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Sick Little Games

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MCR/Hunger Games What'd you do if you had the choice?

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I may feature some of my family in this story =) It will feature certain aspects of the hunger games but not all of them and some big twists

Welcome to the most disgusting school in the world.
Every month twenty four names are chosen.
Twelve girls and twelve boys.
They all have a choice.
The girls either go to the forest or they are the given to the older male students to do what they please.
The boys either enter the forest or will be a loser and be put down and beaten up for the rest of their school years.
You're probably thinking everyone picks the forest, wrong.
If you go in there its a fight for survival.
Nobody has picked that option in over ten years.
Until now...

Callie's POV
Why did my sister have to be dragged into this school?
Mum and dad know what happen here.
They're trying to kill us both.
I walked down the corridor clutching Mia's hand.
"No! Please don't! Please!"
I looked through the classroom door and saw two boys surrounding a girl for their own pleasure.
She made the choice and this is where it has got her.
I rushed Mia past the door so she wouldn't see.
"Callie, I don't like it here," Mia whimpered.
"I know, I don't either," I said glancing down the corridor on my left.
The old wing.
That's where they are taken, to make their choice.
Suddenly someone walked out and stopped when they saw us.
He was then followed by two other guys.
He then raised his finger and pointed at us.
The two guys then approached us.
Mia hid behind me.
Finally it's my turn.
I waited for them to grab me but instead they walked around me and grabbed Mia.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING? MIA! MIA!" I screamed reaching out to her as one of the guys held me back.
"CALLIE!" Mia cried reaching out to me.
I struggled, kicked and screamed but I couldn't break free.
As Mia was behind to door the guy chucked me on the ground violently.
As he walked through the door I had a very stupid thought.
I ran up to the door and slammed it open.
"I VOLUNTEER!" I screamed.
The words echoed down the dark corridor and as they reached Fahren's ears he grinned horribly.
"Well aren't you a brave one," he said walking slowly up to me.
"I personally am not a fan of pleasing myself with the youngest girls, but you, you're just perfect," he said reaching out to stroke my cheek.
I slapped his hand back before he could touch me.
"Tut-tut, aren't you a naughty school girl, save that for later, do that now however and it'll be your sister," he said.
I looked away cause the sight of his face disgusted me.
Fahren nodded at the guys and they released Mia who came running up to me.
She hugged me tightly.
"Callie I don't want you to this!" she cried.
"I know, I'm sorry baby, listen to me, just run okay, run, now!" I cried.
She held onto me for a second then ran.
"Well alone at last," Fahren muttered kissing my neck.
"I haven't made the choice yet Fahren!" I spat.
"You'll choose to please us, they always do," he whispered.
He wrapped his arm around my waist and walked me down the corridor.
We then entered a room with two metal chairs with cuffs.
"Just incase you decide to run, you might wanna get used to it, cause you'll be cuffed up when you're with me," he said laughing cruelly.
He pushed me into the chair violently and cuffed me down.
He knelt in front of me.
"I could give you a taster of what is to come," he said.
I felt my breathing increase over how frightened I was.
He then reached out for my skirt.
"We found the other one," one of the guys said.
"Bring him in," Fahren said standing up.
One of the guys dragged in a boy with brown hair and glasses.
He was chucked into the other chair and cuffed.
"You might wanna get to know her, she might be the only friend you'll have after this," he said.
They all laughed cruelly and locked the door.
It was completely dark and I couldn't see a thing.
"I saw what you did back there, I think it was really brave," the guy said.
"But where has that got me?" I said.
"You saved your sister, you should feel a little bit better," he said.
"I'm gonna be either raped or slaughtered what am I gonna do?" I asked.
He paused.
"Those dickheads don't deserve you at all, you belong with someone who will treat you with respect," he said.
"Yeah and who is that?" I asked.
The door opened.
"It's time," Fahren said smiling.
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