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Spike waits anxiously for his lover to return.

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Pairing: Spangel
Warning: Extreme fluff.
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine and I make no money.
This is for entertainment only.
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Written for slashthedrabble challenge of "schmoop".

Words: 300


Spike paced nervously in the living room of Angel's penthouse, wringing his hands in worry. Angel was never late for dinner, especially when 'dinner' was Spike.

Finally, after what had seemed like a lifetime, the whirring sound of the lift made Spike's undead heart soar. When the lift doors opened and Angel stepped out, Spike threw himself into his lover's arms.

"Oh, my love!," the blond vampire gushed as he showered Angel with arduous, passion-filled kisses.

"Swear to me that you'll never leave me hard and waiting like this again," Spike pleaded tearfully.

"Please forgive me, my darling," Angel's voice trembled as he pulled Spike closer and returned his kisses, kiss for kiss.

Spike gasped when Angel ran one hand down his chest, then slid it past the narrow waistband on his jeans. His eyes fluttered closed and he thought he would faint when he felt his lover grasp his turgid flesh to stroke it lightly.

Angel groaned with untamed desire and pressed himself tightly against Spike's hips, his burning loins aching to possess the porcelain god in his arms.

"Please, my Angel," Spike moaned urgently. "Take me... show me how much you love me..."

Tenderly scooping Spike up into his arms, Angel carried him to their bedroom and lovingly laid his treasure down onto the bed.

Angel quickly undressed, then made haste to strip his lover. Spike purred quietly as he was peeled naked, making Angel tremble at the most beautiful sound that he had ever heard.

The big vampire's chest heaved with unnecessary breaths and his weeping manhood jerked in anticipation as he beheld his beloved before him, legs spread wantonly in invitation.

He had every intention of making slow, sweet love to his beloved Spike, but then the blond vampire had screamed out.

"Fuck me, already... ya stupid git!"

The mood, and Angel, were unceremoniously deflated.

~ fin ~
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