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"Mom, my throat hurts." Sam barely screamed out. She honestly didn't expect any special treatment this morning. She was simply Sam. She knew her mom didn't care for "simply Sam". Her throat hurt like hell, and she didn't expect her mom to care. Sam expected her mother's response to be-

"Sam, just go to school."

Yep. That was her life. She expected that, and nothing more.

"If you want, you can stay home." Her mom said.

What?! Did her mom really just say that?! Was that even her mom?!

"Really?" Sam croaked.

"Yeah. I'll just get Jon to watch you."

Sam's heart dropped. What?! No. What?! No. No. NO. Sam's cute neighbor was going to watch her?! While she was in that condition?! No. Sam, now, had two options: go to school and deal with the pain or have her neighbor watch her...her runny nose dripping like a faucet, tissues surrounding her bed, her making those weird throat noises...which was worse?!

Sam's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a voice.

A male one.

"Yeah, I'll watch her" -silence- "Okay, have a great day at work!"

Looks like her choice was made for her.


Sam had been very quiet, so Jon wouldn't have to enter the bedroom and see her in that condition. She was scared to death that he would enter, see her, and laugh. She had to be very, very quiet-


Oh God no. NO! This couldn't be happening! Cute neighbor boy couldn't see her that way. No.

It was too late, though. Jon twisted the doorknob and entered the room, carrying tray with a bowl of soup.

"I MADE YOU SOME SOUP, YO!" Jon said, walking in.

Sam started to panic. She couldn't be seen like this. No way in hell was she going to let her neighbor, her /crush/, see her like that. She quickly hid under the covers. Jon saw that she was hiding and put down the tray. He walked over to Sam and poked her.

"Hey...hey...Sam? Come out?" Jon said

Sam didn't say anything. She just hid.


Sam still didn't say anything. She hid and blushed like crazy.

"Please? I wanna see your pretty face."

Sam raised an eyebrow. Pretty? No one had ever called her pretty before.

"Please?" Jon asked.

Sam didn't know whether she wanted to see him or not. She didn't consider herself very pretty.

"You're lying." she finally said.

"Huh?" Jon said, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm not pretty"

Jon laughed. No, he actually /giggled/.

"Yes you are. You're very pretty. I love seeing your pretty face everyday. " he said.

Sam continued to blush, thankful Jon couldn't see her.

"Please? Come out? "

Sam slowly poked her head out from under her blanket. She faced Jon, who was smiling at her. Her face grew red.

"There she is! There's that pretty girl!" Jon exclaimed

"Do you really think I'm pretty?" Sam asked, shyly.

"Very "Jon said "I really think you're pretty, inside and out. In fact...I kind of have a crush on you...."

Sam couldn't believe her ears. Was this real life?

"I...kind of like you, too..." Sam admitted, quietly.

Jon leaned in for a kiss. He didn't care that she was sick. He really liked her. When they broke apart from the kiss, Sam was blushing, a smile on her face.

"I'm sorry that I'm not very pretty at this moment." Sam said.

"Are you kidding me?! I bet in 100 years, you'll still be pretty to me. You'll always be pretty to me, Sam" Jon said.

And, on their 10 year anniversary, he still thought she was pretty. He thought the same on every other anniversary they had, which was a lot of anniversaries. She was and always will be pretty to him. Inside and out. She was simply Sam. And he loved that.
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