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Misery Buisness

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Brendon is an undercover assassin with a wild love-life who is given a target that is hired to kill him. Will he finish the mission or fall in love futher than ever before?

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Brendons P.O.V. :

I glanced to my left and sipped a little of what was left of my drink. A blonde (with plenty of cleavage showing) winked as she walked past me, placing her finger on the corner of her lip. Sexy and seductive? Sure. But she wasn't worth wasting my energy.

I preferred my women like I enjoy hunting and chasing down my targets. The chase is more fun. I've always enjoyed it. It's why I do what I do. I'm an assassin, but the lead singer of Panic! At The Disco as a cover. Being an assassin is quite the demanding job.

The DJ changed the music of the party from fast-paced to a slow song for the couples. I'm not mch for having the whole "relationship" thing. I'm more of a "hit and run" kind of guy. The thought of being in a dedicated relationship was too complicated and made me sick. I stood off to the side of the room, drink in hand, waiting for my mission assigner. He was the only reason I dressed up and showed up to this social event.

I stepped a little ways to the right to let a sexy brunette get access to the door behind me. As she walked by me I grabbed her ass, letting go when she turned and smiled at me. She slowly backed out of the door, grinning and soaking in every inch of my body. Slut. All the women here were.

A man in a navy blue tuxedo walked up and stood next to me. "Nice evening." He began small talk. I recognized him as Ron Rayes, my mission assigner.

"Certainly," I replied pressing the drink in my hand to my lips and looking over at Ron.

He continued, still not looking towards me, "It's delightful to see you, Urie, especially on these terms. As you are aware, you've acquired a new target."

"A new target? Please tell me this one is going to be an actual challenge."

"And why should the supervisor grant your countless requests?" I thought of our supervisor, Haley Williams from Paramore (as her cover). It's funny that we work for the same record label and agency. Neither of us had a clue until a few months ago.

I turned, out of my thoughts and appalled. I stared him down, "I'm an extremely skilled worker and very talented at what I do. Why shouldn't she?"

He turned his whole body to face me. "Brendon... this is your next target. Don't fail this or there will be consequences." Ron handed me a manila folder that he had previously hidden in his tux. I took the folder and read its contents.

Target Name: Enna Leigh Seams
Current Occupation: Cosmetics Salesperson
Date of Birth: (year unknown) April 13
Last Known Address: Las Vegas, NV

"Cosmetics salesman? Really Ron?" I asked, upset that Haley had given me yet another simple mission. Simple assassinations like this were for rookies!

"She'll be at the Fall Festival tomorrow in Partridge Hills Mall. You'll find her at the Urban-Esque Cosmetics booth. Keep low profile, quick, and clean. I wish you the best of luck." With this he shuffled away, meeting up with some chick, who (in my mind) looked too much like a hooker to be attractive.

I mumbled to myself, " What kind of a name is Enna? Enna Lee? What is that some knock-off version of Emily? I mean, really?" Cosmetics? She'd better be hot and we had better have sex. I'm a "hit and run" kind of guy, in more ways than one.

"Hey, stranger," a silky feminine voice sounded from my left. I looked up to see her in front of me. A complete stranger with jet black hair and blue eyes, hungry for artificial love. Frankly, so was I.

"So I hear you're looking for a good time tonight?" she asked, firmly locking her tan arms around my neck.

I nodded, placing my hands on her hips. "But I don't even know you're name, hun... Oh, well."

She pressed her lips on mine in an assertive manner. "That doesn't matter, 'cause I know yours Brendon Urie. And I have a hotel room... all to myself. It's so lonely." She playfully pouted. A hotel room? Alone? Tempting... Unless this was my target.

"Is your name, by any chance, Enna?" I asked naively, but cautious of Ron's warning of the failure of my mission. Why would he emphasize the fact of consequences or wish me good luck on an easy kill?

Th girl giggled and answered, "What kind of a name is Enna? Anyways, if you really want to know, my name is Morgana. Morgana James. Don't bother remembering my name. Soon, I'll have your name." Woah... my name? What brand of pot is this chick on?

"Um, okay. So about your empty hotel room-"

She cut me off, "Say no more. Let's go." We left the party and took a cab back to her hotel. It was supposedly a five-star hotel, but seemed like a three-star joint. Morgana's room was on the tenth floor, so we took the elevator up, making out the whole ride up. When we reached the designated floor we stopped kissing long enough for us to actually get into the hotel room and lock the door.

Within the darkness, I saw Morgana slide her velvety hot pink dress off her tanned body, and I wasn't surprised by what I saw underneath. Intrigued, but not surprised. I pulled my shirt of and the fits of kissing resumed. Our bodies grew warmer and warmer, as well as closer and closer. Then our hearts began beating faster and faster... Yet, somehow (even though I really wanted this) I was dissatisfied. I thought of the many women I had been with in just the past few months, alone. And I was dissatisfied, mostly with myself.

The next morning I woke to my phone ringing. I looked at the text message Spencer had just sent me. Meet us at the coffee shop down the street from the studio. Why did we have to meet up today? I was looking forward to finishing my recent mission and enjoying the band's vacation time. The guys knew about me being an assassin, they just didn't care to ask questions.

I was about to go and get dressed, but I realized that I was in Morgana's hotel room on the floor. Why the floor? What all happened last night? I didn't care all that much either way. I stood and saw Morgana, awake and on the bed, staring at me. It was creepy. Very creepy.

"Can I help you?" I asked, rubbing my eyes.

"Just waiting for you to get up, baby." Baby? This was getting a little too weird for me.

"Um, yeah. Hey, I have to uh run by my place and get changed. I have to meet the guys- I mean, my band in a little while."

"You could shower and change here," she added with a smile... Very creepy.

"Thanks but I really should go to my place." I stood and began walking to the door. Morgana jumped up and blocked the door. "Excuse me, but I really need to get home."

She held a demented look in her eyes. "But you can't leave before breakfast. Please stay."

"Look, you've been really nice. But I need to go. Thank you for having me over."

"You can't leave me! You're mine! AND NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE YOU!" she screamed, looking as if she'd attack me. This was getting way out of control. The guys are going to kill me. Ryan, especially.

She, then, lunged at me, successfully knocking me to the floor. She pinned me down and laughed manically. "You've been a bad boy, Brenny. Go back to bed and we'll forget this silly little conversation ever happened."

"I really need to leave, Morgana. This has been fun- hey, are you a fan of P!ATD? I can get you backstage passes, but I really should go."

"Backstage passes?" she brushed her jet hair behind her ears before continuing, "Why would I want those when I already have you? We can play husband and wife. And if you're good, maybe we can play mommy and daddy."

"You're crazy!" I shouted. I wriggled in her, surprisingly, strong grip on my wrists. The more I fought, the more her grip tightened. I wasn't going to fight that much because I refuse to hit a girl (funny huh? I'll kill a girl, but won't hit one), especially a fan. Even if she's crazed.

"But baby, don't you love me? After last night? Don't you love me?" she sickly and playfully pouted.

"No! Last night was great. But I'm not ready for a relationship just yet." I reasoned as best as I could, but she wasn't phased. The only way I got free was by housekeeping catching her by surprise, and me jumping out of her grasp and running out the door.

I ran, and she tried to follow. On my way down the many flights of stairs (because had I taken the elevator she would've caught me, I called for a cab, praying it would be ready by the time I got out of the hotel. Thank God it was! The cab left Morgana in a cloud of car emission.

"Where to?" the cab driver asked. I gave him the address for the subdivision I lived in. I sat silently during the car ride (which was only about fifteen minutes long), thinking up excuses for the guys and how to find my target and get this mission over with. I got home, showered and got dressed, then drove over to the coffee shop.

I walked through the doors of the small establishment, setting the bells over the door off. I smiled at the slight distraction. The shop wasn't as crowded as it normally is. Shit. I looked up from the floor and noticed Jon, Ryan, and Spencer sitting at a booth at the back of the shop. They noticed me, as well, staring me down as I approached. "Good morning, lovelies," I attempted to lighten the mood and lessen the punishment I was about to receive.

"Where the hell have you been, dude?" Jon inquired.

"Good morning to you to," I sassed.

"This isn't funny, Bren. We were worried you got kidnapped," Spencer spoke up.

"Funny story about that, actually. See what had happened was-"

"Please tell me you weren't sleeping with another fan girl, Brendon," Jon sighed.

"We met at a party last night-"

Finally, Ryan joined in on the conversation, "Party? What were you doing at a party?"

"I, uh, was getting my next mission..." with this they all groaned in annoyance.

"Why Brendon?" Ryan whispered, "Why do you have to kill people for a living? Isn't being a rockstar enough?"

"Ry. Guys. It's an easy job this time. I just need one of you to go with me."

"We're not helping with this... dirty deed." Spencer shook his head.

"Ry, didn't you want to buy your girlfriend that one makeup kit she really wanted? Well the Fall Festival is at the mall today... we should go."

Ryan sighed, his hands resting in his hands. "Fine, but I better not see or hear a thing."

I smiled. "Why don't we all go? It will be fun. This mission shouldn't take longer than thirty minutes, flat. Then, we can do whatever we want for the rest of the day. It's a win-win situation."

"If this is such an easy mission can we know who the target is?" Spencer asked, playing with the salt shaker on the table.

"I guess it won't hurt," I said, handing him the folder. I watched his eyes as he read. Jon read over his shoulder, and Ryan still had his head in his hands.

"What did she do wrong?" Jon surprised me with his question.

I shrugged. "I don't know what they do, I just follow orders."

Spencer stared at me, "What if she's just a kid? What if she's just some innocent bystander? What about her family?"

Ryan raised his head, "You have to kill a girl? Why? I don't understand how you would agree to that."

I looked at the table and dared not meet their judgmental stares. "Normally when I have female targets, I try to make their last night exceptional... Just to lessen their misery."

"To lessen their misery? Or to lessen your guilt?" Spencer riddled.

I sighed. "Both. I... I don't remember asking for any of your judgment or approval. I allowed you to know classified information, don't make me regret that. Let's go."

Partridge Hills Mall was overflowing with people on account of the Fall Festival being hosted there. I got out of my car and pulled the sunglasses off my face, tucking them into my shirt pocket. I had in my shirt pocket, along with the sunglasses, a roll of wire. Strangulation would, in Spencer's words, "lessen my guilt" of this kill. Hopefully, Enna wasn't too good looking.

The four of us walked into the mall and gazed upon the setup of the Fall Festival within the mall. My eyes glanced over every booth until I found the Urban-Esque booth. I checked the time on my watch. Only nine minutes after noon. She should definitely be here. Daylight kills weren't my specialty, nor my first choice, but they weren't exactly impossible.

I grabbed Ryan and dragged him to the Urban-Esque Cosmetics booth. It wasn't a decorated booth, like the others. It was simply a stand, displaying their products. Behind the stand was a girl who was about average height, very skinny, and had dark brunette (though not yet blackish) hair and strange green eyes. I wasn't sure that this was her, but I was hoping it was.

Ryan cleared his throat to gain her attention as I glanced among the products on the stand. Girls actually think this stuff makes them prettier?

She looked up and smiled,"Can I help you gentlemen?" Ryan asked her about something his girlfriend was talking about and they conversed. But I didn't hear their words, instead I looked to find her nametag. There it was above her left breast. It read: Enna.

"Enna?" I accidentally mumbled aloud. She turned and looked at me curiously.

"Yes, that's me. Do I know you?"

"You're saying you don't recognize us?" I gestured to Ryan and myself, calmly playing off the mistake.

She giggled behind her hand and replied, "Yes. You're Brendon and you're Ryan. From Panic! At The Disco. I love you guys' music."

Ryan smiled, ignorant that the woman in front of us was the girl I had to kill. I smirked, using my charm to get her alone and strangle her. It was a sick thought, but I had a job to do; a mission to complete. "Could I interest you in spending the rest of this beautiful day with us?"

Again, she giggled behind her hand as if she was trying not to laugh. Strangely, it was attractive, as was she. "I'm sorry, but I still have three hours left on my shift."

I winked at her, "Are you sure I can't pull you away? Just for the day?"

She looked down at something behind the booth, and called out to a woman sitting by the fountain in the center of the festival. The woman approached and the whispered to one another until Enna took off the apron she was wearing and handed it to the woman. Enna looked over at me, "Just for the day."

I linked arms with her, and Ryan walked off to join the others and look around. He must've realized what I was about to do. "So how do you know my name?"

"Your nametag," I laughed. And we walked through the mall, arm in arm. I was searching for the proper place to give her some fun and then kill her. Poor thing had no idea. But hey, I'm a "hit and run" kind of guy.
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