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Kisses In The Snow

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Oneshot for tdeeley's birthday, hope you like it!

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This was a oneshot, for "Taylor":, for her birthday. She's a good writer, you should check her stories out! c: I hope you like this c:

Taylor pushed her self out of bed and groaned at the mess which was littered around her. The floor was covered with clothes, make up pressed into the once clean carpet, and other mess. She was already sure who was the cause of it. Shaking her head, she put on a straight face and snuck downstairs, searching for some sweet caffeine that might shake her from this irritable mood. Finding none increased her foul attitude ten fold. Her morning so far hadn't been the best, especially on her birthday.

After several calls from her friends cancelling on her, Taylor dressed herself glumly with very little makeup and feeling hollow without her usual converse on her feet, which would normally be fixed to her. She brushed her brunette hair down, sighing softly at herself, before arriving at the dinner with a less than enthusiastic disposition.
"Are you having a good time?" They asked, continuously. Taylor always responded in the same way, to everyone who asked.
"Oh," She laughed, softly. "Yeah," She would nod until the person who inquired was happy and they would turn their attention away from her, returning it to someone else. She sat at the dinner table a little longer, until she exhaled, pushing herself up from the table and leaving the restaurant. She didn't care if no one followed - she wanted to be alone, even if it was her birthday.

The street outside was dark, and icy. The large, booming, overhead clouds indicated to her that perhaps, snow was on the horizon. Taylor wasn't particularly sure whether that excited her or not, but in her current mood, not much really could excite her. The street lamps flickered on one by one as she stood, her fingers beginning to burn slightly in the cold, hunching her shoulders together and shivering.
"Aren't you cold?" A soft voice came from across the street. Taylor glanced up and backed up a little, wary, especially of strangers in the dark.
"No, I'm fine," She insisted, defensively. The owner of the voice stepped out of the shadows, his appearance worlds away from what Taylor was expecting. He had straggled, ebony hair, a smooth painted nose over pale, milky skin, and glinting hazel eyes. He wore a coat that looked slightly too big for him, skinny black jeans, and Doc Martens that protected his smallish feet from the icy ground.
"You don't look fine," He repeated, gently. He stepped forward a little further. He looked as though he was slightly older than Taylor, perhaps by a year or so, however, his height told a slightly different story. In fact, it was possible that he was only just taller than Taylor.
"No, it's.." Taylor paused, softly, rubbing her hands together. "I'm fine. Honestly." She shrugged, hugging herself, gazing at the icy ground.
"You look upset, I can't let a pretty girl stand out here upset, not on her own." The boy continued, his expression genuine and caring. Taylor raised her head, smiling very softly. She'd been told she was pretty before, but she was never sure if they meant it or not. The boy sounded honest and assured with himself, as he spoke; there was something which Taylor admired in him.
"Oh.. Thanks.." Taylor mumbled, her cheeks burning a slight scarlet. The boy stepped further into view, holding out his hand to her.
"My name's Frank." The boy smiled, blinking softly. Taylor hesitated, apprehensively shaking his hand.
"Taylor," She replied. Frank took her hand gently and kissed it, before relinquishing it back to her. He looked over her, blushing slightly. He breathed softly, going over her appearance in his head; snowy eyes that glittered unlike any he'd seen before, thick eye lashes that curled sharply around them, a milky, pale complexion, and a tiny, slightly bony frame. Her slender fingers brushed softly against the fringe which hung just past her eyebrows, and through her silky, brunette and blonde dashed hair. A pair of skinny jeans clung to her legs and green day shirt was hung around her shoulders.
"Why are you upset?" He inquired, softly. Taylor dropped her gaze to the floor.
"Why should I tell you?" Taylor repeated, crossing her arms, looking up at him.
"Because someone like you shouldn't be sad, especially on such a beautiful night."
Taylor smiled at his whimsical phrases and shook her head, laughing gently.
"I'm just having a bad day, alright? People have been a little disappointing, and I just.." Taylor hesitated, glancing back to Frank, who was hanging on her words. "I've been so excited for today, I thought it would go better." She exhaled, scratching the nape of her neck. Frank titled his head, pursing his lips gently.
"What was today? If you don't mind me asking."
Taylor tangled her fingers in front of her, shrugging a single shoulder.
"My birthday," She mumbled in response. Frank frowned and crossed his own arms.
"I'm so sorry," Frank sighed, shaking his head. "I have an idea, if you're interested. You can say no, because you did just meet me on the street and chances are you think I'm going to take advantage of you.." He hesitated, and stuck out his arms beside him, indicating to himself. "But as you can see, I'm pretty sure you'd be able to beat me up if you wanted." Taylor laughed.
"Okay, your question?" She asked, grinning for what felt like the first time all day (that wasn't a fake, pity grin to assure her friends and relatives she was having a good time.).
"Get coffee with me?" Frank asked, grasping his own hands and holding them in front of him, awaiting an answer. Taylor considered her lack of coffee from this morning, turning back and glancing to the restaurant, before making her decision.
"Yeah." She said, stepping down. "Yeah, sure."

Taylor and Frank arrived together at a small in the wall cafe. Frank ordered them to basic coffee's and selected a smallish table in the corner of the cafe, next to the steamed up windows, dripping on the outside with condensation. He pulled up a chair for her to sit and scooted around to his own.
"I hope I got the right coffee." Frank smiled, pushing the coffee across the table. Taylor nodded and sipped the coffee, exhaling happily as she drunk.
"Perfect." She nodded, gazing at Frank from across the table, quickly glancing away as he looked back.
"Want to tell me more about your day?" Frank asked, thumbing the lid of his coffee. "I think it would do you some good." Taylor considered the invitation, before shrugging and taking it.
"Well, I mean, I've been looking forward to being sixteen for a while, and I just.. You know, when you get real worked up for something?"
Frank nodded, letting her speak, listening intently.
"I just built up this idea of this great birthday, and it just didn't go well. My family haven't really paid much attention to me and my sister has been doing nothing but irking me, and no one really seems to care, that's it's my day, you know. My friends all cancelled on me and I've just been having a kinda crappy day. You know, everyone says about your sixteenth.. Saying it's going to be special, like riding a plane for the first time, or getting kissed in the snow," Taylor sighed, softly, finishing and allowing Frank to comment. Frank gazed at her with intent, unwilling to remove his eyes.
"Your sixteenth is never good," Frank smiled, a glint in his eyes. "On my sixteenth, I played a gig with my best friends, got pulled into the crowd, broke my leg, not knocked out, and spent the night in A&E.. Completely sober." Taylor grinned, laughing apologetically.
"Alright, you win," She smiled, taking another sip. "How um, old are you, if you don't mind me asking?"
"Seventeen." Frank nodded, playing with the lid of his coffee. "You're.." He sighed. "Never mind." He mumbled, averting his eyes to the table.
"What?" Taylor asked, a little defensively, already assuming Frank was going to say something rude. "You can say it. I won't be offended." Frank held his hands out, looking up with his jaw hanging open, shaking his head.
"No, it's nothing bad, I just.. I was going to say that.. That you're really beautiful, that's all." Frank shrugged, gazing at her eyes wistfully, chewing on his lip ring absently. Taylor tilted her head, breathing in sharply in surprise.
"Oh," Taylor hummed, beaming gently. "That's.. Not what I was expecting. Thank you." She nodded, her cheeks burning a light crimson, gazing downwards at her coffee in embarrassment. She suddenly glanced up. "You actually mean that?"
"Yeah," Frank responded, quickly. "If I'm honest.. You're the most beautiful person I've seen in.. Well, ever." He laughed softly, a little humiliated to say the least. Taylor felt herself squeaking in embarrassment.
"I doubt that's true," She replied, hiding her gaze. When she removed her hand, Frank was stood in front of her, his hand out stretched.
"Come on." He invited. Taylor paused before nodding, laying her hand in Frank's and letting his fingers curl around hers.

They walked together out of the store, Frank grinning as they did so, gazing up at the sky. He held out a hand, glancing down at Taylor.
"See? Snow," He smiled. Taylor hugged slightly to Frank's arm and shivered in the cold, gazing up wistfully at the snow.
"It's pretty." Taylor said, softly, apprehensively resting her head on Frank's shoulder. She entwined her fingers with his and smiled up at him.
"Want to come and meet my friends? I'm playing later." Frank shrugged, a twinkle resting in his eyes. "I promise I won't break any limbs." Taylor laughed, beaming with rouged cheeks.
"Hmm.." She considered, already knowing her answer. She turned, glancing back at the restaurant up the street, sighing quietly that no one had bothered to find her.
"I've never been to show.. Are they really as good as they say?" She asked.
"Nearly as good as being kissed in the snow."
"I wouldn't know either way." Taylor exhaled, gazing away. Frank was silent for a few minutes, watching the snow intently, before turning and cupping Taylor's cheek in his palm, brushing her cheekbone with his thumb, leaning in and pressing his lips softly against hers. She reciprocated, putting her fingers onto his arms, smiling against him before dipping her head and moving away.
"How was that?"
Taylor laughed, pressing another kiss to Frank's cheek before tugging on his arms.
"Come on. Let's go,"
"Wait wait wait." Frank paused her, taking her arm.
"What?" Frank pushed another kiss to Taylor's lips and held them there for a second, before pulling away.
"Happy Birthday."
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