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Language Arts Assignment - My Shadow

by ThanksChemVenom 1 review

Not MCR related , but I had to write a poem for Language Arts. This poem is about my shadow. Here it is if anyone would like to read it:

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My Shadow:
A solitary, shady silhouette creeps shyly along my shuddering side,

When its dark, it evanescences, leaving my body a widowed bride.

Our lines are identical, awkwardly dragging through the day,

Until the sun hits high noon and she gets silently swallowed away.

Sometimes my accomplice slides in easily, at its niche behind my feet,

Others it races in front of me, stalking along in the summer heat.

In the dark this haunting shade is nowhere to be found,

She merely slips off my skin, slithers away, maybe in the night she drowns.

Grey and cold and faceless, a dishonest, mocking replication. Lets the weather change her.

Without thought, without dreams, inhuman next to me, and with only the weak light she wavers.

This soul less thing, with the audacity of a wintry blizzard.

The quivering sight of my body with no curiosity in its eyes, smirking into an abyss, makes my spine tingle and shiver.

AN: So it needs some revising, but this was the first draft. Reviews are much appreciated. Thanks c:
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