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For Cookie_Monster :)

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I know you're feeling stressed, doll. :( Hopefully, this'll cheer you right up :)

"Oh my gosh! I just can't memorize this paragraph!" Hozzie exclaimed, resting her head on the lunch table.

"What is it?" her friend, Jennifer, asked.

"It's some paragraph for Spanish that I need to memorize. I need to memorize this or else I'll fail and I'll get yelled at!" Hozzie exclaimed. Hozzie hated getting yelled at.

"Alright! Calm down. By when do you have to have it memorized?" Jennifer asked.


"I know a guy who can help you get it memorized! He's awesome at stuff like this! I'll give you his address, and I'll tell him about you! Just go there tomorrow after school!" Jennifer said.

As Hozzie was about to respond, a guy, walking with a group of guys, with black hair slapped the back of her head. Jennifer got up and was going to hit him.

"No Jen. Leave it alone. Gerard isn't worth the trouble." Hozzie said.

Jennifer gave a sigh of defeat and sat back down. Gerard never seemed to like Hozzie, which was weird because he got along fine with Jennifer.

A blonde guy in Gerard's group turned back and winked at Jennifer. She blushed.

"He's going to be mine someday." Jennifer said. Hozzie playfully rolled her eyes. He was the only one that could make Jennifer melt.


Hozzie looked at the address and saw that it matched the house's. She walked up to the house and knocked at the door, praying that it wasn't a rapist. A skinny guy with glasses opened the door.

"Are you my tutor?" Hozzie asked, shyly.

"No, that's my brother. I'll go get him!" the boy answered, motioning for Hozzie to step inside. She stepped inside and closed the door behind her, as the boy ran upstairs. Hozzie was looking around the house when she heard a loud groan. She looked in the groan's direction and saw who made the groaning sound.


"You're my tutor?" Hozzie asked.

Gerard nodded. There was no escape.

"Well, let's get this over with. Jennifer told me that I'd better be good, with penalty of death." Gerard said.

Hozzie rolled her eyes. She knew Gerard didn't like her, but she didn't know why he had to act like a dick towards her. It's bad enough that she has a crush on him.


"No! No,no, no, no!" Gerard yelled, frustrated. Hozzie flinched.

"I'm sorry! I'm really trying!" Hozzie mumbled, close to tears.

"No, you aren't! If you weren't so damn stupid, we would've gotten this two hours ago!" Gerard yelled.

"Stop it, alright?!" Hozzie exclaimed, suddenly gaining the courage to stand up to him. "I get it! You hate me! You remind of that everyday! I don't understand why you have to make my life hell on earth everyday!"

"Because I love you." Gerard mumbled.


"I make your life hell because I love you! I love you, and I can't stand how much I do! How much I wish that I could hug you, and kiss you. How much I wish that you would love me back, but you can't. I mean, who could love me?" Gerard said.

"I can." Hozzie whispered. "I can love you. I can, and I do."

Gerard looked up at Hozzie. Without saying a word, he swept her into a passionate kiss.

"I'm so sorry." he whispered, pulling away "I'm sorry I ever hurt you."

"It's okay." Hozzie said, smiling.

"I can't take back everything I did, but I can try to make up for it." Gerard said, smiling. "I love you, Hozzie"

And for everyday of the rest of his life, especially their wedding day, he has loved her, as did she.
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