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Frerard. Frank needs his tonsils removed.

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A/N: Kay guys, the idea for this story was mine, but seeing as I have no free time anymore I had the wonderful DaniAtaDisco help me write it :3 THANKS TO HER!!! Hope you enjoy!

Gerard's POV

"You're 16 years old!!! Shut up! It's not that big of a deal!!!" I said to my scared best friend.
"Not a big deal?! Not a big deal?!!! NOT A BIG DEAL!?!?! NOT A BIG FUCKING DEAL!?!?! IT IS A BIG FUCKING DEAL GERARD!!!!!!!!!" He fell to his knees wrapping his arms around my legs practically hyperventilating. I pated his head.
"C'mon Frankie, your moms waiting in the car..." I picked my best friend up and he cuddled into me making my stomach do back flips. Frank and I have known each other since kindergarten, but we never really became friends until one day in 7th grade during detention the teacher left the room and we started talking and being really loud until the teacher came back. One day during a game of spin the bottle, me and Frank kissed, and I realized that I loved him. He can't know that though... It may ruin our friendship... All we've ever been is best friends.... I don't know what I'll do if I lose him. He can't find out that I love him.
When we reached the car I out him in the backset and buckled him up, then crawled in...

"Frank, you are just getting your tonsils removed, not that big of a deal!" He hugged me and looked at me with puppy dog eyes and said in a scared childs voice,
"Please Gerard.. I-i'm scared..." That did it. How could I say no to\] that?!?!?!
[\Sighing I responded "Oh, alright... I'll come, I'll come..." He stood up and yelled 'yippie' and picked me up and spun me around the room "Damn!! For a midget you're strong!!" He slaped me on the shoulder and said something about being fun sized not a midget...

Once we were inside the hospital they took Frank into surgery or something when he came back he was still a little loopy... "Hey! I know you! You're Gerard!!"
Chuckling "Yes Frankie, it is me."
"I am in love with you!" I stared blankly at him.

[\Did he just say what I think he said?\]

He probably meant it has a brother

[\yeah but he said 'in love' not 'love' there is a difference\]

"I. Am. In. Love. With. You. Gerard. Arthur. Way. I have been for awhile." I got onto the hospital bed Frank was in straddled his wasit,  put both of my hands on the side of his head so they were on the bed, tenderly kissed his lips.
"I-I love you too Frankie..." He had the worlds biggest smile and peacefully fell asleep. After awhile he woke up.
"I has the strangest dream"
"What was it Frankie?" He blushed an almost unnoticeable shade of pink and mumbled.
"I-I told you h-how I f-felt... and you felt the same..." Straddling him once again I leaned in until our lips barely touched.
"It wasn't a dream Frankie" I closed my eyes and kisses it. It was perfect. Not cheesy or cliché like those romantic movies or novels make it out, but sweet and gentle. It was him, and me, and it was everything I could ever dream of.

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