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Meeting With the Rev. Reverend

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It's what the chapter title says.

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Pete hissed as they came up on the church.

"Andy, you and Pete stay here and keep a lookout. Me and Joe will bring the dog it," Patrick said. He reached out to take the dog from Pete, but Pete pulled it away.

"I haven't said goodbye yet!" he snapped. Pete sniffed as he lifted his puppy to eyelevel. "Bye Puppy. Be good for Uncle Reverend. Daddy'll be back soon."

Joe rolled his eyes and snatched it from him. "Why do vampires have to be so fucking emo?" he asked with a frown.

Pete growled and lunged at him, but Andy was able to restrain him. "Hey, we'll see your puppy in a couple days. Don't worry about it!"

"Joe... you... insensitive... bastard!" Pete grunted as he struggled halfheartedly with his drummer.

"We'll be right back," Patrick promised and hurried toward the rectory with Joe and the puppy. "That was mean Joe," he admitted.

"Pete said we had to get going, and I wasn't sure how long his little cry fest was going to last."

Patrick shrugged and nodded. Joe had a point.

They came upon the rectory door and Joe knocked. "I hope he's here."

"It's three in the morning," Patrick pointed out. "He's probably asleep."

A couple seconds passed and a sleepy looking reverend answered his door. "Hello?" he asked through a yawn. "Oh Joe, you were able to get the others out. Good for you."

"Ah, no," Joe admitted. "They'd gotten themselves out before I got there."

Reverend put one of his hands over his face. "What are we going to do with you?"

Joe looked at his feet.

Patrick took the puppy out of Joe's arms and handed it to the reverend. "Will you watch our dog for a couple days?" he asked.

"Of course. But why?"

Patrick opened his mouth to answer, but Joe interrupted him.

"Well, they just broke out of jail. We want to lie low for awhile. You know, regroup."

"Are you going to be okay?" a concerned Reverend asked, mostly to Patrick.

"Well, we lost most of our weapons..." Patrick admitted.

Joe had an idea. "Hey, you're a priest. Can't you just smite the bad guys for us?"

"I'm not God, you stupid Jewish boy!"

Joe was taken back. "Do you have any extra Holy water or something?"

"You know how dangerous it is to have Holy artifacts around Pete."

"Communion wafers?"



"Ah," the reverend exclaimed, "now, that, I can give you," he handed three crosses to Patrick. "Just keep them out of Pete's sight."

"Thank you," both of the guys mumbled, each taking one and hiding it.

"Now, go. Do you know how much trouble I'll be in if anyone sees Pete outside?"

Joe patted Patrick on the arm, "Let's go," and headed back to Andy and Pete.

Patrick turned to the reverend, and, with a weak smile, he waved and quickly followed Joe.

The reverend stood in the door way of the rectory, watching the two boys leave. "God be with you," he muttered and made the sign of the cross.
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