just the same.
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