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section three: the ultimatum

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In which winning is absolutely losing.

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What it has come down to is this: Sasuke does not care about Naruto enough to save himself. At one point in time they were as good as brothers, except they weren't because Sasuke will only ever have on brother and Naruto is not him, will never be Itachi.

It will come down to a crossing of loyalties and Naruto will not win. Orochimaru must be destroyed, after all; and Naruto is the only one who can, and even so he can't yet.

He will lose Sasuke to Orochimaru, and that is the same as losing Sasuke forever.

He will kill Orochimaru, and that is the same as killing Sasuke.

What is most ironic-what is sick about the entire situation-is that Sasuke tried to kill Naruto, and now Naruto will kill Sasuke; and he never, ever wanted to.

But his hands are tied. And even if saving Sasuke is first, invariably that is superseded by his loyalty to Konoha. His dream is to become the Hokage.

And if anyone ever gives up their dreams for love, they only become half of themselves anyway.

It is lose-lose.

So Naruto kills Orochimaru and loses.
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