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Just a Normal Life

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LeeSaku, hints of KakaGai. It was refreshing to not have so much drama in her life.

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He was cute, in a wierd sort of way. Not in a dark, grown-up way like Sasuke, and not cute in a little-brother way like Naruto. Not even mysterious-handsome like Kakashi-sensei.

It really wasn't polite to just say no, especially when their team had broken up.

She kept thinking this while sitting on the bench, legs demurely pressed together underneath her pink-flowered kimono. She couldn't keep one leg from jittering nerviously, the loose sandal flapping against her heel and then the dirt. He had gone to get some drinks for them, had insisted on going alone while she "rested".

It was interesting, being treated like a girl - and not that bad, really. Sure, the boys in her team knew she was a girl, but that didn't stop them from burping in her presence and giggling and grinning about it like boys did. She supposed that her shouting and violent responses to such actions didn't help it. She had a feeling that Lee would make himself run laps if he was caught expelling wind by her.

He really was quite cute, blushing like that, even though she only been zoning out and not really staring at him at all.

Just being called "Sakura-san" was refreshing, in its own way.

He was the perfect gentleman, probably Gai's influence.

His earnest efforts at fishing for goldfish had her giggling, and when he finally caught one, she forgot for a few moments who she wasn't here with under the full glare of his smile.

When they passed Gai-sensei and Kakashi-sensei in the street she felt sure she would be pulled over there by Lee, who in his exuberance had been showing her off as his date all evening to anyone they met. To her surprise, instead Lee yanked her into a side-booth. She hadn't really been expecting this kind of liscentious behaviour from Lee, but once she kicked him through a wall she found out why he had pulled her in there in the first place.

It took about an hour in a packed tea shop for Lee to expell all the information he had on the pair, including some interesting fruits of the gossup vine that Sakura hadn't heard. Apparently lying in a hospital bed was good for some things. The story went that one time when one of the nurses were taking care of Kakashi-sensei after a particularly bad ANBU mission, she had come in during the evening to check on him and Gai-sensei had been sitting on the bed, watching his eternal rival sleep!

This rumor was substatiated by finding of Lee's own, and it really did seem that the two of them were more than just rivals.

That little side-activity ended when someone ducked in and told them that the fireworks were going to start soon, and there was a mass exodus from the tea shop. When Lee hesitantly touched her hand, she didn't stop him.

Why not? It was nice to not have to deal with a unrequented love for once. And he was, really, cute when you got to know him. His sheer earnestness in everything that he did, his belief in the truth and rightiousness of what they did... Ino could talk about older tall-broody-handsomes all she wanted.

Actually, now that she thought about it, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye as the lights from the fireworks flamed over his face, Lee would probably get taller soon, if she remembered her sex-ed classes properly, and he had black hair, and he had survived life-and-death surgery! Not that it was anything to brag about, but still...

Smiling happily, she leant a little closer and shifted her weight so that they leant together a little closer. He gave her a surprised look and blushed red, even in the dark night. Looking up at the sky, she resolved to try and be a little less serious from now on. She would take her lessons seriously, but other than that, shouldn't she take advantage of her childhood like Kakashi-sensei kept telling her to?

It was a good plan.
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