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Tohrus facade

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Tohru has been consumed by all her fake smiles how will she cope

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Im tired of hiding my true feelings tohru was thinking to herself before she went to sleep. How can i get rid of this feeling it horriable...i hate it. I know i heard that some people scream in there pillow.tohru tried it and kept trying a bunch of different thing but nothing seemed to work. Tohru knew there was one way left but she wasnt sure about actually doing it. It was cutting herself.

Tohru really did want to get over this feeling of being locked up but would she really take it that far to cut herself. She said to herself that she would try it but if it got addictive she was going to tell someone. Tohru slowly got up unsure about what she was going to do. Tohru put on socks so it would muffle her footsteps as she walked on the wood floors.

Tohru was sure that yuki and kyo were asleep but wasnt sure if shigure was asleep downstairs or upstairs. She decided to take it really slow.she finally reached the kitchen and almost ran to the drawer wanting to get it all over with.She opened the drawer with no noise but when she turned around shigure was there watching her. Crap what am i goong to do now tohru thought to herself.

"t..tohru what are you doing up so late"asked a very sleepy shigure."nothing no need to worry"tohru was almost certian shigure was not going to fall for that but lucky for her he was to tied to shigure walked away nodding before hand. tohru was so relived she did not get caught.

Tohru quickly ran up the stairs once she saw shigure was out of sight.when she got up to her room she sat down on her bed and stared at the knife that mabye could end her life. She slowly placed it on her wrist and stroked once but realized that she would have to press harder in order to make a cut. She kept on trying until she saw blood.

A week went by and every once and a while she starting to act suspiseos. But one day tohru woke up around 6:00 in the morning crying and felt she needed to cut witch she did but it went to deep and next thing she new her eyes were flickering and she fainted.

Kyo and yuki had no idea that tohru was doing this but kyo was the first to know because tohru wasnt up and it was already 8:00 am all three were starving and kyo agreed to get tohru tp see what was taking her so long. Kyo oped the door and(a/n i so want to say screamed but for kyos ego i wont) say toru lauing in a puddle of blood.

He didnt even bother to check where the blood was coming from he just ran down stairs and screamed" call hitori right now tohru is bleeding" the boys that were in total shock ran to the phone in a half a second. Yuki ran up to tohrus room with the damm cat following him. Shigure called hitori almost screaming in the phone but when hitori finally got the message that shigure was trying to choke out he said he would be over in no time. But what seemed like a year to the paniking boys was only a breif 10 mins.

Hatori came in unannounced knowing this was going to be serious walked hazly up the stairs. He walked in tohrus room to be greeted by all three paniked boys.he looked to his left to see a blood stained bed with tohru placed inside and yuki holding onto her had(the one she did not cut)"where is she bleeding" all thre boys looked at each other noticing that they did not even bother to check.

"could all three of you leave i need to check on her" all three boys left without arguing knowing it would be worth nothing.hatori walked over and pulled the covers off to find it even more blooding than the reast of the bed and saw a knife almost under her hip. He soo put all the peices together that tohru was cutting herself he was sort of knew this was going to happen.

After hatori fixed tohru up he finially let the very anxcious boys in the room to see tohru. After shigure looked at tohru just to make sure he asked "so what happend" soon enough all three boys were looking at him as he answered "she has been cutting herself and it just so happens that she cut a little to deep this time" hatori waited for a reaction but only heard yuki say "poor miss honda she was probally hurting inside and out". The room was silient.

Hey i hoped you enjoyed my fanfiction i can continue this one you just have to let me know if u want another one thanks for reading.
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