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The White Lantern

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A 'Green Lantern' story where the White Lantern is an OC.

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by Arsao Tome, beta-read by Gunman

Throughout the universe, there exist a number of planets that host a variety of unique and advanced cultures. On a pure white planet called Eburnea, a group of god-like aliens had decided to create a force that would help out the overly taxed members of the Lantern Corps. After their last few battles against the Sinestro Corps, The Red Lantern Corps, and the being called Agent Orange, they would need as much help as possible.

They had created a similar power ring, platinum and white-gold mix with a diamond-shaped symbol on it, which used the power of imagination and emotions. Their power battery’s were similar to the Green Lantern power battery’s, but with the diamond-shaped porthole in the front.

"Success." one of the pale-skinned aliens said.

"Yes. Now we must send it to someone who will use it properly and do the right thing." the head of the group said.

"But where shall we start?" another alien asked.


"Earth? The primitive planet in Sector 2814?"

"Yes, the planet is primitive, but diverse. Several members of the Green Lantern Corps have come from Earth. It seems an appropriate place to start."

The group nodded to each other, all in agreement, and sent their ring to the planet.

(El Paso, Texas; USA; Earth)

On the outskirts of the city, a young man was just chilling out and relaxing beneath the stars of the night sky. His life had seen a fair share of good and bad luck, and he had seen how the world itself was going. And it made him depressed. He was a handsome young man dressed in a sleeveless Dallas Cowboys T-shirt, black jeans and work boots. He was of Latino heritage, short black hair, a small, thin goatee and steel blue eyes. He was noticeably athletic, with a physique that most football players or Mexican wrestlers would be envious of.

His eyes caught sight of a shooting star flying across the sky, only to close as he made a mental wish with his mind.

‘I wish I could make a difference in the world.’ He thought.

However, when he opened his eyes, he noticed the shooting star was coming right for him.

"What The..." he gasped, as the star suddenly stopped right in front of him.

(Anthony Williams Jr!) The ‘star’ said.

Anthony gasped when he saw a silver and white ring floating in the middle of a sphere of white light hovering right in front of him.

"Whoa!" he gasped. "Uh... yes?"

(You have been chosen to be the very first member of the White Lantern Corps.) The ring said.

"Huh?" He said, his arms raised up as the ring flew to his hand, slipping on his right middle finger. "Okay, what are you?"

It took only a minute for the ring to explain everything to Anthony.

"So you're like a Green Lantern ring?" Anthony asked.

(That is correct, Anthony.)

"Please, call me Tony. Not even my own wife calls me by my full name. Even when I'm in trouble."

(Alright. Tony, repeat after me. Through Rage and Love, Hope and Fright.)

"Through Rage and Love, Hope and Fright."

(Compassion, Greed or Will to Fight.)

"Compassion, Greed or Will to Fight."

(Let stagnate cower at the sight.)

"Let stagnate cower at the sight."

(Of pure imagination.)

"Of pure imagination."



The oath spoken, the ring glowed and wrapped Tony’s body in a cocoon of pure white light. Once the light dissipated, Tony found himself decked out in a white and black bodysuit with silver lining, white gloves and boots. There was a black circle in the center of his chest, a silver lined circle in the center, two quarter circle segments on the sides of it, and a triangle on the top of the circle itself.

"Wow!" he gasped. "Uh... can I change the outfit to my liking?"

(Of course.) The ring said.

Concentrating, Tony’s outfit changed from the bodysuit, into a pair of white boots, pants, white shirt with the diamond symbol in the middle of the chest, a white jacket (also with diamond symbol on the back), and a white Bushman Croc hat with a silver band around it.

"Now that’s cool." he said.

(Now we must head to the Yggdrasil on Eburnea to meet the White Lantern Guardians.)

However, before Tony could take off for the white planet, a small explosion caught his attention. He looked up and saw three glowing lights speeding overhead, and crash landed hard into the ground a few miles from the city.

"Yeah, I think we’re gonna have to wait on that." Tony gasped as he suddenly took off towards the crash.

However, unbeknownst to either Tony or the ring, a very gorgeous woman had watched what was going on. She had brown hair in a long ponytail, blue eyes, dressed in a tight blue shirt, blue jeans and black flats.


"I’M GONNA SHOVE THAT STAFF DOWN YOUR THROAT!!!" the Red Lantern shouted as she hurled another crimson beam of energy towards the pair. She was a human female of German descent, possessed an athletic figure, long, bright red hair and glowing red eyes dressed in a bright red and black Red Lantern uniform.

"Please stop this!" the Indigo Tribesman said as her twirled his staff and deflected the energy beam. He was a handsome young man of Japanese descent with short brown hair, blue eyes, dressed in a bluish-purple outfit that made him look like a kind of space friar. (1)

"DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO YOU BASTARD!" the woman shouted as she slammed her ring into the ground and detonated everything within a 50-meter radius of herself.

The Tribesman grabbed the unconscious female Green Lantern and jumped out of the way as the ground exploded underneath him. The woman was of Japanese descent, but had blue hair, red eyes, pale skin, and was dressed in a traditional GL Corps outfit that emphasized her shapely physique.

"Ohhh. That didn’t feel good." the Indigo Tribesman groaned as he looked for the unconscious Green Lantern before he realized his staff was missing.

"No. It did not." the Green Lantern said, having been shaken out of her unconsciousness that nearly killed her.

"And Now I’m Gonna Kill You Both!" The Red Lantern growled as she gripped the Indigo staff and raised it over her head in order to beat the pair to death.

"WRONG!" a new voice shouted as a shield of white light appeared around them, blocking her first strike.

"What?" Red Lantern gasped as she looked over to where the voice had come from.

"Get Away From Them!" The White Lantern shouted as a bolt of energy blasted her away from the pair. But in the same instance, the White Lantern had grabbed the staff from the Red Lantern and pulled it to him as he landed next to the pair. "Is this yours?" he asked, handing the staff back to the young man who was dressed in a same-colored outfit.

"Yes. Thank you." the Tribesman said, accepting the staff.
White Lantern was about to ask what was going on, only to hear a deep growling voice coming towards them.

"Gonna Kill You! Gonna Kill You! Gonna Kill You!" the Red Lantern growled as blood started coming out of her mouth.

"Do I want to know?" White Lantern asked.

"It’s a long story that we do not have time for." The Tribesman said.

"We must stop her before the red power ring of rage completely consumes her." The Green Lantern said as the Red Lantern leapt into the air and created what looked like a high-tech gun and started firing at them.

"Okay, but how?" White Lantern asked as he erected a force field to protect them.

"We need to get the ring off of her finger." The Tribesman said, gripping his coral-like staff.

"But if we do that, she will die." The Green Lantern said, shaking her head to regain her composure.

"If I can get close enough to her, my staff can purify her once her ring is off." The Tribesman said.

"Then... I have a plan." White Lantern said as he quickly explained his idea.

Outside the field, Red Lantern had switched from an onslaught of laser blasts and switched to a large mallet that she was using to hammer away at the white energy shield protecting her foes. Suddenly, her final swing came down and collapsed the white field inward as it shattered and disappeared.

Grinning ferally she flew down in order to see the remains of her foes, only to find something was not right. Specifically, that instead of three enemies, there were only two, and a hole in the ground right next to them. But she didn’t seem to care as she created a red knife to stab at both the Indigo Tribesman and the Green Lantern.

"Now you die!" she growled as she raised her hand over her head, ready to draw blood from the pair.

"Wrong!" the Green Lantern stated as she suddenly rolled to the right and shot out a beam of energy at the Red Lantern’s wrist, capturing it.

"Why you..." she shouted as she tried to spit her acidic blood at the woman, only to have a white hand made of energy wrapped around her mouth.

"NOW!" White Lantern shouted as the Indigo Tribesman rose off the ground and jammed the end of his staff into the Red Lantern’s chest.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the Red Lantern shouted as the compassionate Indigo energy flew into her body, battling against the red rage energy of the Red Lantern ring.

"Green Lantern! Now!" the Tribesman shouted as the female Corpsman used her ring’s power to remove the Red Lanterns ring.

Suddenly, a massive explosion of energy knocked everyone back. Slowly, one by one, the multi-colored figures started coming around.

White Lantern was first, followed by Green Lantern, and then the Indigo Tribesman who quickly looked over at the unconscious form that was previously a Red Lantern.
He was relieved when he saw her athletic chest rise and fall.

"She’s alive." he sighed. "It worked."

"That is good." the Green Lantern said, using her ring to encase the red power ring in a bubble of emerald energy. "But we should hurry and deliver this ring to the Guardians before one of the other Red Lantern’s arrive."

"Right. And I’m sure they will want to talk to her." the Tribesman said as he used his staff to encase the lovely young woman in an indigo bubble. "And thank you, White Lantern. We could not have done this without you."

"You’re welcome, hermano. But..." he said as his ring started to glow. "...I think I need to go."

He was suddenly surrounded by a cocoon of white energy, and vanished right before their eyes.

"How strange." Green Lantern said. "Where do you think he went to, Shinji?" she asked the Indigo Tribesman.

"I don’t know, Rei." the Tribesman said. "But I’m sure he’ll be fine. And we should go. Asuka will be waking up soon."

"Yes. Let us be off." Green Lantern exclaimed as the pair lifted off the ground and flew off into space.


(1) Think Tangent Superman’s outfit.
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