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The Light Behind Your Eyes AU

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One Shot, Frerard. Gerard still hadn’t come to terms with his brother’s death, just a year on. But he didn’t just have to deal with his brothers…

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The Light Behind Your Eyes AU One Shot – Frerard

I heard the song last night when it was first leaked and I knew I had to write a fic because the song is so beautiful and makes me cry ;-; enjoy!

Gerard stared painfully down at the tombstones, the cold December rain matching his sad, confused and distraught mood. He ran his fingers over the tombstone on his left. He was shaking so much he could barely touch the tombstone. He read it over and over but barely making out what the words said through his tear filled eyes.

Michael James Way
10th September 1980 – 25th December 2008
Age 28
Forever and always in our hearts, dear brother and son.
Dearly missed.

Gerard still hadn’t come to terms with his brother’s death, just a year on. But he didn’t just have to deal with his brothers…

Gerard delicately removed his fingers from the tombstone of his brother and placed them in his lap. “So long to all of my friends…” He whispered, looking up at the tombstone next to it.

Raymond Toro
15th July 1977 – 25th December 2008
Age 31
Missed by all, loved by all, a true hero.

He had tried to save them… Fuck… He tried to save them more than anything… He just, couldn’t. When you’re bound up against a wall with your best friends, there’s not much you can do. Gerard remembers it like it was yesterday. He hates the memories; he hates how he fucking feels. He even hates how they even fucking got into that mess in the first place. If he’d have agreed to stay home instead of go out to the comic book store, they’d all be fine, they wouldn’t be dead. Gerard would still have them. And fuck, where was Frank in all this, you may ask? He was there, with Gerard. He watched his best friends die in front of him and when the police finally found Frank and Gerard, all they could do was hold each other and comfort each other as they couldn’t believe what had just happened. They couldn’t believe their best friends, Gerard’s brother, had just been brutally murdered by a sadistic asshole who was supposed to be their friend.

Gerard sat there shaking and crying, the rain hiding his painful tears as he mourned the death of his brother and friend, a year on. “Every one of them met tragic ends” Gerard sung quietly, tearing little pieces of grass out of the ground as he sat in front of the tombstones, the rain still pouring down and soaking his black hair like a shower. “With every passing day, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I miss them all tonight” Gerard felt like he wasn’t so alone anymore… He felt a little… Warmer.

He felt a hand on his back and he didn’t even jump, he knew who it was. He knew that he’d be visiting, a year on, of course he would. It wasn’t like Frank had anyone else. He only had Gerard. “Gerard…” Frank said, keeping his hand on Gerard’s back and sitting down cross legged next to him. He placed his head on Gerard’s shoulder and wrapped his arm back around Gerard’s waist.
“And if they only knew what I would say, if I could be with you tonight” Gerard sung. He leaned on Frank and the boys just sat there for a few moments until Frank’s hand had moved close enough to touch Gerard’s.

“I would sing you to sleep; never let them take the light behind your eyes. One day, I’ll lose this fight as we fade in the dark, just remember you will always burn as bright” Frank sung, snuggling closer into Gerard, the rain still falling heavily on them both. “Be strong, and hold my hand. Time becomes for us, you’ll understand we’ll say goodbye today and we’re sorry how it all ends this way” Frank sung and carefully ran his fingers up Gerard’s hand and entwined their fingers, holding Gerard close. Gerard didn’t say a word but squeezed Frank’s hand to show he understood. “If you promise not to cry, then I will tell you just what I would say if I could be with you tonight, I would sing you to sleep, never let them take the light behind your eyes.”

“I’ll fail and lose this fight, never fade in the dark. Just remember that you will always burn as bright. The light behind your eyes….the light behind your-” Gerard sung, he couldn’t finish his sentence, he was too shaken up.

“Sometimes we must grow stronger and, you can’t be stronger in the dark. When I’m here, no longer, you must be stronger.” Frank sung, running his fingers through Gerard’s wet and cold hair. He put Gerard’s hood up for him, his fingers frozen from the cold December weather.

“And if I could be with you tonight, I would sing you to sleep; never let them take the light behind your eyes.” Gerard sung, his voice slightly croaky from the crying. Frank smiled slightly at Gerard. Gerard looked terrible, they both did. But Frank still found Gerard to be as beautiful as ever.

Frank put his hand on Gerard’s cheek and Gerard winced slightly from Frank’s cold fingers. Frank laughed slightly, they both did. Then, Frank leaned closer to Gerard and they both knew what was going to happen, they could feel it from a mile off. Frank laughed awkwardly and smiled at Gerard who was actually smiling, proper smiling, for the first time since the incident. Frank leaned in to kiss Gerard, his lips brushing against Gerard’s and he could feel Gerard smiling into the kiss. Gerard kissed him back, the pressure of their lips now even. “Let’s go home” Gerard said, entwining his fingers again with Frank’s and kissing him softly. The rain started to slow down and get less. They stood up, their hands never breaking apart and Gerard sighed, looking down at the tombstones “I’ll fail and lost this fight, never fade in the dark, just remember you will always burn as bright.” He finally sung. Frank smiled at him and Gerard looked into Frank’s piercing hazel eyes.

“Merry Christmas” Frank said, smiling at Gerard and tangling his free fingers in Gerard’s wet hair.

“Merry Christmas, Frank” Gerard replied, placing a kiss onto Frank’s lips.

They walked out of the graveyard with their arms around each other’s waists, laughing and smiling. Yes, they had lost two people very dear to them that same day a year ago, but they had found a feeling so much stronger, love. They had found each other, the same people that had been living together for three years, the same people who comforted each other after the death of Mikey and Ray. The same people who was and always will be. Totally and completely in love with each other.

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