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Thought it was about time to introduce myself.

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Hey all.

So I was on this site a lot about four years ago under the name NotWavingButDrowning. But alas in four years I forgot my password. So now I'm back and I've been on here a bit now and I thought it might be time to introduce myself and get to know you all a bit.

My name is Josey Anderson, which is my married name because yes I had the nerve go piss my whole family off by getting married five days before my 20th birthday. But its all just whatever because we're happy.

I have three brothers and three male cousins and we all grew up in the same house, I was raised by my uncle so basically I have six brothers. Two older, a twin, and three younger. My brothers and my friends call me Cricket because I'm always singing in the background. Like a cricket. Clever eh?

I like writing tragic stories but I'm generally a happy person. Unless someone pisses me off, which is a bad idea. I have six brothers. I gots some wicked moves. I also dance, its my favorite way to blow off some steam. Right now I work teaching dance and I love it.

Anyway I really dont know what else to say now. Normally I don't shut up but right now I'm blanking. Anything you want to know just ask. Cant wait to meet you all and join the ficwad family!
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