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Panic at Heaven's Gates

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I came up with this idea in science. I know it's sad and depressing but that's how science makes me feel sometimes. Not really but i do find it tedious. Sorry for all the suicide.

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Panic at Heaven's Gates.

"Ry-Ry-Ryan?" A voice sobbed down the phone.
"Yeah Spencer, what is it?"
"It-It's Bre-Brendon..."
"What;s happened to him?"
"He-he's de-dead!"

Ryan fainted.

~ ~ ~

"We are here today to remember the life of Brendon Boyd Urie. An amazing singer..." The vicar's voice droned on, unheard by Spencer, Jon and Ryan in the back row.
"It's my fault Spence."
"No it's not Ry. It is the drunk taxi drivers fault."
"It is my fault. If I hadn't argued with him then he would never of left and got in the taxi." Ryan was crying again. He had barley stopped since the phone call. "I cannot live with out him. I didn't even tell him how I felt."

~ ~ ~

Dear Spencer,

I told you at his funeral I couldn't live with out him. I guess you just thought I was being over dramatic. I wasn't.

I'm sorry for leaving you. My life has been miserable for the past tree weeks. Death is a release and I will see him again.

Please forgive me


~ ~ ~

'How could he.' Thought Spencer, 'How could he leave me only? He was my best friend.' Spencer was staring at the bottle of prescription strength pain killers. 'Five to knock me out. Twenty to kill me.'

It was only after he had taken the pills he remember Jon. 'Damn. I didn't tell him how I felt.'

~ ~ ~

Jon found Spencer face down on a desk, pen in hand and a half finished letter, dead.


I should of told you long ago. I Love you. I know you don't feel the same way which is why I can cope with killing my self. I couldn't cope with out Ryan. He was like an older brother to me. Always there. My backbone almost.

I am writing this to tell you I'm sorry and I lo-'

That was were the letter finished.

'Why did he have to be such a good actor. I never realise.' Jon thought. 'He was all that kept me going. Might as well join him and the others now.'

~ ~ ~

"We are sorry to inform you that the remaining members of Panic at The Disco, Jon and Spencer have been found dead in a hotel room in Las Vegas. It is thought suicide."

~ ~ ~

"what is is this? A band reunion?" The angel at Heavens gate asked.
"Yes!" answered Ryan, Brendon, Spencer and Jon together.
"Look out Heaven, Panic! At The Disco are here" exclaimed Brendon.
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