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Happy birthday too you...

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Its Orochimaru's birth day and all the people he knows won't seem to leave him alone, especially one person in particular.

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Ello' tis Bootstraps_bootstrap at your services ^_^ here for a nice one shot.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its respected characters. If I did Itachi would be obeying Kisame, and Orochimaru and Jiraiya would still be Friends. Coughmaybemoresocough hn. And Sakura and Ino wouldn't like Sasuke, no one would. Hn.

Pairings: Extremely light, soft Orochimaru/Jiraiya. hn.

Warnings: Shonen ai content, no yaoi 'cause there only kids 'experimenting'

Authors note: I love this pairing! hn!

Summary: its Orochimaru's birth day and all the people he knows won't seem to leave him alone, especially one person in particular.

Today was the day that Orochimaru hated most of all. It was his birthday today. A day where his teammates and most all the people he knew, kidnapped him and celebrated the day of his birth. Yeah, right. His birth day was only another day for them to party and get drunk while most of the time he wasn't even there! Geez, why did people celebrate something that happens everyday. All the attention he did receive, he didn't want or thought was completely unnecessary.

Orochimaru was walking in the woods near his apartment. He really hated the fact he was turning 13 today. With wary eyes he looked around, trying to find any source of life so he could maneuver away from it. Sensing nothing, he turned on his heels and walked in a direction away from his village. When he found a clearing that was a respectful distance away from his village, he stopped and sat down under the shade of a tree. He wasn't even there for 5 minutes when he felt a faint presence of chakra coming his way at a very fast speed. Before he could get up from his spot, he was pinned against a tree by two hands grasping his wrist.

"OI! Orochimaru! Where ya' been? We've been looking around for you everywhere! It's your birthday today, remember?" It just had to be Jiraiya, didn't it? "I am fully aware of this day being my birth day, Jiraiya. If you haven't noticed I am making it my obligation to avoid it." Jiraiya only looked at him like he was crazy. "Why would you want to avoid it? I love it when it's my birthday!" Orochimaru only glared at the boy who was invading his personal space by placing his hands on Orochimaru's shoulders. "well I don't, so if you don't mind I would like it if you unhand me and leave."

Orochimaru looked up at Jiraiya with an expecting glance. Jiraiya only looked down at him before resting his forearms on Orochimaru's elbows, still trapping him. "You know, I'm older then you!" Orochimaru only stared at Jiraiya as the toad merely smiled at his small victory. "Come on Orochi! Get up! Or I'll make you get up!" Orochimaru just stared up at his partner before breaking a smile. "What makes you believe that you could get me to such a thing?" Jiraiya only smirked before savagely diving at his teammate.

Orochimaru let out a surprised 'Eeep!' before struggling against his teammate. "what the hell is wrong with you!? Let me go!" Jiraiya only grinned like a mad man as he kept making attempts at grapping the snakes' waist. "AHA!" Jiraiya let out a trumpet yell as he managed to put his arm under the snake's knees and around his back, lifting him up bridal style. Before the snake could wiggle his way out, Jiraiya made a speedy get away towards the village. Orochimaru only clung against his teammates chest as the toad made uneven turns and jumps.

In little time, Jiraiya stopped when he reached the village. Orochimaru only punched Jiraiya in the arm causing the toad to let him go. Fuming, Orochimaru crossed his arms and glared at his smiling teammate. But he stopped and blushed when Jiraiya patted his cheek. "You look cute when you're mad!" Orochimaru only swatted his hand away. "Shut up and go away..." he said coldly before turning around and heading in a different direction. He snarled when he felt a hand on his shoulder. "WHAT?!" he yelled turning to face his smirking teammate.

Jiraiya only turned him around and put his arm around the snakes' shoulders, leading him to where the party was being held. "I'm not letting you go that easy, you know." Jiraiya smiled at the smaller boy. "Besides, I can't find a better reason to grope you like this besides dragging you somewhere!" Orochimaru flushed at Jiraiya's comment but shook of the toads arm anyway. Why did Jiraiya have to be straight forward with what he was doing? "Well don't, I don't like when people touch me." Jiraiya only wrapped his arm around the snake's waist, pulling him closer. "I don't really care...."

The end.

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