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In The End

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Society has lived through BLI, but what happens when a darker force begins to take over?

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In The End: Prolouge

They stood in a line, watching as the enemy grew closer.
Some shook, others let a tear escape, then there were the few who stood still, looking brave on the outside; but the fear was eating them on the inside.

Now or never

Looking around, darkened eyes caught sight of the people who had been dragged into this war.
Some fighting for loss, others to keep their loved ones safe, then the few who were fighting without a cause.

"Fuck!" Skye growled, jaw locked.
She has full right to be pissed

"I CAN'T!" A voice from behind cried out, the person remained unknown as the darkness of the enemy was only now a handfull of feet away.

"Stay strong, this is going to the fight of your life." Andy whispered, voice loud enough in the quiet air to be heard by the long line of rebellions.

"Well fuck." Bob whispered, fingers interlocking with his wife's.

I'm not afraid to die
With this final thought, breath heaving I ran forward. Gravel crunching under my feet as I pushed forward.
I'm the only one who can stop this
With this last thought, tears streaming down my face I sped up; despite everyone's cries and protests.

I'm doing this for them

OHH END OF THE PROLOGUE! It's not starting at this point, but the POV will usually be in third person; except for stuff like this (mystery POV). Hope you like it; next chapter will be up soon
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