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"Is Mikey already asleep?" Tiara asked, raising her eye-brows at her boyfriend. She didn't even like him that much. She just wanted his older brother Gerard "I'm really bored."

"Well we should do something then." Gerard replied with a small smile "Wanna come into my room?"

"Yeah sure." Tiara stood up and followed Gerard into his room.

Gerard went bright red "Tiara... I was wondering... I think you're really pretty so I was wondering... Would it be okay if I drew you?"

"That'd be awesome, you're so talented." Tiara sat down and Gerard pulled out his sketch book "Are you tired at all?"

"Not at all. You?" Gerard asked, sticking his tongue out with concentration.

"Nope. Wanna stay up all night?"

"Sounds like a challenge. First to fall asleep loses, okay?"

"Alright." Tiara grinned.

When Gerard finished sketching her, Tiara took a look "Wow Gerard... This is so amazing." She whispered as she stared at the piece of paper. He hadn't just drawn her looks, he'd drawn her personality.

"Just like you then." Gerard smirked and Tiara blushed. Was he flirting with her?

"What do you wanna do now then?"

"Let's watch a movie."

They snuck downstairs and went into the living room "Let's watch this." Gerard said, picking out a horror movie.

"Do we have to?" Tiara pouted.

"Aww are you scared?" Gerard teased.

She didn't want him to think she was a wimp so she shook her head and Gerard put the DVD into the player. Tiara found that it wasn't that scary because Gerard keep talking to her and so she barely paid attention to the movie and just snuggled up beside Gerard. He put both his arms around her and started talking to her about art and all his favourite horror movies and stuff like that. Tiara told him about her jerk of an ex-boyfriend and how the death of her Grandpa had effected her so badly.

They watched movie after movie until they lost count and the sun rose but they barely seemed to notice as they carried on talking. Eventually the conversation came to a halt and Gerard leaned closer to her. Tiara's heart started beating faster and before she knew what was happening, Gerard was kissing her. And she was kissing him back. It was amazing. She felt like she were on top of the world, nothing could go wrong-

"What the hell are you doing?" Mikey cried.

Gerard pulled away from Tiara "Mikey, we were just-"

"THAT'S MY GIRLFRIEND!" Mikey was near tears at this point "H-How could you do that to me Gee? You're my brother! And Tiara, you're my girlfriend! I loved you!"

"Mikes, I'm really sorry, I never meant for this to happen." Gerard muttered "But, I love her so much. I tried to hide my feelings for her but then you started dating her and it got harder. I'm really sorry."

"C-Can I confess something?" Tiara asked "Mikey... I was only dating you to get closer to Gerard. I'm really sorry."

Mikey narrowed his eyes, shook his head and then stomped out of the house. Gerard looked at Tiara "We've messed things up." He muttered.

"I know." Tiara whispered.

Gerard wrapped his arms around her "Oh well. We'll sort them out together. I promise."

Tiara smiled and hugged him back, believing every word he said.

[A/N] - Yeah I hope you liked it! :)
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