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You wanted it, you go it ;)


A whole year at an all girls school, away from Ray and every other guy in the world, but finally I was free.

Well as free as I can be in this damn country.

I had my crappy apartment in a drugged up area of Nottingham and no money to pay for rent, after months of trying and failing to find a job I finally became a prostitute, a filthy whore selling their body to horny strangers just to keep a roof their head.

I sighed and walked into the Pit and Pendulum in town and ordered my usual drink doing what I usually did before hiding in dark alleyways waiting for my usual customers.

I downed the pint of Strongbow and demanded another one from the slim gothic boy behind the bar.

He stood staring at me for a few seconds, I lowered my tight corset reviling more of my breasts, he sighed and did as I said.

A little trick I learned living on the streets, men will do anything if they get to see tits.

He passed me my drink and walked away from me.

I started drinking but spilling most of it as a rough hand slapped my ass.

“He-!” A calloused hand clamped over my mouth before I could finish.

“Shush, you don't want to make a scene now do you?” His breath stunk of fags and beer. “You trying to hide on me girly, huh?” He hissed.

“N- No.” I stuttered. “Your appointment isn't for another half an hour, I was going to turn up.” I shivered, out of all of my clients he was the most violent.

One time he held a knife to throat because I refused to let his friend join in without paying.

“Sure you was.” He grinned.

He pulled me away from the bar and the rest of the customers, no one saw what was happening, they were all too busy getting pissed themselves or keeping out of our business.

He opened a wooden door and shoved me down the concrete steps.

“Please stop!” I cried feeling warm liquid dripping from my temple.

“Shut it you.” He spat quietly shutting the door behind him.

I looked around the store room seeing another three men walking out of the shadows, they all laughed and pushed the boxes an barrels and alcohol out of their way.

“Look you don't have to do this. I- if you're still mad for what happened last week I’ll give you a free night, please Neil don't do this.” I sobbed.

I screamed as one the other men grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back.

A bright light flashed in my face, I screamed and looked away as one of the others guys continued to take photos of me.

My heart started racing as I felt a sharp piece of rope tie my wrists behind my back.

I screamed and struggled to release myself, I haven't been tied up since Ray was taken away from me, but it wasn't the same.

I didn't feel like I did when he did it.

I was about to scream again until one of the shoved a dirty handkerchief in my mouth, my scream was muffled through the gag as I felt the men pulling my short skirt down.

Hot tears ran down my face as they stripped me of my clothes and spread my legs wide apart.

“You ready for this.” Neil grinned unbuckling his belt. “No one tries to avoid me.”

“Mmph mm MMPH!!” I cried kicking my legs but the other guys held a tight grip on them.

“I tried to be nice to you.” He sighed. “But you just didn't listen did you.”

I tried even harder to fight the stronger men off me but they weren't going to let me go just like that.

The third man continued to film me and lowered my corset down even further until my fully erected nipples were shown.

“We're gonna have fun tonight.” He chuckled zooming the camera out.

My face burned with embarrassment and anger for my lack of strength and my erotic fantasies.

But before Neil could continue with his plan the door swung open allowing a stream of light to enter the dark room.

“Neil what have I told you about-” The tall dark shadow paused and started at me, I squinted my eyes trying to figure out who the person was but I couldn't see him.

“Look Draven... this isn't how it looks.” Neil laughed. “W- we- we're making a movie and you came in at just the wrong time.”

“Get out now... ALL OF YOU!!!” He yelled.

“Yes sir.” They all said quickly running out of the room.

The man, known as Draven, snatched the video camera off the man who was filming as he ran past him.

“My father will hear of this.” Draven hissed grabbing hold of Neil by the throat before pushing towards the door.

After all the men ran out of the room he took a step forward and reviled himself.

He wasn't just any man... he was Ray!

I couldn't believe it, it was really him.

He walked closer and knelt down in front of me before untying my wrists and pulling the gag out of my mouth.

I quickly pulled my corset and skirt back up embarrassed that he had to see me like this.

“I don't know why you're hiding everything, you've got nothing I’ve never seen before.” He said.

“Really? That's what you come up with?” I asked. “No 'Hi Raven, I missed you so much, it's been a while'?”

He laughed softly and looked into my eyes.

My heart raced in my chest, I couldn't resist any more.

I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my lips against his.

His soft hands stroked my hair as his lips worked with mine.

He was back and I didn't care about anything else.

[The End]
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