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Chapter 1

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Kayla gets set up on a blind date with Benji. The olny probelm is they hate each other. Well thats what she thought. What will happen when she mets him? please read and REVIEW

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Background information:
Kayla is 23. She's a top playboy model and she enjoys her job. She isn't a cheep slut like some people might think. She's a beautiful intelligent young woman who once you've got to know her you can't help but love her. She's very loyal to she friends, she stand up for what she believes in and doesn't take no shit from anyone. Kayla's best friend is Jenny. Jenny owns her own beauty salon and her boy friend is Tony Lovato.

Chapter 1

"I don't care what you say; I am not going on a blind date set up by you and Tony. No fucking way in hell." Kayla said walking away from her best friend Jenny who she sheared her apartment with.
"Please Kay, you'll have fun and anyway you owe me one so you have to go."
"No I don't have to go and I don't need help in my love life especially by from you and Tony. Who knows what type of guy you two would pick."
"Please Kay we really need you to come because we have no one else. Wait that came out wrong. Please Kay just come I'm not saying you have to marry the guys just eat dinner and have a few drinks see what happens."
"See what happens? I'll tell you what will happen right now, I'll have a shit time, you'll abandon me for Tony and I'll be stuck with some loser all fucking night."
"Please if you come tonight I'll owe you one, I'll do anything for you. I'll do your washing for a month." Jenny said getting dispirit.
"Why do you want me to come this much? Just call the guy up and say something came up and I couldn't make it." Kayla laughed.
"Please Kay I'll love you for ever if you just do this one little thing for me and worst case you may have a shit time but you get a free meal and drinks out of it." Jenny begged.
"Fine if it will shut you up I'll go." Kayla said finally giving in.
"Thank you so much." Jenny squealed hugging her.
"You still owe me one and your doing me wash for two months."
"Two months?"
"Yes two months." Kayla smiled.
"Fine. But you have toasty all night, no backing out of it and no bitchyness." Jenny warned. Kayla rolled her eyes.
"Yeah, yeah what ever when are we leaving." Kayla sighed.
"In two hours so you'd better start getting ready."
"Oh I've got plenty of time."
"No you've not go start getting ready now I want you too look good tonight."
"Are you trying to say I don't look good any other time?" Kayla laughed.
"No I didn't mean it like that you always look really good." Jenny said going getting her self ready. Kayla went and got a red bull from the fridge then went to her room and picked out her nicest skirt and top then went to check on Jenny.
"Kay why aren't you getting ready?" Jenny asked as she walked in. Kayla sat on Jenny's bed drinking her red bull.
"I'm nearly done I've got everything that I need out. I just need to put it on." Kayla shrugged.
"Come on I want to see what you r wearing." Jenny said going into Kayla's room. Kayla rolled her eyes and followed her wondering why she ever agreed to this. "You're wearing that?" Jenny said as she got to Kayla's room.
"Yeah why not? What's wrong with it?"
"Nothing if you where going seeing your mother. Why don't you wear your black halter neck dress? That always looks good on you."
"You mean the small halter neck that flashes almost everything." Kayla said surprised.
"Yeah you look really sexy in it."
"You really want me to wear it?" Kayla asked.
"Yeah." Jenny said getting it out of her closet.
"Fine." Kayla sighed. She loved the dress but she didn't think it would be the best thing to give off a good first impression.

An hour later Kayla met Jenny in her car ready to meet Tony and the blind date at the restaurant.
"You look so good." Jenny complemented as Kayla got in the car.
"Thank you. You look really good to. Now can we get this over and done with?"
Jenny started driving.
"So who is this guy that you've set me up with?" Kayla asked after a few minutes of silence.
"Promise you won't shout?" Jenny said.
"Who is it?" Kayla said looking angry.
"Ok before I tell you and you kill me just remember that I'm driving a car that we're both in." Jenny warned knowing that Kayla wouldn't be happy when she found out who she had set her up with.
"Go on." Kayla said trying to hide her anger.
"Benji Madden." Jenny said quickly.
"What? Benji Madden? You mean the dickhead that called me a cheep dirty slut?" Kayla said anger in her voice.
"Yeah but he's not like that really you just need tog et to know him."
"I don't want to get to know him. Stop the car I'm not going anywhere."
"Yes you are you agreed."
"I don't care I'm not going anywhere with him. Does he know you've set him up with me?" Kayla contained to shout.
"He only agreed to this because he knew it was you."
"What is wrong with him he insults me two months ago and now he wants to date me?" Kayla shouted confused.
"Yeah I guess he thinks you two just got off on the wrong foot last time and wants a second chance."
"Well I don't want a second chance with him I never wanted a first."
"Kayla just go and give him a chance..."
"He never gave me a chance two months ago."
"Kayla please, for me."
"Fine but I'm not promising anything."
They got to the restaurant, Kayla was still angry. Jenny grabbed her hand and lead her over to the table which Tony and Benji where sat at. When they got there Tony stood up and gave Jenny a kiss and pulled out the chair opposite him for her to sit on. He then went over to Kayla he stood in front of her looked her up and down smiling.
"You look fucking good." Tony said give her a kiss on the cheek. "Kay this is Benji, Benji this is the beautiful Kayla." Tony introduced them. Benji smiled at her.
"We've met." Kayla said glaring at Benji then sitting down. During the meal Tony and Jenny where in their own little world talking quietly to themselves while Benji and Kayla sat in silence.
"Guys we'll be back in a bit." Jenny said. Her and Tony running off somewhere before Kayla and Benji had chance to say anything.
"I guess it's just you and me then." Benji said quietly turning to Kayla. Kayla just glared at him.
"I guess so." Kayla said bluntly.
"Look I'm really sorry."
"For what?"
"What I said two months ago. I really didn't mean it I was having a really bad and...well anyway there's no excuses for the way I acted. I'm really sorry." Kayla just stared at him.
"Well say something." Benji said to her.
"What do you want me to say?" Kayla said bitchily.
"That you forgive me?" Benji said hopefully. Kayla sighed then looked around the restaurant. They where sat in a quiet, dark corner out of the way of the main part.
"Their not coming back are they?" Kayla said looking back to Benji only to find him watching her.
"What? no I doubt it." Benji said snapping out of his daze.
"Typical. Now I don't have a ride home."
"I can give you a ride home?" Benji offered.
"No offence but I hardly know you and what bit I do know of you is that your and obnoxious asshole. So I think I'll call a cab." Kayla said getting up. Benji pulled her back down.
"I said I was sorry. I'm really not like that."
"Yeah fine what ever, can you let go of me now?" Kayla said looking at his had still held her wrist. Benji snapped his hand away.
"I'm sorry I really am I don't know what else you want me to say?"
"You don't need to say anything. I'm going calling a cab." Kayla said getting up going to the pay phone. A few minutes later she retuned to the table. "They don't have any cabs available can you believe that?" Kayla huffed sitting back down. Benji smiled. "What are you smiling at?"
"Now you have to have a lift with me."
"No I don't."
"What else are you going to do stay here all night?"
"No I'll walk."
"You can't walk you live miles away and who knows who's lurking around the streets at this time of night."
"Well I know you as much as I now anyone on the streets so it's about even. I don't get in cars with guys I don't know."
"Well why don't you stay for a while have a drink and get to know me." Benji smiled. Kayla sighed.
"I'll stay for a drink but then I'm going to call for a cab again." Kayla said. Benji smiled and ordered them more drinks.
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