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Always and Never

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I'm siting on the ground, tears falling freely down my cheeks
Picking at the flowers, pulling up the grass
Thinking about how you left and how I'll never last

The rain is starting to pour down, crash against the ground around me
Raindrops fall and open a hole next to me
Creatures and monsters come out from the ground, and we begin to dance around
We sing along to our anthem with our passed heroes
If only you were here, I'd be complete and you'd be right next to me full of cheer

My only one, my only love
You left me, you took the easy way out
You left yourself hanging from a rope wrapped around your throat
Couldn't you've talked to me?
I could've helped, I'm the one you trust, I believed in you

In all reality,
Did you promise me?
That you'd never leave, you did, I remember
Sorry, I sound like an over attached girlfriend
Could I trust you?
Could I believe you?
Did you ever love me?
You wouldn't of left if you did

You hurt me in a way that I never thought was possible
But that's okay I have been through worse, I've been to hell and back

Please come back, crawl out of the hole with all our heroes
The creatures and monsters from down below
We can sing our song, we can sway to the rhythm of the bass
Melody of the guitar
And the beating off the drums
I love you always and never, forever and ever.
I promise you that and I'll never break it
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