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Love, Maybe

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TamakiKyouya, TamaHaru. She is too much, and you have to give him up.

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It was hard, giving him up for her.

This talent of hers, understanding people and what they want, only made things worse. You couldn't not like her, because she was /nice/.



You couldn't focus, not on this. Not any more. Pulling away from Tamaki's hold, you sat on the edge of the sofa and pinched the bridge of your nose.

"That's enough, Tamaki."

You can hear his incredulous noises from behind you, and he drapes an arm around your shoulders, a tight grip that is pulling you backwards. It's a good thing that once you make up your mind, it doesn't change, you think. Like a rock in Tamaki's currents.

"What's wrong?"

His voice is low and soft, the way you like it the most. This is the voice he uses when he wants to drag you into an empty room, like he did just now. However, that voice is tinged with desperateness.

"You're in love with Haruhi."

You're proud of your voice, for holding steady, despite the shakiness that your heart is experiencing. You're always weak when it comes to him. You pick your glasses up off the table and pull them on; the bedroom comes into focus.

"We should stop this. It will only make things unnessisarily complicated."

You stand, and his fingers fall from your shirt. You need a shower, you think absent-mindedly, as if a part of you isn't even witnessing these events. He's making those aggravated choking noises in his throat that he always does when he's angry but too well-bred to say anything vulgar. It's cute, but not enough.


And you're leaving the room, feeling like you're going to die, because all the facts point in this direction and there's no more chance of living out the rest of your high school career together, let alone your lives, which had no chance from the beginning.

He's not following you, and you go into one of the guest rooms blindly. Every movement was mechanical, but wasn't that what you were like every day? Not much of a change. A bitter laugh broke your throat as you found the pictures in your pocket as you took off your shirt. How stupid you were, thinking you might be able to delay his separation from you for as long as possible.


Standing on the veranda, watching the rain come down, you think that maybe she's too nice for her own good. One of these days, that pureness will get her killed. You know you had been worried for her as well when she dissapeared off that cliff; not just for Tamaki, not just for the money and reputation lost.

And you feel like crying, but you don't, because you are Ohtori Kyouya and Tamaki Suou is too close to your heart for you to tell him not to love.
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