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"You refuse to go out with me because of my cap?!" In which there is no plot, and Sanada and Atobe prove that arguments are just a part of foreplay. Sanada/Atobe, manga characterisations.

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"The first thing that has to go is the cap." Atobe said, glaring at the aforementioned item.

Sanada growled, tugging his cap down. "What's wrong with my cap?"

"It's hideous."

"It's practical. It keeps my hair out of the way and the sun out of my eyes."

"So cut your hair. The cap has to go, or I'm not appearing with you in public. You sully ore-sama's beauteous reputation with that cap."

Sanada stared. "You refuse to go out with me because of my /cap/? The hell, Atobe."

"It is a perfectly valid reason. Also, Sanada, your haircut is hideous. I can book you an appointment with the correct people to remedy this..." Atobe wrinkled his nose slightly, "... /problem/."

"When the fuck is my hair a problem? And why are we arguing about this?!" Sanada sighed in frustration. Atobe could really be an idiot sometimes.

"It won't be an argument if you would just listen to ore-sama. Really, Sanada. That cap is hideous, and you always wear it. You'll develop a bald spot sooner or later, you know. Plus it's probably not hygienic to wear it all the... mmph."

Sanada smirked, and stepped back from the wall. "I like you better when you're quiet."

Atobe glared. "Kiss me again."

"Haven't anyone taught you to say 'please', Atobe?"

Without waiting for an answer, Sanada pressed his lips to Atobe's, stopping the sarcastic reply before it could escape from his boyfriend's mouth.

Atobe closed his eyes, gasping softly as he opened his mouth. He braced his hands against Sanada's chest, pushing the taller boy away from him for a moment.

"Bed, now. I don't want to get bruises tomorrow."

Sanada chuckled, and Atobe shivered slightly as he felt Sanada's chest rumble faintly under his hands. "Yes, yes, my spoiled hime-/sama/..."

"If you insist on calling me that, at least have the decency to carry me to the bed."

Sanada laughed again, bending down slightly to scoop Atobe up into his arms, bridal-style, and carried him to the bed. He dumped him unceremoniously on the bed, placing his arms on the either side of Atobe's head as he leaned down.

"Better now, hime-/sama/?"

Atobe glared, reaching out to the offending cap and tugging it off. He threw it to an undetermined corner, and dug his fingers into Sanada's hair, pulling his head down.

"Yes. Now that we have gotten rid of that damned cap, shut up and kiss me."

Sanada smirked, and obeyed.

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