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Rivarly between Me and This Loss of Sleep Over You

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Pete's still torn up about Gwen's sudden confession, but could his memories still bring her back to him?

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Okay, it's been a while since I've posted, but I swear I'll get on it again. Thanks for the reviews! Keep reviewing and rate my story so I can keep it going. Sorry that this is a short chapter, but I guess it's only a bit of good fluff.

"So I have to sleep in this thing?" Pete snapped at Andy.
He towered over the coffin, peering into the enclosed box that would forever remain his bed. Weren't these things supposed to be covered in red satin and glamour instead of cold bareness? Wasn’t being a vampire supposed to be the coolest thing ever? Did Hollywood ever get anything right?

"Yeah. And it wasn't easy to come by, if you're wondering," Andy shot back.

Pete felt like such a jerk, but in this case he knew he had grounds to act like a little brat. Especially considering…

"Sorry, Andy. I don't mean to be such a bitch," he muttered.

"S'okay. I'm used to it," he answered, grinning.

For the first time in days, Pete smiled back.

"Sure, whatever man. Where's Patrick?"

Andy shrugged. "I dunno. He left a while ago without any word. He knows to be back before nightfall."

"Well...okay then. Good night, I guess. Uh--good morning? Shit, I don't know anymore."

Andy patted his back and watched as Pete lowered himself into the coffin. Pete tried to remain calm as Andy closed the doors, but the sudden infinite darkness freaked him out. How the hell was he supposed to sleep in this thing?
The pictures Patrick taped to the inside of the doors made it worse. He knew the pictures of his idols, friends and family (plus that sweet ass shot of Optimus Prime) were supposed to make it easier, but every one of them, especially the one of Gwen he immediately tore off and pressed between his fingers, made it harder to just be.

After ten minutes of counting sheep and fighting the urge to sleep, Pete's eyes closed.

Except he didn't dream--not exactly.
He remembered.

Pete stood in the shadows of an alley, just waiting for some idiotic vampire to prey on an innocent. Tonight he was particularly pissed--he'd put a fist through the wall again. It was just that Patrick was looking at him with such pity again; since she had left another message for Pete...he could never stand the way Patrick looked at him when he knew how much the ring tormented him. That and the fact that no matter how hard he trained with the stakes and targets, he wasn't as good as he wanted to be.

He clutched a stake in the pocket of his hoodie.
He slowly edged toward the end of the alley when he heard the sound of heels hitting the pavement. Didn't women know not to roam the streets alone at night in a city ruled by vampires?

"Hello there. Now why is such a pretty girl all alone by herself at this time of night?" a seductive voice called out.

No answer, but he could tell the girl picked up the speed by the sound of her heels.

"There's no need to be rude to my friend," another voice said.

The heels suddenly stopped. He tensed up for a moment, but once he heard a feminine voice cut through the dark night he fell back a step.

"Okay, listen, buddy. Just back the hell off or I'll-"

Her words ceased, and Pete knew the fangs came out. Foolish woman, did she really think that any attacker, much less a vampire, would actually step back and leave her alone after only a few small words?

"Or you'll what? Scream? Please, do makes the job much more enjoyable," the first voice called out, the malice obvious in his voice.

The girl let out a high-pitched scream just as Pete jumped into action. With a grunt, he quickly staked Vampire Idiot #1, who had his hands on the girl. The girl backed away out of sight. Vampire Idiot #2 tried to jump him, but a swift kick rammed him into a wall. The vampire howled and attempted to grab Pete's arm, but another quick stake stopped him.

Pete spun around searching for the girl. She was on her knees, her face to a wall.

"Are you okay?" he asked, only intending to calm her and leave before she could ask questions.

The girl looked up, and even though tears rolled down her face, Pete was astonished.

"What--who were they?"

Pete kindly offered his hand and helped her up. As soon as she stood, Pete couldn't help but stare. The girl was dressed in a dark blue vintage 50's dress paired with wing-tipped heels, perfectly curled and pinned hair, and black gloves. There was no other way to put it-she was beautiful. And, typical of Pete, he completely forgot his original plans.

"Um...those were vampires."

"I was--what did you just say?" she asked, turning and gaping at Pete.

"They were vampires," he repeated softly.

And with perfect 50's etiquette, she fainted.
He hesitantly gathered her up in his arms and carried her back down the alleyway. With much difficulty, he opened the car door and buckled her in before any vampires could attack.

He already hated this. Patrick always warned him...but he couldn't fight his attraction toward the girl. He quickly headed for the hideout, picked her up again, and banged on the door.

"Jeez, Pete. Finally--" Words failed Joe as he rolled up the door.

"Who the hell is that?" Andy asked.

"Shut up, I'll be right back," Pete muttered, discarding her on the couch.

Pete checked the file rooms, and sure enough, Patrick was busy pulling out a huge folder with Dirty by his side.

"Hey, Patrick," Pete started calmly.

Patrick wasn't fooled.
"What now? And today of all days."

"I didn't mean for it to happen--"

"Another stray?"

"Great job, Pete," Dirty laughed, leaving the room.

Patrick shook his head, but put down the folder to follow Pete out into the main lab. He glared at the girl before turning back to Pete.

"She passed out. There wasn't much else I could do," Pete said with a shrug.

"'She'? You don't even know her name?!"

"It's Gwen, nice to meet you too," a voice indignantly replied.

After that night, Gwen seemed to show up at the hideout around the clock until the guys finally accepted that she was just a part of Pete. Besides, they couldn't reject the only person who seemed to make Pete happier than he was when he was with Patrick.

Pete wanted to inhale that memory, feel her velvet skin, the flowing skirt, the long glossy hair...

"What?" Pete said, jerking himself awake.

It was completely dark, but he knew something was in there with him.

"Pete, go back to sleep, I'm tired," a sleepy voice said just below his neck.

Yes, she was real. Gwen, his too afraid of the creepy crawlies of the night Gwen, was lying down in the coffin with him.

With no hesitation, he murmured, "I love you."

"I know," she answered, tucking her head into the crook of his neck.

After a satisfied silence, Pete drifted off into a dreamless sleep.
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