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LRaito. A triptych of planning.

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L had thought at first that the act of killing someone without seeing them had been what made Kira seem so callous, but after seeing that video of Raye Penbar in his dying moments, he wasn't quite so sure. The man had been sprawled ungainly next ot hte track, and yet, instead of calling or motioning for help, he had struggled to look at someone (or something) on the train he had just left. If the person on the train was indeed Kira, then clearly Kira was capable, whoever he or she was, of looking the person they had just killed's eyes without flinching.

And, following this line of thought, if Yagami Raito was Kira, his resolve and ability to hold his own beliefs above a natural feeling of disgust at murder would be equal in all cases. His self-disciplne might be his downfall; the only question was when and how to test it.

Poking at a strawberry shortcake, L raised the fork to his lips and licked the icing of it absent-mindedly.


Raito had been trying fora while now to convince L that he wasn't Kira, and also to find out what his real name was. Both of these results required a certain amount of trust to be built up. They were "friends" now, but this had the lock-key of requiring that they respect each other's privacy.

There was only one way, one situation that Raito knew of, in which he could convince L that he was trustworthy, as well as maintaining a continuing working relationship.

He didn't think it could be that difficult: he was good with women, after all, and Ryuuzaki was host to any and all desires that co-habited a teenage body.

Raito was willing to debase himself for his cuse. It would be amusing, at least.


The whole idea of sexual copulation in and of itself was rather amusing to Ryuk's dry and dusty brain. The whole mating dance, the ritual of hints and insinuations was hopelessly rediculous. Watching Raito go at it was funny enough in itself, but watching him do it to L? Halarious! Peals of silent laughter filled the room long after Ryuuzaki had left in the serach of candy.

And then Yagami Raito told him to sht up, throwing a book into his bag, and the laughter subsitded to snickers and giggles.

He had almost thought that Raito had been serious just then! Leaning in close, whispering L's fake name gently... It was like watching one of those shows on television they called "Soaps" . And L was falling for it@

The surpsiing part was that Raito was grumpy all evening, as if he had just lost a point and not gained one.

Humans really were stupid.
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