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[A/N] - I'm extremely sorry if this gets too mushy in places, I know you don't like that but I can't seem to help it D':

Gerard knew he loved her the moment he laid eyes on her. He'd lived in this town his entire life and he'd never seen her there before. He'd definitiely have remembered if he had.

Without hesitation, he went over to her and smiled. She looked quite confused but didn't say anything to him "Hey, my name's Gerard." He told her "I've never seen you around here before. What's your name?"

"Tiara." She replied, barely looking at him.

"Pretty name." He smirked "So I was wondering... I know this town like the back of my hand. I could show you around if you wanted. It's a date, yeah?"

"Umm no thanks." Tiara shook her head and walked away.

Gerard walked after her "Aww come on. We could have a great time."

"I don't really want to hang round with you thanks." Tiara sighed.

"But we could-"

"Look, I'm not interested, okay?" Tiara cried befoer running off.

Gerard rolled his eyes and put his hand on his hip. He was going to get her to agree to go out with him one way or another.

The next time Gerard saw Tiara, he ran into a shop and brought a bunch of flowers. He ran over to her, handed them to her and asked her out. She said no again and gave him the flowers back. He groaned and let them drop to the floor as Tiara walked away.

This went on for a while. He tried giving her chocolates, roses, teddy bears until eventually she told him he was trying way too hard and that she wasn't even into the whole overly romantic thing. And that was when Gerard had an idea.

"I'm not sure about this." Gerard's best friend Ray Toro said as he put a black balclava over his head "What if she punches me?"

"It'll work, trust me." Gerard replied "There she is! Come on!"

Ray looked towards Tiara who was walking down the street clutching a pink handbag "What if she calls the police?" Ray asked nervously.

"She won't, just... NOW!" Gerard shoved Ray and ducked away.

Ray sighed and ran down the road then snatched Tiara's handbag from her "No, my purse!" She cried.

"STOP!" Gerard yelled, running towards Ray and shoving him in the stomach.

Ray pulled a knife out of his pocket and Tiara screamed. She didn't know that Gerard was in no real danger so she thought his life was at risk. Ray lunged at Gerard and he quickly dodged out of the way then knocked him to the ground "Give me the handbag!" He snapped. Ray held up the bag and Gerard took it off him.

He handed it to Tiara "Now get outta here scumbag." He spat.

Ray stood up and ran off down the street "Are you okay?" Gerard asked, turning around to face Tiara.

"Y-You just saved me!" Tiara crid "And you got my bag back for me! You were so brave."

"Yeah, well." Gerard shrugged his shoulders and smirked modestly.

"Hey... You know that you kept asking me out? Well... Maybe I've changed my mind." Tiara smiled at him "So if it's not too late, would you maybe wanna go out with me?"

"Yeah, sure, if you want." Gerard replied calmly "I'll pick you up at about seven, alright?"

"Great. I'm looking forward to it." Tiara grinned and walked off.

Ray went over to Gerard "Dude, you so owe me, an old lady just whacked me across the face with her walking stick."

After the date, Gerard walked Tiara home and held her hand. He was listening to her talk. At first she'd seemed really shy and only wanted him to talk but now she was opening up and telling him pretty much everything "And I haven't seen my Dad in years. I don't really think I care. He never seemed to like me anyway." Tiara shrugged her shoulders sadly. They stopped outside Tiara's Moms and Step-Dad's house "Gerard, I had a great time tonight. I feel so stupid for saying no to you all those times. Do you forgive me?"

"Of course I forgive you Silly." Gerard stroked her cheek with his hand "You wanna go out again?"

"I would love to." Tiara smiled.

"Me too." Gerard grinned then kissed her cheek "I'll pick you up tomorrow at the same time, okay?" Tiara nodded "Great. It's a date."

"Yeah. It is." Tiara grinned, blushing bright red then she walked into her house.

"Where have you been?" Her Mom snapped. She was really strict with her daughter.

"Just out with a friend." Tiara told her "And I'm going out with hi- Her tomorrow night at the same time."

"And what if I say you're not allowed?"

"I'd ignore you!" Tiara snapped, running upstairs to her bedroom.

She threw herself down on her bed. Why did she have to ruin her good time?

Her and Gerard went on dating for the rest of summer without her parents finding out. Everything was going really well. Tiara opened up to Gerard more and more everyday. Gerard felt himself falling in love with Tiara more and more everyday. Everything was going great... Until Tiara's Mom found out.

Tiara and Gerard were walking home, holding hands. Gerard leaned in and kissed Tiara on the lips for the first time. Tiara wrapped her arms around him and they kissed for a full minute. They only pulled away because Tiara's Mom, Angelina, screamed "GET YOUR LIPS OFF THAT BOY!"

Tiara pulled away from him "Mom, we were just-"

"You are banned from seeing that boy ever again!" Angelina snapped.

"Why?" Tiara cried "I love him!"

Gerard's eyes widened as he said that. She'd never told him she loved him "He's poor!" Angelina said in an agonised voice "He's nothing to you! Now get in the house."

"But Mom-"

"GET IN THE HOUSE TIARA!" She screamed, shoving her towards the house "And as for you," She turned to Gerard "Never come here again!"

Gerard didn't say anything. Just walked home, his mind filled with thoughts.

The next day, Tiara snuck out of the house to go and see Gerard. She had to tell him that she was leaving to go to college and that she'd miss him and stuff like that. She went over to his house and knocked three times on the front door. He answered "Hey Gee." She smiled "We need to talk."

Gerard sighed "Yeah, we do. It's just that... I'm breaking up with you Tiara."

"... What?" Tiara asked "Why?"

"You... You said you loved me Tiara. And I realised I don't feel the same way." Gerard lied.

"Look, if this is about what my Mom said-"

"No. It has nothing to do with that. I just... I don't love you Tiara. Why can't you just deal with that?"

"But Gerard-"

"Just get outta here Tiara!" Gerard snapped, his heart breaking as he did so "I don't love you anymore! Now get out of here!"

Tiara's eyes filled with tears and she ran back home. She hadn't even been able to tell Gerard that she was leaving tomorrow...

Two Years Later...

"Hey, look at this guy." Tiara's friend Hozzie said, sitting down next to her in the canteen. It was their last day of college tomorrow and now they were just relaxing "I think he's really cute."

Tiara looked at the magazine and her eyes widened. On the cover was a picture of Gerard! "Can I take a look at that please?" She asked. Hozzie nodded and handed it to her. Tiara read a long interview with Gerard about his band 'My Chemical Romance' "I know this guy." Tiara told Hozzie "W-We haven't seen each other in ages."

"You should go and see him." Hozzie smiled "He's really cute."

"I know." Tiara smiled. She didn't have his new address but she was sure if his Mom still lived in the same house that she'd give her his address.

The day after she left college, she drove down to her old town. Her parents had moved away ages ago to stop Tiara getting in touch with Gerard. Well they couldn't stop her now.

She found Gerard's old house and knocked on the door. Tiara gasped when Gerard's Mom didn't answer, it was Gerard "Tiara?" He asked, his jaw dropping "I-I haven't seen you in ages."

"I know." Tiara smiled "I only just left college and I thought I'd like to see you."

"Well it's great to see you." Gerard smiled awkwardly "Did you enjoy college?"

"I loved college but I missed you so much." Tiara bit her lip "Gerard... I was really upset when you yelled at me that you didn't love my anymore."

"Oh. About that..." Gerard sighed "Well, I didn't wanna cause any big thing between you and your Mom. So I made up that arguement. I did love you. Still do love you."

"... You love me?" Tiara asked "Really?" Gerard nodded "Wow. Because I still love you too."

Gerard smiled and wrapped his arms around her "I missed you so much. Never leave me again?"

"I promise." Tiara smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck.

[A/N] - I'm gonna end it there because I don't want it to get more mushy :L I hope you liked it? :)
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