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Wild Side (Sakura x Naruto songfic)

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Sakura Haruno is a party girl. Naruto Uzumaki is her new target, will she be able to charm the young blonde? Or will he go home alone tonight.

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Friday nights
Not only was it heaven to have the weekend off
But I also got to look forward to one thing

And tonight was no exception
The music was loud
The place was hot
The drinks were cold
And the boys couldn't keep their eyes off me

Smirking as I made my way through the crowd
I looked around for a target
And what did my pretty green eyes spy?

A hot blonde sitting at the bar
Hair in spikes
Wearing jeans and a muscle shirt

But before I could make my way over
I noticed a cute little blue haired girl next to him
With pale eyes

She'd have to go

It's show time
Making my way over to the bar
I made sure to pull my shirt down
To show just enough cleavage

I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums/]


I called over the crowd
Getting the attention or half the bar
Including the blonde

The bartender grinned
I was a regular

''What can I get you, sweet cheeks?''

''My usual''

I cooed

The blonde smirked

Oh what a shame that you came here with someone[/

Leaning on the car next to him
I gave him a sweet, short smile

His lady friend had wandered elsewhere

''What's your name, handsome''

I asked him
Clicking my tongue suggestively

He chuckled

''Naruto Uzumaki, and yours?''

''Sakura Haruno''

He sat closer to me
Eyeing my revealing clothing
''It's a pleasure''


So while you're here in my arms/]

''Would you like to dance? Sakura-Chan''

The way he said my name made my knees weak
Forgetting all about my drink
I eagerly agreed

Taking my hand in his
He pulled me out to the dance floor

Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young[/

The lights had dimmed
And all you could see where glow sticks and necklaces
Around people's ankles or wrists
Lucky for me
The glitter on my shirt glowed
Bringing extra attention to my cleavage

Like we're gonna die young/]

Wrapping my arms over his strong shoulders
I made sure to keep a firm grip
As to not get lost in the sea of bodies around us

He seemed to have the same feeling
As I felt his hands around my butt
Our hips grinding
Swaying to the music
blaring in our ears

Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young[/

Running my finger through his hair
I hardly took notice of the crowd anymore
His hands were moving up my back
Pulling me closer
Untill my chest was firmly pressed into his
Our lips barely centimeters apart

Oh was I ever in trouble with this one

Young hearts
out our minds/]

Kissing him once very lightly
I heard a low purr in his throat
As he firmly grasped my thighs
Pushing himself a little between my legs
I felt my breath catch in my throat

He smirked
He found this a game huh?

Game on, cowboy

Runnin like we outta time[/

As the song changed
The tempo rose
And so did the tempo in our dancing
I was now grinding my hips against his
doing very nice things to what was now hard between my legs
Naruto groaned lightly
So lightly in fact
I almost missed it


Wild childs
lookin' good/]

Grinning like an idiot
I leaned in close
nibbling on his ear

His cock twitched against my right thigh
And I smirked in victory

''Cocky aren't you?''
He whispered in my ear
voice husky from pleasure

I shivered

Livin hard just like we should[/

Before I could reply
Naruto hoisted me up by my legs
And pinned me against the clubs wall
Pressing his cock very firmly between my legs
I could feel my panties getting wet

And I blushed

What a strange effect he had on me

Don't care whose watching when we tearing it up/]

Trying to both catch my breath and regain my composer
I giggled

''Very bold, Naruto-kun. What if your girlfriend saw?''

He smirked
Sliding his tongue along my neck
All the way to my collar-bone

''She isn't my girlfriend''

''Lucky me''
I whispered back
Sighing in pleasure

That magic that we got nobody can touch[/

Naruto pressed his forehead to mine
Running his hands up my skirt
And slowly stroking his thumb along the wet part of my panties
I bit my lip to muffle a moan

''Come to my place with me''
It wasn't a question
Almost a demand

I all but shouted yes

Looking for some trouble tonight/]

And grabbing my hand
He pulled me out the clubs front door
And the two of us ran to his car
Not speaking a word
We both knew what we wanted from each other

Take my hand, I'll show you the wild side[/

We arrived in minutes
And barely made it into the house before Naruto slammed me into the wall
Hands above my head
And his mouth immediately found mine

I almost melted
Damn he was a good kisser

Wrapping my arms around his neck
I kissed back with just as much passion
And he wasted no time
As he lifted me up
And carried me to the bedroom

Like it's the last night of our lives/]

Tossing me lightly to the bed
He started to undress in front of me
As I did the same
We were both hungry
And we both knew what had to be done
To satisfy our craving

We'll keep dancing till we die[/

I was out of breath
Narutos body was pressed up to mine
Ou hearts nearly hammering out of our chests
When I felt him start thrusting into me

And suddenly it was like I went to heaven

I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums/]

Clinging to him
I couldn't hold back light whimpers and moans
Groaning in pleasure
Narutos thrusts becoming harsher
Faster and more needy
He wanted this just as much as I did
Throwing my head back
I cried out

Oh what a shame that you came here with someone[/

Smirking just a bit
He lifted my legs up
In order to go deeper
And make me cry out louder and louder
He was enjoying this
He liked making me writhe beneath him

A man after my own heart

So while you're here in my arms/]

''N-Naruto! Naruto!''
I called out his name
Causing him to grunt
Pounding me even faster still
Until my legs started to go numb
And the world began to fade
Nothing else seemed to matter

Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young[/

''Scream my name, Sakura-chan''
He demanded
His voice filled with lust


He demanded
Shoving himself deeper than ever

I screamed
Digging my fingers into his sheets

We're gonna die young/]

And then
Panting and covered in sweat
He let out another groan
And released himself inside of the condom
Thank god I'd brought one

Rolling off of me
He tossed it into the trash
collapsing on the bed

''Goodnight, Sakura''
He teased
Making me blush

Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young[/

We didn't see each other that next week
But I promised to keep an eye open for him at the club
And here I am

Dressed just like before
dirty dancing between two boys
One was rubbing up against my rear
The other on my hips
And me?
I was just rocking it to the beat

Young hunks
taking shots/]

Smirking at the brunette in front of me
I playful kissed him on the cheek
making him blush

Before I could comment
I heard a seductive voice whispering in my ear

''You look familiar, have we met before?''


Turning on my heel
I stepped away from the two now forgotten young men

''There you are, I was looking for you''

He smirked

''I could tell''

Stripping down to dirty socks[/

''Don't pout handsome, you know you're my favorite''

Pulling me against him
He smirked at my now rose tinted cheeks
''Oh, I know''

''Cocky as ever''

He grinned

''Believe it, beautiful''

And just like that
We were at it again

Music up, gettin' hot/]

Quickly spinning me around
He grabbed me hips
pushing himself right up against my ass
Grinding to the music

Looking at him over my shoulder
I bit my lip teasingly as I matched his rhythm
Picking up pace
And slowing down with the music
We were on a roll
And I liked it

Kiss me
give me all you've got[/

Placing butterfly kisses up and down my neck
Naruto started whispering sweet nothings in my ear
Telling me I was beautiful
Describing how it felt to be with me in bed
I was more than enough to make a girl hot and bothered

Whipping around
I kissed him full on the mouth
Which he oh so happily returned

It's pretty obvious that you've got a crush/]

Sliding his hands up the back of my shirt
I could feel him getting hard again as he fiddled with my bra
I smiled playfully
Two can play at that game
Pulling back just enough to separate our bodies
I started undoing his belt

That magic in your pants, it's making me blush[/

''If you keep this up, I'm sneaking you into the mens room''
He whispered in my ear
I laughed

''Naughty boy''

''For you? Anytime sugar''

This boy knew exactly what to say
And I was loving every second of his attention
Even as I coud feel his hands doing very nice things to my behind

Looking for some trouble tonight/]

Pulling me back to him again
We both grinned a faster song came on
And took this opportunity
to pick up our tempo
Rubbing and grinding our hips together in motions that should be illegal

Take my hand i'll show you the wild side[/

With both hands on my ass
Naruto Leaned in to kiss me
again and again
All over my lips
My face
And even down my breasts
Turning me from the crowd
He began sucking and biting
Determined to mark me as his own

And I didn't mind
He made me feel things no other man had
My body cried out for this man

Like it's the last night of our lives/]

I moaned softly
Gripping his hair between my fingers

He moved his face from my chest to smirk at me

''You're a very very bad girl Sakura Haruno''

I winked at him

''Only for you''

We'll keep dancing till we die[/

Twirling me around
Naruto laughed

''I may hold you to that''

I licked my lips
Pulling him by the front of his shirt
Into the women's restroom

Seeing no one else there
The two of us ran into a stall
Where he pinned me up against it
Holding my up by my thighs

I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums/]

Un buckling his pants
I helped him shimmy them down to his ankles
Where he quickly kicked them aside
Before pressing against me

''..Are you, not wearing panties, Sakura?''

I grinned


I felt his cock get a little harder
And smirked at my small victory

''You are a dream come true, Haruno''

He growled
Slamming his mouth into mine

I was thinking the same about him
As I kissed him just as aggressively

Oh what a shame that you came here with someone[/

Throwing my low cut drop aside
Naruto nearly ripped off my bra
Making me shiver in anticipation

He buried his face into my breasts
Licking and suckling every inch he could get into his mouth
God damn he's good
Tilting my head back into the cold metal stall
I moaned his name

Not caring who heard me

So while you're here in my arms/]

Naruto moved his way from my chest all the way to the crook of my neck
Biting and sucking the skin harshly
Leaving hickeys as he went

Sighing constantly
I arched my back
Pushing myself closer to him
Needing to feel more

'"Don't tease me''
I begged
Sounding like a small child who was told they couldn't have candy before dinner

He urged me
And I relaxed right away

''It's coming soon''

Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young[/

But before it could
I heard a small gasp outside the stall

''Oh my god, Ino people are having sex in there!''
One girl whispered

The other girl
Probably Ino
Groaned in disgust

''Come on, let's go get security''


The two rushed out

We're gonna die young/]

I growled
And Naruto just laughed

''I guess we'll be kicked out''
I told him

He didn't seem worried
''Don't worry.. I'm sure we can find other ways to pass the time''

He smirked at my blush

I was in for one hell of a night

Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young[/
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