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Anusti started off like any other adventurer. Training, traveling, finding the Pit accidentally in BattleOn. Oh sure, she even chooses to become a werewolf. But what else lies in her future? And ho...

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Title: SilverMoon

Genre: Action/ Adventure, Humor, Supernatural, Romance (?)

Rating: T

Status: In-Progress

First Adventure Quest fan fiction. (How long am I gonna be occupied with this one?) It's about my character Anusti (NOT THE DRAGON IN MY OTHER STORY). Starts off with almost nothing to do about the real story, is about how Anusti first became an adventurer. But eventually it will be about how Anusti got turned into a werewolf and got mixed up in the vampire vs. werewolf war. SORRY, but vampires may be portrayed as dumb, ugly, and/or evil in this story, and I don't quite know if I'm going to completely wipe them out at the end of the story. But in short werewolfgood, vampirebad. Now, onto the mayhem!

Chapter One: Openings, a Flashback, and an Annoying Newbie

My name is Anastasia Rowenia Dracon. But I'm known as Anusti. My life started as any other adventurer: I left my home and headed for BattleOn seeking glory and fortune. When I first saw the city of BattleOn, I was amazed, having come from a small village. I remember looking at the houses and shops that lined the streets, and all the people that were scattered throughout them. The inn, the pet shop, and the mage shop all amazed me. I could see people of all shapes, sizes, colours and nobilities. People in simple dress and people in flashy armour, making mine seem like tattered cloth. As I walked along, I was sure my mouth was agape. But nothing could have prepared me for the Guardian Tower.

I remember the exact moment my eyes locked onto the huge Guardian Tower. Its huge, grey walls and its many carvings. A large stone dragon perched on the top just caught me more. I stared at it, completely entranced, and continued walking. Then I very casually, and very gracefully, proceeded to fall into a large hole near the village square.


"Owww..." I groaned and rubbed my head. "That hurt." I sat up in the dark cave and looked around. The hole in the ceiling, where I had fallen through, was right above my head. It dimly lit the cave, but didn't help much.

As I let my eyes a just, I saw something white not far from me. I stood and walked towards it, squinting, trying to see it better. It was mere inches from my face when I could almost make out what it was then...

"Hahaha!" it moved! I fell backwards, onto my butt of course. Didn't even think about pulling out my sword. Not scared, but startled. Yeah, I was 'startled'.

"What in Lore!" I yelled. Then I could finally make out what the thing was. A skeleton, or at least a human torso and head, was hanging from the ceiling on a chain. It had dimly glowing red eyes and a rat scampered out of its eye socket.

"You fell into the pit... Hehehe!" Was it, mocking me? "You will die in it! Hohoho! There is no way out... Bwahah! Join us in hanging about!"

Was he trying to be a poet, or was it just me? I turned my head. There were more skeletons hanging on the walls. Lore. I was gonna DIE in here! And my adventure hadn't even started. I took a step back and felt a CRUNCH under my boot. I told myself not to look down. Then a voice.

"Hey, down-there!" it came from above. I was saved! "You okay?"

"Yeah!" I yelled back moving under the opening in the ceiling. I couldn't make out the person leaning over the hole, but at least there was somebody there!

"Grab onto the rope and We'll pull you up!" the voice yelled. Then he threw a rope into the pit. I grabbed on and was suddenly being pulled up. Man, this guy was strong!

"W-wait! Where you going?" the skull yelled after me. It was all I could do not to stick my tongue at it.

When I reached the opening to the hole I pulled myself out and lay down on the grass for a second, letting out a relieved sigh.

"You okay, adventurer?" the voice asked. I sat up and nodded. Looking at the man, I replied:

"Thank you." He grinned widely. He wore an eye-patch on his right eye and had cropped brown hair. His gold-trimmed, silver armour seemed to glow.

"No problem," he extended his hand and I shook it. Then he helped me up onto my feet. "Name's WunEye. And the newbie here is Keith." He nodded over his shoulder. There was a boy around my age donned in the same armour as WunEye. He also had cropped hair, but his was jet-black.

"Hey," he gestured, faking a smile.

"I'm Anusti," I looked at them both for a second then realized: "You guys are Guardians, aren't you?" WunEye nodded with a grin. I didn't let it show on my face, but I was astounded. Real Guardians!

"This is all good and well," Keith began sourly. "But could we please get moving?" Fun loving guy, wasn't he? WunEye nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, we better get going." Keith turned and began walking towards the tower.

"Nice meeting you!" I yelled to Keith's retreating back. He rose up his hand in a sort-of acknowledgement but didn't slow his pace.

WunEye gave a laugh. "Don't mind him," he began. "He just anxious to get training." I stopped myself from rolling my eyes. "Good-bye Anusti. Oh, and if you ever want a tour of the Guardian Tower, come right by. I'd be glad to give you one."

"Really?" I asked with a grin. He nodded. "Thank you. That would be amazing!" WunEye grinned and turned. Following Keith. "Good-bye!"

-----Flashback Over-----

As that day continued I met a Moglin named Twilly would told me he would heal me whenever necessary, met a stat trainer, got attacked by a Baby Frogzard that escaped Aria's Pet Shop, met the Frogzard Hunter (who scared me more then the Baby Frogzard did), and killed my first monster! Which was also a frogzard (but not a baby one!).

As the days went by I was shown around the Guardian Tower (wanting to become one myself, but couldn't quite pay for the schooling), and traveled to many places training. I was lost at the crossroads for some time, but eventually found my way out. I traveled to Krovesport and Dragonstone, immediately wanting to become a dragonslayer. I soon did (nice armour!) and began my very first quest. But let me explain: running from a plasma dragon IS NOT FUN!

But I became stronger and one day decided to travel Granemor, and eventually, Darkovia Forest (a long way to walk, seeing how Guardians are the only ones with horses!). And there, in that ever-night, ever-creepy place, was where my true adventure began.
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