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Revised version of Rogue Power. Darker and more violent. An army from 2017 travels back to 1996 to destroy Voldemort and his followers Post OotP with bits of HBP

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Authors Notes: The original Rogue Power stalled out on me and I couldn't write anymore Authors Notes: The original Rogue Power stalled out on me and I couldn't write anymore. After months of writers block I decided to re-write the story, make it darker and more violent. Here is the result.

"Nice night." Alexander Hooper said.
"Yeah, it is." Robert Parks replied.
Hooper sat down next to the other man and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He lit one for himself and offered one to Parks, who waved it off.
Hooper took a long drag from his cigarette and blew the smoke upward. "We're opening The Gate tomorrow." He said. " You still up for it?"
"Yeah," Parks replied. "I'm still up for it. You know I've been dead for ears now, just haven't gotten around to laying down."
"Ever since she was killed, I know the feeling." Hooper said and took another long drag, finishing of the cigarette, and tossed the butt away.
"Good luck tomorrow." Hooper said as he climbed to his feet and walked away.
Parks tilted his chin to Hooper. "Same to you."
Once Hooper was out of sight, Parks pulled a crumpled, faded picture from his back pocket and gazed down at the smiling face of a dark haired girl.
"I'll be with you soon." He said and ran his thumb over the girls face. "I'm almost done here."
Parks tucked the picture back into his pocket and climbed to his feet. "It really is a nice night." He muttered as he walked over to a nearby hangar.


After he left Parks, Hooper went to the Temporal Rift Gate (called TriG by some, and simply the Gate by others) chamber to triple check the time coordinates and cargo and transport manifests. 'Everything's set.' Hooper shut down every computer program except for those that ran the Gate generator and the time coordinates and left the control room.
"I promise you, Susan," Hooper whispered softly as he entered the TRiG chamber. "I'll fix things. To much has been destroyed because of him."
He climbed into the drivers' seat of the last truck in the convoy that waited to drive through the massive steel arch that sat on the other end of the chamber. Once inside he took a white plastic pill bottle from his pocket, unscrewed the lid and dumped four small purple pills into his hand.
Hooper stared at the pills for a few seconds before he popped them into his mouth and swallowed them dry. He then replaced the lid and stuffed the bottle back into his pocket, settled back into the seat and closed his eyes.


Parks was jolted awake by the shrill beeping of his mechs comm. unit. He reached over and flicked on the transmitter/receiver. "Yeah?"
"The Gate's going online in five." Hooper replied.
"I copy. Moving in to position now." Parks switched his mech to full power mode and walked it towards the main gate of the base. "How much time do you need?"
"Fifteen minutes once the grid comes down. Hardgrave's got charges set to blow the Gate once we're through so you don't have to worry about that."
"Alright." Parks replied. "Good luck on your mission."
"Same to you." Hooper replied.
Parks nodded and activated his mechs weapons systems and picked up one of the two quad-railed missile launchers from the pile of weaponry at his mechs side. With the early morning sun at his back he was in the perfect position to guard against enemy invaders.
"One minuet until the Gate goes active. Power's being shunted from outer buildings, grid will drop in thirty seconds."
Parks switched off the weapons safeties and turned on his targeting computer. "Time for some fun." He muttered to himself.
Half a minute later the air shimmered briefly, like a heat distortion, then a flicker of blue static ran across the perimeter of the base.
Parks radar buzzed, announcing that the shield grid had fallen and his HUD was filled with red squares, each one representing an enemy unit.
He targeted the nearest four enemies and fed each set of coordinates to a separate rail on the launcher then hit the firing stud.
The launcher jerked four times in rapid succession and the four missiles sped toward their own targets. Parks tossed aside the empty launcher, picked up a second and repeated the firing process, sending another four missiles speeding towards another four enemy mechs. .
By the time the first four missiles had struck their targets, Parks had discarded the second launcher and picked up an assault rifle.
"Gate's opening, we're moving out." Hooper said.
Parks pulled the butt of the assault rifle tightly to his mechs shoulder and carefully picked his targets, firing in short bursts.
The high-powered, armor piercing rounds easily ripped through the thin armor of the onrushing enemy mechs, spraying thick black oil and pale hydraulic fluid into the air.
Despite his blistering rate of suppression-fire, and the countless units he had destroyed, the enemies continued to surge forth, coming ever closer to Parks.
Parks dropped his assault rifle and scooped up the heavy machine gun and turned it to full automatic.
The enemy mechs and tanks were decimated until they grew close enough to begin returning fire.
The machine gun jammed and Parks was struck twice by incoming fire, once in the leg and once in the side. 'Who the fuck's brilliant idea was it to make us feel whatever damage our mechs receive?'
The left side of Parks' mech suddenly went dead and slumped sideways. He activated his right shoulder mounted multi-rocket launcher system and targeted as many of the enemies as he could and fired.
The mech shuddered violently as all forty-eight rockets were launched in less than six seconds
An enemy rocket slammed in to the ground several feet in front of Parks, spraying the chest and stomach of his mech with white-hot shrapnel. Several pieces sliced through the armor and plunged into Parks chest.
'Hurry up Harry.' He thought as he felt blood fill one of his lungs. 'I can't fight them off much longer.'
The ground shook, then, seconds later, Parks was enveloped in a cloud of concrete dust and smoke, signaling the destruction of the GATE and the building containing it.
Parks smiled and activated his mechs self-destruct system. Half a second before the engine core overloaded Parks saw the image of a beautiful young woman, whole and free of scars, appear before him.
"'Mione." He said softly, feeling blood spray from his lips.
"I've been waiting fro you Neville." The young woman said and took his hand in hers. Neville felt all of his injuries, both old and new, fade away.

She runs through the forest, nosily crashing thought the underbrush, her lungs burning.
He is chasing her, she knows, even though he makes no sound as he pursues her.
Thin branches and vines slap at her face as she rushes through the trees, small pebbles and sticks bite into her bare feet.
She suddenly breaks through the forest into a wide, circular meadow, filled with thick, lush grass and fragrant flowers. The full moon is shining brightly, making the dew clinging to the blades of grass to gleam like diamonds.
She runs faster, hoping to reach the other side before he caught up to her.
He pounces on her halfway across the meadow, rolls her onto her back and straddles her thighs.
His face was draped in shadow as he sits on her thighs, only his eyes, burning with a deep hunger and passion, and his fang-like teeth, gleaming and ivory white, visible. He lowers his head, bringing his face within inches of hers. "That was quite a merry chase you led me on. But I have a different kind of fun in mind."
He grabs the collar of her nightgown and rips it right down the middle, exposing her chest to the cool night air. He pulls back, once more sitting on her thighs.
"No bra?" HE asks and cups her left breast, running his thumb over her stiff nipple.
She moans in pleasure and arches her back, pushing her chest against his hand.
He grins, like a predator about to make an easy kill. He slides his hand down her stomach and down between her legs and rubs his palm against the front of her knickers.
She moans again and bucks against his hand.
He rubs her again, feeling her knickers grow warm and damp, proof of her arousal.
"Nice and eager, I see." He growls and slips his fingers under the waistband of her underwear. "These will definitely have to come off.
He jerks his hand back and tears the garment from her body and tosses it carelessly over his shoulder.
He reaches down and adjusts his pants.
She moans loudly when she feels his length, hot and hard, press against her.
"You're mine now." He growls and thrusts into, drawing another moan, the loudest and longest yet, from her throat.
She wraps her legs around his hips as he starts thrusting hard and fast.
"D-don't stop!" She moans and bucks her hips.
He growls low in his chest as he continues to thrust, drawing loud and long moans from her.
With a bestial roar, he buries himself deep inside her as he reaches his climax.

Luna jerked awake, moaning and trembling as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body. As the intense pleasure subsided she noticed that her legs were spread open, as if accommodating a phantom lover, and her knickers had been soaked with her juices.
Luna slipped out of bed and peeled off her nightclothes and walked, unashamedly nude, into her adjoining bathroom. She turned on the shower and, when the water was hot enough, stepped inside, smiling happily.
'Harry and I will be having a great deal of fun very soon.'


Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, gripped her wand tightly and backed as far away from the door o her study as possible.
She knew that she had no chance of surviving to see the next sunrise. There were to many Death Eaters for her to fight off. 'At least Susan isn't here.' Amelia thought, taking a small bit of comfort that her niece wasn't to be a victim of this attack.
She tightened her grip on her wand even more and waited for the Death Eaters to break through the wards of her study, determined to take as many Death Eaters with her as possible.
The door blew inward and Amelia began firing lethal curses through the doorway. She heard four bodies fall before she was hit with a full body bind.
As her wand clattered to the floor Amelia cursed herself for not killing more, and for not being able to reach the capsule of suicide potion she kept around her neck.
One Death Eater, wearing a silver hued mask, swaggered over to Amelia.
"Not so high and mighty now, are you?" He said haughtily. "When you are not in the Wizengamot."
'Damn you Dolohov!' Amelia snarled mentally.
The silver masked Death Eater raised his wand and started an incantation.
A loud roar filled the study, followed by a deafening crash and Dolohov was struck by a large, black muggle vehicle that burst through the wall. HE was pulled under the vehicle and crushed beneath a large tire.
A door on the side of the vehicle swung open and three people, dressed in jet-black muggle style armor, stepped out. Two of them were unarmed and the third one was wearing a back-mounted tank with a long, flexible hose connected to a large black wand held in both hands.
The armed soldier pointed its wand at the remaining Death Eaters and squeezed the handle closet to the tip.
A jet of bright flame leapt from the tip and engulfed the Death Eaters, who shrieked in anguish. The screams ended quickly and the soldier released the handle, extinguishing the stream of fire.

One of the unarmed soldiers removed its helmet, revealing the soldier to be female. She picked up Amelia's wand and muttered. "Finite Incantum"
Amelia's arms and legs relaxed and she immediately reached for the vial hanging from her neck.
"Don't worry Madam Bones,' the soldier said. "We're the good guys, we're takin' you to Hogwarts."


Albus Dumbledore swiftly ran down the main staircase of Hogwarts, wand gripped firmly in hand. He had been in his office, attempting to remove Voldemort's soul fragment from the Gaunt family ring when he saw the flash of a patronus, the pre-determined signal of an Order of the Phoenix member needing entry into the castle.
When the old wizard reached the main floor he rushed the large double doors and waved his wand in a complicated pattern to unlock the large amount of charms and spells he had had placed on the doors.
The two massive doors swung open, quieter than a graveyard at midnight, to reveal a man, wearing black, muggle style armor with a black helmet tucked under one arm.
"Who are you?" Dumbledore asked, readying his wand to attack if the new comer proved to be in league with Voldemort.
"I'm a dealer in information and a seasoned warrior. I have information on the troop movements of this 'Dark Lord' Voldemort, his plans and most importantly his spies. I also have information on a wide variety of things"
"What information do you posses? And how can it help my cause?" Dumbledore asked.

"I know that you were about to destroy a horcrux that you have in your office. I know that if you had destroyed it you would have lost your hand and eventually your life.
I know that you have Severus Snape down in his little dungeon brewing up a binary Pacification potion that you plan to use on Harry Potter in an attempt to better control his 'volatile emotions'.
I know that Nymphadora Tonks, who prefers to be called Tonks, is in a deepening depression that will lead her to seek comfort in the arms of a man who will soon be driven insane by a combination of lycanthropy and rabies and will tear her to shreds."
"How can you know such things?" Dumbledore cried in shock.
The man removed his right glove and showed Dumbledore the back of his hand, which bore a set of scars in the form of the words 'I must not tell lies'. The man than closed his eyes in concentration and a thin lighting bolt-shaped scar appeared on his forehead.
"I've lived through those events. I'm the Harry Potter from twenty years in the future."
"You must return to your own ti-"
"I can't return, old man." Future Harry said, interrupting Dumbledore. It was a one-way trip. Even if I could return I wouldn't go back. There's nothing left for me back there.
Don't even try to obliviate yourself old man. You need to know everything I tell you. And I'll be taking over the security measures for this school. The ones you put in place are depressingly pathetic and ineffective.
By security measures I mean stronger disciple for anyone that breaks the rues, tighter perimeter defenses, security patrols for Hogsmeade visits and many other things.
Finally, I no longer go by the name Harry Potter. I am Alexander Hooper.

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