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This fic isn't just Green Day, its AmazingPhil, Danisnotonfire, Muse, McFly&ROOM94. Shippings include, Phan, Flones, Pudd, Kean(Kit&Dean)I don't know where its going but so far there has been a lot...

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(Includes AmazingPhil, Danisnotonfire, Muse, Green Day and McFly&ROOM94 yeye)(Shippings include, mainly Phan, Flones, Pudd, Kean(Kit&Dean)

Chapter One - Dans POV:

I unlocked my door, greeted by a dark haired boy. He had a beaming smile on his face as he took the bags of shopping from my aching hands. I'm not going to moan but there was a lot of milk in the bags. He carried the bags without an ease. I followed him into the kitchen.

"What's cooking Phil?" I asked looking into his deep blue eyes.

"Food, Dan, we haven't eaten properly in days, I thought we could have a nice meal together" he replied, aw how sweet.

"Here, let me help you," I said, "you're doing it all wrong." I took the wooden spoon that Phil was holding, I noticed bruises all around his wrist. "Phil?"I said softly. A tear was trickling down Phils face. Why was he crying? He ran off to his room in a flash. sigh You can never please him. I left it for about 5 minutes before I came to check up on him, I can't leave him like that. All teary eyed, especially when I don't know whats wrong. I knocked on the door. "Phillllll?" I whispered, too scared to open his door, he doesn't like people opening his door.

"Go away Dan." His muffled voice said from behind the door. I sighed again. "Phil, just let me in please?" I creaked the door open to find a red faced Phil, his hair hanging from his face. Its obvious he's been crying. His eyes were ringed with water and redness. "Oh god, Phil, are you ok?" I cried, I hated seeing him like this. His arms lifted from the surface of the desk. He was covered with bruises, it was like they were a tattoo. His arms were basically purple. He had been wearing jumpers a lot recently, he doesn't normally wear them. I thought something was up. "I don't want to talk about it Dan..." Phil whispered, obviously scared of something or maybe someone? Tears were streaming down Phils face by now, he could form a river with all of that... jokes aside, something is seriously wrong with him. Ever since Phil had been going over Bens house, he had been coming back with tears streaming down his face and purple arms... Literally. Ben is Phils boyfriend. He has rich brown hair, a few shades lighter than mine. As much as I hate him I must admit, he does have lovely emerald green eyes. "Phil? Is it anything to do with Ben?" I cried, knowing that blatantly it was. I took a step into Phils room, not wanting to invade his privacy too much.

"Oh Dan," Phil cried as he ran over to me and wrapped his arms around me. His head rested on my shoulder. "He's just so horrible to me" he whimpered. I lifted his head off my shoulder and looked into his blue eyes. He looked back into mine. It was a connection. "It'll be ok Phil," I said pulling his head back into my neck. "Just tell me everything."

"I love him Dan.. but he hurts me. I can't keep doing this, but every time I try to break it up with him, I break down. I start crying on the floor, he then apologises and says that it will never be like that again and that he loves me.." Phil said as he let out all his emotions on my shoulder. "And then obviously I forgive him, I can't help it.. its like he has a spell on me"

"Phil, Phil, Phil. What are we going to do with you eh?" I joked pushing Phil away for one minute, only to latch back on to him a minute later. I want him to break up with Ben. It should be me, not Ben. What has Ben got that I haven't? A smell of smoke lurked up my nostrils, oh shit. I left the food on a hot hob. Oh god. I remember when I went to check up on Phil, that I just threw the dish towel by the hob, oh god, did it go on the hob? Shit. Okay. Just calm it Daniel. "Fuck. Phil, do you smell that?" I shouted, alarming him. "Dan, you didn't? Did you? Oh god this always happens" I could feel a very uncomfortable heat around me. We slowly walked through the hallway, I felt Phils hand grasp onto mine. I couldn't let this opportunity pass, so I welcomed Phil into holding my hand. How could such a terrifying moment be so amazing? As soon as we got to the kitchen a gush of blazing fire went past our heads, missing it only slightly, my heart skipped a beat. We have to get out of here, I ran as fast as I could. I could feel Phils hand slipping away. The floor was caving in. It was literally burning. Phils hand slipped away from mine, I tried to catch it but it was too late, he had fell; into a pit of despair. Through the floor. I heard screaming from him, was he in pain? I put my body to the floor, just by the hole, I looked in to see an unconscious Phil lying there. The floor was cracking some more. As I jumped up and ran, I heard tumbling of flaming wood. I just knew it had hit Phil. I feel so bad. I just ran away from him, he was unconscious for gods sake Dan. You don't run away from your unconscious best friend. That's not how it works Howell. Oh god I'm losing the plot. I ran out of the burning building, smashing the fire alarm as I went, leaving my best friend in that state of horror. It wasn't 10 minutes before I heard the sound of the fire engine wheeling its way to our building. I could hear police cars as well, I don't know if that's typical London or whether its coming here. What should I tell them? Oh I set my apartment on fire and left my best friend to die? Well thats practically what happened, but shh. Literally all of the services came to our building, Fire Department, Police and the Paramedics in their ambulance "Do you know the guy, that's in the room below your flat, Dan?" the officer asked.

"No." I said.

"Whats your date of birth, Mr. Howell?" he asked. "What did you call me? I don't know who 'Howell' is, let alone his birthday." I replied. "Your name is Dan Howell right?" "No, my name is just Dan. You must of got the wrong person, sorry." I literally can't remember anything, who was this Howell he speaks of? Officer showed me a picture that was found in Phil Lester's trouser pocket. I don't know anybody called Phil Lester. Who the hell is he? On the back of the photo, there was writing, it read:

"Dan Howell and Ben Tanton, are your best friends. Always remember these names Phil. Always. You love Ben. But you also love Dan. Remember Phil. Choose wisely."

The name Ben rings a bell, where have I heard that name before? My thoughts got interrupted by a paramedic called Alice. Nice name. "Dan it seems you may have knocked your head in the accident." What accident? I was never in a bloody accident. "We must take you to the hospital along with Mr. Lester." Oh, okay, great I may have something wrong with my memory, I'm gonna get sent to a bloody mental home now aren't I? No Dan, you're not god. I saw the Phil guy on a stretcher that was going past me; he had scratches and burns all up his body. Where have I seen these eyes before? Those beautiful blue eyes. I remember something, I think... "He's just so horrible to me" he whimpered. I lifted his head off my shoulder and looked into his sea blue eyes. He looked back into mine. It was a connection. "It'll be ok Phil," I said pulling his head back into my neck. "Just tell me everything." Who was he talking about? Obviously I did know Phil, but who was he? Again my thoughts were interrupted by Alice. God Alice stop. "Hop in the back with Phil, Dan, it'll be ok" she said with a smile on her face, she had a gorgeous smile. Beautiful teeth. I was asked by a male called John to sit next to Phil. I don't even know who he is for gods sake, but oh well. I sat next to Phil, his eyes were closed now, he must be asleep, bless. I glanced my eyes over his arms. Bright purple, what the hell? Was he being abused? If so who by? His dress sense was great, he had a awesome checkered hoodie on and jet black skinny jeans to match his hair. He had converse shoes, which were pretty cool. Alice came over and flashed a smile my way again, she had scissors in her hand, to cut Phil's jeans I guess; to see if there was any severe burnings to attend to. Well the answer to that was... yes, yes he freaking does. Basically one bottom half of his leg was just covered in burns and scratches. Horrific thing to see.
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