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Gerard woke up and stretched then yawned. Mia, Lauren and Mikey were still asleep on the floor so he sat up and made his way to the door. Behind it, there were voices. Gerard pushed open the door and slipped into the room. He was inside a diner "What the hell?" He asked groggily.

"Oh good morning Sleeping Beauty." Raven smirked "We're having breakfast. Do you want anything?"

"Oh uhh no I'm not hungry thanks." Gerard replied. He hated eating in front of people. Besides, they were eating what appeared to be dog food in a white can.

"So you said that your sister's in trouble?" Ray asked.

"Uh yeah, the 'draculoids' got her when we were escaping from our house." Gerard sighed and sat down opposite the couple "Do you think you two could help me?"

"I don't know." Raven muttered, biting her lip.

"Of course we'll help you." Ray said quickly.

"How do we even know we can trust them?" Raven cried.

Ray put his arm around her "You trust me, right?" Raven nodded "Then just trust me now, okay?"

Raven sighed "We wouldn't be having this discussion if I'd saved your life."

"Come on, you know you love me really." Ray smiled, kissing the top of Raven's head "And I love you too. So, so, so much."

Raven sighed and hugged Ray round the middle. Gerard swallowed "So umm you guys will help us then?"

"Of course we'll help you. We have a-"

"HELP!" They heard a loud male voice cry from outside "SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!"

Ray jumped up and Raven grabbed his hand "What if it's them?"

"It won't be, trust me." Ray replied, running out of the house. Gerard got up and followed him. If they were going to help him then he wanted to make himself useful.

"Please help!" They got outside and found a guy a little younger than the two of them with jaw-length black hair "Hey! Please help!"

"What's wrong?" Ray asked.

The guy turned around and Gerard and Ray stood next to him. Lying on the floor there was a female with long dark brown hair "We got into a fight with some draculoids." The guy sobbed "And they shot her about five times. I managed to fight the rest off and we started running. We were making our way here and she just fell to the floor and what if she's dead? WHAT IF SHE'S DEAD!?"

"No, she'll be okay." Ray lifted her up in his arms "Come inside, everything will be okay."

The guy followed him and Gerard walked next to him "So, what's your name?" Gerard asked awkwardly.

"Oh I'm Frank and that's my girlfriend Penina. She will be okay, won't she?" Frank looked terrified.

"Of course she will be. I'm Gerard. That's Ray." He gestured to Raven as they walked inside "This is Raven."

"Oh My God, is she okay?" Raven jumped up then looked at Frank "We'll take care of her. Just wait here." They took her into a room at the back.

Frank sighed and sat down "Y-You don't happen to have any water, do you?" Frank asked nervously.

Gerard looked around and found heaps of bottles of it under the counter. He picked one up and handed it to Frank because he did look extremely thirsty "Gee..." A timid voice said from behind him.

He turned around and found Mia standing there looking scared "Oh hey Sweetie." Gerard smiled, holding his arms out to her. Mia ran over and wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her up "Frank, this is my baby sister Mia. Mia, this is Frank."

"Hi Mia." Frank smiled.

Mia smiled back and leaned her head on Gerard's shoulder "When's Becca gonna get here?" Mia asked, putting her thumb in her mouth.

"That's the thing Sweetheart, we're gonna have to go and get Becca ourselves." Gerard sighed "But I kind of want you to stay here, okay?"

"Okay." Mia whispered. She didn't really want to go back there and get hurt by the draculoids anyway.

About half-an-hour later, Ray and Raven came out of the room holding hands and Penina shuffled out behind them "PENINA!" Frank cried, jumping up and throwing his arms around her "Thank God you're okay! I thought you were dead!"

"No, you saved me." Penina whispered, leaning her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah, we didn't do anything at all." Raven said, shrugging her shoulders.

Penina smiled "Sorry. Thank you for helping me." Her voice was quiet and rather shy.

Lauren came into the room and squeaked when she saw all the strangers in the room then went back into the room they'd been sleeping in. She re-appeared holding tightly onto Mikey's hand who was awake now "So..." Mikey said "When are we gonna go get Becca?"

The door to Lauren's bedroom opened and Korse went into the room. Becca was still sobbing her eyes out and Korse laughed "Time for your first injection."

"W-What do you mean my injection?" Becca whimpered, way past fighting now.

A draculoid came in and grabbed Becca's arm. She tried to pull away but he kept a firm grip "No, please." Becca begged. But it was too late. The draculoid injected something into her arm and then her world faded to black.

[A/N] - Sorry it took me a while to update :3 I hope you liked it?
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