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Who's Ever Right?

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It would be awesome if you'd say for a while
It'd be amazing if you decided not to go
But it's not like you care
It's not like you try
It's not like I'm a worth your time
I understand
But not that well
She puts me through hell
You know who I'm talking about
Your little puppy
The one who doesn't trust you
Who doesn't get you
Who hurts you
But she doesn't deserve you
She hurts you, bugs you
I can tell
Your taking the love you think you deserve
I'm the love you deserve

I try and try
I cry and cry
Nothing works and nothing helps
But I'm not gonna give up
I'm not that kind of person
I don't give up on the things I believe in
I don't question them either

Please don't leave
I can't believe
They way you treat me
Like I'm dirt kicked in the wind
Like I'm the trash you throw away
Just thrown away and used up
I have no more use
Thanks by the way
It means a lot to me

You say I'm stupid, you all do
You think I'm useless don't you?
I just don't deserve, to be alive, or to thrive.
I'm not gonna give up
I'm not gonna give in
I'm going to be who I am
Not that you care
Not that anyone does
I guess I could be better of alone

All of you say, 'Give up on your dreams. They aren't as easy as they seem'
I don't listen to non-believers
Your the underachievers
Im going for the gold and I'm about to get a hold of my life
And through all the shit I've been through
I've never picked up that knife
Never craved my skin,
Even though you thought you would win
You were wrong
I stayed strong

I believed in myself when noone would
Didn't you say I should?
No you lied
You broke a promise
But promises are made to be broken aren't they?
That how I was raised
Since well ever promised you ever made
Was broke
Thanks for that
I guess it was for the best

I don't think you get it, noone does
I thought you were different
But that doesn't matter anymore
I'm now just a shadow but only at the core.
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