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A change would do him good. ReiNao, unrepentant sugarfluff.

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Reiji knew it was going to happen, but it didn't mean he was looking forward to it.

Kiichi sniffed the air, affecting confusion. "Do you smell something different, Reiji?"

Reiji stared at the papers in front of him like they were the only thing between him and certain death. "No."

"I could swear I smell something different," persisted Kiichi, with something very like a black-scaled, pointy tail waving behind him. He moved closer to Reiji, who hunched lower over his desk.

"AHA!" crowed Kiichi, leaning over Reiji and sniffing. "You're not wearing Elite! After I specially picked it out for you, too."

Reiji counted backwards from ten, in English.

"Why aren't you?" demanded Kiichi, who had probably helped Naoya pick the damn cologne. "Did you get a new braaaaaand?"

"Yes," Reiji bit out.

"From where?"

"Out," said Reiji, hopelessly. "Get out of my office."


"Naoya gave it to me," he snapped. "And I like it better than Elite." Because Elite didn't remind him of breathing in the scent of Naoya's skin or -- Kiichi was smirking at him.

"Reeeaally," cooed Kiichi. "That's so sweet of you, Reiji. Wearing perfume your boooyfriiiend bought you."

He was not turning red, he was not -- dammit. "OUT."

Kiichi could tell when a victim had been pushed too far. He moved at a leisurely pace toward the door, his body language suggesting it was his idea anyway. "Speaking of your kitten --"

Reiji twitched.

"-- we're going shopping tonight."

Reiji, unfortunately, had reached the point where the annoyance of Kiichi borrowing his 'kitten' and his credit card was overwhelmed by the guilty pleasure of seeing in Naoya in what Kiichi dreamed up. Even Reiji couldn't fault Kiichi's taste. "Fine. Bring him back in time for supper."

"Mean," said Kiichi reproachfully.


Takamiya, on the other hand, leaned over, sniffed at him and said, placidly, "It's nice to have something to remind you of him, isn't it."

Reiji growled.

"Izumi gave me a teacup," said Takamiya, with a doting expression that Reiji prayed would never appear on his own face. "And this sweater."

"Shut up, Takamiya."


When he came home, Naoya was sprawled bonelessly across the bed, wrapped in one of Reiji's shirts. His face was half-buried in the fabric and he had a small smile on his face.

Reiji dropped his coat on a chair and laid down beside him.

Naoya stirred. "...Aoe-san?"

"Hush," said Reiji, drawing him closer.

"'M glad," said Naoya, stretching out and sinking closer to him. "You wear that cologne."

This, decided Reiji, wasn't so bad. "Stupid. Go back to sleep."

He'd been sick of Elite, anyway.
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