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Um, who needs titles?

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I thought of something; about myself

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So this isn't self-pity (thats when i'm sick; and rght now my belly hurts cause I haven't eaten anything, I feel like I'm going to puke and like I have vertigo or something..)

Buut; I am so forgotten on here;
No shit, like you see the profiles everyone makes and revises (Ash) (ILU GURL) and there is always one person who pops up in everyones "favorite personalities" list; IM LUCKY IF MY FUCKING FICWAD KIDS REMEMBER ME!!
Really; I'm not shy anymore, in my old school I was damn near selective mute
And now since High School;
I'm the kid who blasts "Grow Up" by Simple Plan out of her headphones, running around the hallways screaming "I AM KATCHEEFEESHEE THE WORLDS BEST SUPERHERO" with a bottle of coke zero in my hand and my beanie pulled over my face (that was a fucking hilarious day..)
And it was lunch so the pit was crammed with people;
Then I get on here and I suddenly get shy;
It's fucked up :/
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