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Two Trains. A Rycer.

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A sad little rycer.

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Two Trains.

Trains have always been a key part of life for Ryan and Spencer. It was a key way to travel before they got cars. Yet there are only two separate train related memories that they both remember.

The First Train

If you were ever to go round Spencer's house we he was five, it would be more than likely that Ryan would be there.

Best friends since birth, Ryan and Spencer were only ever apart at night or at school. They were like conjoined twins. If you found one, you would find the other.

They liked the same stuff. Sponge-bob was their favourite cartoon. Hot chocolate their drink. Pizza their food. They even had the same favourite toy. Spencer's train set.

~ ~ ~

"We will always be together won't we Spence?" Ryan would ask. Even though he was older, Ryan was always worried that they would be split up.
"Of course, Ry. You don't have to keep asking!" This was Spencer's reply.
"I just want to make sure."

~ ~ ~

"Spence, lets play with your train set!"
"Okay!" and the train set was out.

They would always use one circuit. Always make their trains go the same way.

"We will always go on the same trains, won't we Ry." Spencer would say.

They thought for 15 years. Never thinking they would part.


The Second Train

"So this is it?"
"Yes. It is Spencer. I'm sorry."
"You don't have to go."
"I do. You can always come with us."
"No, I can't."
"Why not?"
"I'm not going to leave Brendon."
"Good bye then Spencer."

Then Ryan got on his train going north and Spencer got on his, going south. Both going in new, completely different, directions.

~ ~ ~

'I should have told him.' Thought Spencer. 'I should of told I loved him.'

~ ~ ~

'Why didn't I tell him the truth.' Ryan thought. 'Why didn't I tell him how I felt.'

~ ~ ~

It was too late for both of them now. The trains were leaving. The departure from the station was the departure of their friendship. But they will never forget the train set.
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