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Wonderland's Little Rebel

by BipolarUnicorn 1 review

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Alice, jump down that hole, follow the bunny.
Your running out of time, it's time! It's time!
Down the hole you go, farther and farther you fall
Deeper and deeper you go
Eat and grow
Drink and shrink
Grab the key, unlock the door, walk out and off you go
Such a unexpected place, such wonders

They call it wonderland dont they?
It looks like a wonderland in the beginning,
But you walk more and more away from where you began, this begin to get darker and more like a nightmare

Alice, oh dear Alice, you are in wonderland aren't you?
Explore and adore!
It dangerous, don't walk alone
Stumble across the twins, they are confused
Always they are, but that's normal in wonderland
Don't piss of the Queen, the Queen of the damned.
She's called the queen of hearts but there is nothing but a black soul

The cat! The cat! His smile, his grin as wide as his it can go

The hat! The hat! The hatter! You say what?

Alice, what's wrong with you?
What has happened?
You've turned on us, went for the blood
Started a war and crushed the enemy
Your a rebel, our pretty little rebel in wonderland.

What is wonderland?
Is it real?
Was it just a dream?
Only one person knows, the little rebel.
Wonderland's little rebel.
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