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Ma-kunxTaki, done for 1sentence on livejournal.

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Fandom: Gravitation
Pairing: Ma-kun/Taki
Theme set: Alpha
Rating: R for mentions of sex and strong language

#01 - Comfort
Taki leaning against him had to be the most pathetic attempt at sympathy he'd ever seen, but it was also the only thing that worked.

#02 - Kiss
"See, I told you I'm a great kisser, Tachi."

#03 - Soft
The day that Taki finally told Ma-kun how much he really loved him, was enough to sicken him to his stomach as he couldn't stand the thought of having gone that soft.

#04 - Pain
It honestly wasn't the beating that had hurt Ma-kun the most; it was seeing the pain in Taki's face, as if he'd been the one Eiri Yuki had slugged.

#05 - Potatoes
Having a potato whiz past his ear instead of a vase was a welcome change from how his fights with Taki normally went.

#06 - Rain
Even as Taki began to complain about what the rain was doing to his hair, Ma-kun shushed him, whispering into his ear, "I like it this way."

#07 - Chocolate
Ma-kun had to get Taki a chocolate cake; the sharp tangy taste was the only thing that suited him.

#08 - Happiness
The day he'd realized that there was someone who actually cared about him, Ma-kun was happier than he'd thought he should be.

#09 - Telephone
When Taki saw whose name was on the caller id, he chose to let the phone ring and then to allow the message to record.

#10 - Ears
When Taki's voice first graced his ears, it had been to rather bitchly tell Ma-kun to get his ass off of his desk.

#11 - Name
The first time Taki had used his real name and not the nickname, Ma-kun could swear his goose bumps prickled.

#12 - Sensual
Those nights on stage where Taki would swing his hips so sensuously in front of the crowds were some of the worst for Ma-kun because he couldn't stop resenting the fans for having something he never would.

#13 - Death
It was true, Taki really did look more peaceful dead; peaceful wasn't a good look for him Ma-kun decided.

#14 - Sex
It was disappointing to find out that Taki wasn't the virgin that Ma-kun had thought him to be, though Taki didn't allow him to remain disappointed for long.

#15 - Touch
As Ma-kun's hands glided down his bare shoulders, Taki could feel the callouses on his fingers, received from hours upon hours of playing guitar.

#16 - Weakness
The weakness that Ma-kun inspired in Taki, which the vocalist hated so much, always gave the guitarist an added thrill.

#17 - Tears
Wiping tears away from his face, Taki looked away, whispering, "Don't fucking look at me."

#18 - Speed
They were going too fast, but Taki couldn't yell at him to stop, the air having been sucked from his lungs at that point.

#19 - Wind
As the wind stirred Ma-kun's hair, Taki had to resist the urge to reach out and feel those soft strands sift through his fingers.

#20 - Freedom
It wasn't that Taki wasn't attracted to Ma-kun or that he didn't love him; it was just that he couldn't stand the thought of being restricted in anyway, let alone by someone that domineering.

#21 - Life
Taki's plans for life hadn't included waking up to his best friend sharing his bed, but it wasn't the most horrible scenario either.

#22 - Jealousy
Taki's jealousy of Shuichi was enough to leave Ma-kun with an equal hatred of the their rival; because when it came right down to it, Taki had never gotten jealous over him.

#23 - Hands
Their entwined fingers broke apart and Taki gave him one last look before he walked out of Ma-kun's life for good.

#24 - Taste
The red mark on Ma-kun's face didn't seem like the right price to pay for stealing a little taste from Taki's lips.

#25 - Devotion
Even though Taki acted like he was the boss, Ma-kun knew that when the moment of truth came, the other was his most devoted servant.

#26 - Forever
When Taki had turned down the ring and refused the ceremony, it hadn't been because he didn't want to be with Ma-kun forever; rather, because it was because to him, the rings were a reminder of the fact that they would part when death finally came.

#27 - Blood
When Eiri Yuki's punches had started drawing blood, it was the first time that realized that he wasn't the only one in too deep.

#28 - Sickness
The craving he felt for Ma-kun was a derangement far worse than his hatred of Shuichi Shindou; Ma-kun was harder to escape.

#29 - Melody
Lately, the melody had been off and for once it was actually Ma-kun's fault.

#30 - Star
"And just think of it this way: you don't join our band and you'll be regretting it when ASK's name is in the news every day of week," Ma-kun exclaimed proudly," "And we all know how much you hate to be left out."

#31 - Home
Even though he had sworn he'd hated Ma-kun's apartment, entering after months in the hospital, Taki felt like he was home for the first time in years.

#32 - Confusion
"So, since you had sex with me, that means you like me, right?"

#33 - Fear
There came a point where Ma-kun's fear of hurting him was far more aggravating to Taki than his own fear of being hurt.

#34 - Lightning/Thunder
Storms woke something wild in Taki and made him more daring and reckless in bed than Ma-kun could handle, to the point where thunder and lightening frightened him.

#35 - Bonds
The bonds between the three of them had been so strong before and Ken was not about to let that all be destroyed because Ma-kun just had to fucking hit on anything that moved, even something like Taki that would rip your dick off as soon as suck it.

#36 - Market
It was Ma-kun who had helped make ASK marketable and it was his damn fault that Taki had begun to care about fame; the bastard had not right to speak about purity and artistic integrity.

#37 - Technology
Ever since they'd trashed Ken's keyboards in a fit of passion, the two had been wary of their band mate's temper, not sure when he would get revenge.

#38 - Gift
When Taki had handed over the brand new guitar and kissed Ma-kun before he could say that it was too much, the blond's mind was thinking that maybe this was just enough.

#39 - Smile
In retrospect, Ma-kun shouldn't have been fooled by that sweet smile and realized that shit was going to fly.

#40 - Innocence
He had been innocent once, probably, before Ma-kun force ably ripped it all away from him.

#41 - Completion
Looking on his life, it wasn't what Taki had wanted to achieve and yet, when he looked about their home, he felt a confoundable sense of completion.

#42 - Clouds
The overcast day wasn't the way that Ma-kun had wanted their first date to go, but he was shocked to find that Taki didn't complain about anything at all for once and had to count it off as a victory in the end.

#43 - Sky
The contacts Taki had thrown away had been meant to make Ma-kun's eyes the perfect shade of sky blue; when asked why he'd done it, Taki shrugged and said that he didn't like the sky that much.

#44 - Heaven
Coming to consciousness, the first thing Taki saw was Ma-kun's face hovering over him and all he could think was that he'd been cheated out of heaven.

#45 - Hell
When Ma-kun told him he was out of the band, that was the beginning of Taki's personal hell and there wasn't anyone to drag down with him.

#46 - Sun
"You're not all sunshine and light," Taki sneered at Ma-kun, "so stop pretending to be so cheery and tell me what's wrong with you."

#47 - Moon
It was the moon he'd wanted, something to reflect his own light back at him, not a dark bottomless void like Taki.

#48 - Waves
Ma-kun liked making waves and keeping people on their toes and strangely enough, Taki didn't find it annoying when those ripples touched his own life.

#49 - Hair
One of their more stupid fights had been over whose hair was better; Ma-kun liked to claim he'd won, though sometimes he wasn't sure.

#50 - Supernova
"Hey, if a supernova was to like to blow up the world and you had only a few minutes to be with the person you loved," Ma-kun brushed a finger across Taki's lips, "you know you'd choose me, so don't give me that not even if you're the last man on earth crap."
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