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Lethal Injections

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"Gerard nodded, perhaps not entirely understanding the concept of a 'boyfriend'."

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A few hours passed of quiet chatting before Reynolds reappeared, anxiously.
"Frank, it's time to go. Take some stuff, for the night." Frank shook his head.
"I'm scared." He spoke softly.
"Gerard can accompany you, during the injections, if you'd like," She suggested. Frank turned to him, pleadingly.
"Do you want to?" He asked.
"Yeah, 'course," Gerard nodded, standing up.

Gerard followed him and Reynolds away and into a large clinic room, which he had visited before. Frank was instructed to get changed and sit himself down in the smallish injection room. Frank came back in another jumpsuit, but in a light blue. The Doctor asked him to take the top half down, but he shook his head.
"I can't." He begged. Gerard stroked Frank's hair down.
"You can, no one will judge you," He said, softly, taking Frank's hand in his own. Reynolds stood in the corner of the room, the Doctor awaiting Frank to follow orders. Frank nodded, up buttoning the jumpsuit, taking the top part down, anxiously. He took Gerard's hand, lacing his fingers with the older boy's. Gerard sat down beside him, wincing a little as Frank nearly crushed his hand. He held on loosely, since Frank was doing most of the work, despite no needles having actually been out yet.
"Frank, stay very calm and do not tense your muscles, okay?" The Doctor asked, calmly. Frank loosened his grip on Gerard's hand, mouthing, "Sorry," to him, with scarlet cheeks. He looked up at the Doctor, sighing and nodding.
"Okay." He squeezed his eyes shut.
"It's okay, I can stand it." Gerard nodded, putting both hands around Franks. The Doctor rubbed something cold on Frank's arm before preparing a needle in front of him. Gerard hated needles and would usually scream at the sight of them, but he had to be calm, for Frank's sake. Every injection he had to get, he would have to be knocked out to ensure no one lost a finger. Frank smiled, feeling Gerard's hands around his own.
"Fuck." He mumbled, not opening his eyes, but hearing the metallic screech of metal on metal. The needle was poised millimeters away from Frank's arm and Gerard turned his gaze to ensure he didn't see the metal puncturing the skin. The doctor pressed the needle into him and injected, watching Frank carefully. Frank bit his lip, not moving, feeling the needle puncture his arm. He squeaked softly as it pulled out, of his skin. Gerard held onto him and smiled softly.
"That was really good," He said, gently. "I would have already crushed your hand to a pulp if that had been me." Frank opened his eyes, smiling softly and blushing proudly.
"Thanks, I didn't really want to break your hand." He giggled softly, sighing. Gerard nodded in response, beaming gently. The Doctor sighed and turned.
"Just a few more injections, Frank, then some tests."
"Okay, fine," Frank nodded in agreement.
"Your boyfriend is welcome to stay, if you want him to," The Doctor added, preparing the other few needles. Gerard didn't kick up a fuss, but Frank squeaked audibly at the word.
"I'll stay, sure." Gerard nodded, perhaps not entirely understanding the concept of a 'boyfriend'.
"He's-." Frank started to speak, then decided not to complete his sentence. He smiled softly, blushing as he gazed at Gerard. The Doctor turned, a larger needle in his hands. Gerard swallowed nervously and audibly, his eyes widening as he shut his eyes.
"It might sting a little, but just.. Don't tense, alright?" The Doctor nodded, preparing himself. Before Frank could say anything in response he pushed the needle into his arm without warning. Frank chewed his lip, breathing heavily. His hand tightened very slightly, around Gerard's. The Doctor pulled the needle out, with worry spread across his face.
"Hold on, just a moment, Frank. Don't move," He said, softly.
"Is something wrong?" Frank asked, worried, his eyes fixated on the floor.
"Er, no, there's just, a lot of bleeding, I think I may have reopened a wound.." He mumbled, shaking his head to himself, searching through his cupboards. Frank squeaked, breathing shakily, sniffing. The Doctor returned to the room promptly with another Doctor. He inspected Frank's arm before reaching for gauze.
"Frank, do you ever bleed longer than you would expect a person to? Takes more time for scabs to form, that sort of thing?" He asked, worriedly.
"I don't know," Frank shrugged, speaking softly, almost a whisper. He looked at Gerard, worried.
"I'm slightly worried that you might have slight Hemophilia, Frank, but that's what tests are for, okay?" The older doctor said, softly, bandaging Frank's arm. "Gerard, I'm going to have to ask you to leave, but you can say goodbye,"
"I don't want him to leave." Frank looked up at the Doctor, with big, tear-filled eyes, "Please?" He asked, sniffing.
"For a little longer, but we're going to need him to leave soon, when we knock you out, okay?" The Doctor promised, Gerard staying close. Frank nodded, sniffing, rubbing his eyes."
Gerard kept a tight hold on Frank whilst the Doctor's worked around him, giving him another injection abruptly to help the blood clot. They helped him to his feet and guided him through to another room, which contained more machinery. Frank walked through to the other room, with Gerard, until the Doctor, shook his head.
"He has to go now," He spoke softly, looking at them both. Gerard sniffed softly. He did care for Frank, whether Frank believed him or not. He nodded, squeezing Frank's hand before letting go and backing away.
"C'mere," Frank gestured for Gerard to come closer, the smaller boy stood up, pressing a kiss to his cheek. He sniffed, being led in the the back of the room. Gerard stood staring absently for a while before Reynolds nudged him into the hallway and shut the door, returning to be with Frank. Frank took the other injections, sobbing softly, not because they hurt, just because he didn't have the person who comforted him. After Frank did the tests, he laid on a bed, sighing, staring at the celling, until the Doctor came in.
"Well, we have the results. You do have Hemophillia, I'm afraid." He explained, "You'll stay here over night, just so we can make sure to get the correct medication. You'll be released tomorrow morning, okay?" Frank nodded.
Reynolds entered, smiling gently. She was a particularly confusing woman to decipher. "How are you feeling, Frank?" She asked, softly.
"Upset." Frank stated, sighing, sitting up in the comfortable bed.
"I miss Gerard."
"You'll see him tomorrow, bright and early, I'll make sure of it." She reassured, tapping Frank's shoulder lightly. Frank nodded, sighing.
"I like how he seems to actually care about me." He smiled softly.
"He does." She tilted her head. "He has a lot of affection, but he rarely does share it with anyone, but his brother." Frank nodded, understandably.
"Could you do me a favour?"
"What is it?"
"Ask Gerard, how he actually feels about me." Reynolds sat back.
"Alright," She nodded. "I can do that. Tomorrow, I'll ask him, okay?" Frank nodded, smiling appreciatively.
"Thanks, but do tell him I asked you." He blushed.
"I will," She nodded, softly. "Have a nice night, Frank." She said, standing up.
Frank sighed softly, "You too," He nodded, smiling, laying in bed, falling asleep quickly.

Gerard hastily made his way back to his bedroom and collected his sketchbook and pencil, climbing into the cavern and sealing it behind him. He drew pictures of Frank and Mikey, then moved onto the darker ones, before putting it down, writing a few verses of a song he had been working on. He lit up a cigarette and smiled softly, laying his head back, breathing much deeper than he usually would. Gerard let his eyes flicker shut, his shoulders going limp as the smoke lingered inside him.

Reynolds made her way quickly to Frank's room in the hospital wing. She sat with him, until he awoke. Frank woke, jumping slightly, seeing Reynolds.
"Um... Morning?"
"Do you happen to have a key to your room?" Reynolds asked, embarrassed. "I can't get in, Gerard's locked it and he's not answering me. He got hold of that key a while ago and.. He uses it to his advantage.." Frank pulled a key off the bedside table.
"Here." She nodded appreciatively.
"You could actually leave now, but if you're not ready to, then feel free to stay." She said, standing up.
"I'll leave," Frank got out of the bed, pulling on his normal jumpsuit, walking to his room, "Gerard?"
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