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In My Eyes

by Lord_Darc 2 reviews

This isn't really a story, so much as it is a poem I wrote based on Armored Core 2 from the time I've spent playing it. The patterns change somewhere in the middle, and not all of the words end the...

Category: Armored Core - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-07-22 - Updated: 2006-07-23 - 347 words - Complete

Surrounded by steel in my mighty mech
Encompassed in all of the latest in tech
Shoulder mounted plasma cannon and chain gun on my back
Arm mounted beam sword, laser machine gun, I'm ready to attack

Switch on the system; lights begin to blink
Scan the horizon ahead; my mind is on the brink
Two blips start to flicker, 1,000 meters and closing fast
Hit the overboost, bring up my gun, now it's time to kick some ass

One heads to the left, the other the right
My snow white A/C splits the darkness of the night
I turn to my right, pull the trigger, causing energy to spray
As this happens, four more mechs fly in to join the fray

Cursing, I stop and fly up into the sky
Knowing if I go back, I'm surely going to die
I switch to my chain gun and go in headfirst
Wanting the blood of my foes to quench my insatiable thirst

All of my shots being blocked
I'm hit with missiles that shock
And around my cockpit I'm rocked
A deep, raspy growl
A nasty looking scowl
And I soon learn to be wise like the owl

I let them do the charging
Let them make the mistakes
And victory shall be mine to take
So as I lay back
I ready for their attack
And prepare a counter for them

Two of them commit
And I take advantage of it
I raise my plasma cannon and fire
The blast tears through one
He's over and done
As he slams into his partner

The chain gun rises over my shoulder
As I come sliding in behind a boulder
I look over the edge and fire
My nerves are shot
My wits end about to be crossed
I'm hanging onto the last wire

A spray of bullets hit all around
Some fly into the air, others the ground
But most of the lead makes contact
The enemy machines start to convulse
Bullets ripping though, oil spurting with the pulse
Now it's time for their end of the contract...
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