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"... it is the first time Sanada Genichirou truly feels shock." [Sanada and Yukimura drabblet with spoilers for the Rikkai arc.]

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by Charis

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is not mine. No copyright infringement is intended.

Notes: I promised La that I would write her fic when she got me into this series. This is just a drabblet, but it's a beginning. Spoilers for Rikkai; animeverse. My canon is a little shaky, but I couldn't find the actual scene where the dialogue would come from (if it even exists in the anime), so I took liberties.

When Yukimura tells his vice-captain that he will be going into the hospital, it is the first time Sanada Genichirou truly feels shock.

The captain has never looked strong: Yukimura is deceptive, lean muscle beneath soft, pale skin, titanic force of will and personality masked by his usually mild voice. Those who have never seen Rikkai's indigo-haired ace may think him frail, but anyone who has encountered him on the courts knows better. He is one of Rikkai's demons, and one does not earn such a title, to say nothing of becoming captain, by being weak. Sanada, who just earlier watched Yukimura dominate his way through a gruelling series of practise matches without so much as breaking a sweat, finds it hard to believe that the other boy will grow as frail as people mistake him to be.

So much of Rikkai's current strength is bound up in its captain, and for a sudden wild moment, Sanada wonders how they will carry on without Yukimura to lead them. But Yukimura is smiling serenely, as unruffled as ever, and the moment passes as if it had never been. Like its captain, Rikkai is strong, and will not break.

"We'll be here when you get back," Sanada promises, an instant's rashness, "undefeated."

"I know," Yukimura says, and to his vice-captain, the smile is like the sun.

- finis -
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