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by Shmitz 5 reviews

The shortest work of fiction I ever wrote.

Category: Humor - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Published: 2005-02-27 - Updated: 2005-02-28 - 125 words - Complete

Jack was walking along the shore of a nearby lake one day. He had just had a bitter argument with his girlfriend and was wondering what to do. He wasn't really willing to concede that he was wrong because he felt that he was right. He did, however, want to do something to make her feel better and close the rift between them.
Just then he noticed the most beautiful flowers he had ever seen growing out of a log by the side of the lake. Hope sprung into his heart. He bent down and picked the flowers out of the log. Then the story decided it was getting too mushy, and a purple polka-dotted lizard climbed out of the lake and ate Jack.
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