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Chapter 8

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It's always been my dream . . .

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Frank’s POV

All the hurt, the pain, anger, sadness and fear that I had bottled up for two years; two long lonely years, suddenly unleashed as I sob uncontrollably into this poor guys chest. My chest hurts as each sob breaks out through my body, my head begins to hurt, and my fingers begin to tingle due to how tight I’m clinging onto Gerard’s jacket

Gerard; I barely know him, yet he now knows my story; knows who I am. For all I know, he could be some sad, sick rapist, or a murderer. God, he must think I’m pathetic, a crying mess, curled up in his arms. I’m surprised he hasn’t pushed me away yet, just like my mother and family did, everyone except my dad. Hiccupping and choking back my sobs, I pull back away from Gerard, wrapping my arms around myself. Tears still slip freely from my eyes as I stare at the ground, but I can feel his eyes on me. Slowly, I peer up, my vision tainted slightly by tears. Gerard watches me carefully, his eyes sad

“I-I’m sorry,” I whisper, wiping a hand across my eyes. Gerard shakes his head slightly

“Sorry for being such a pathetic, sad, snivelling fool. A SCREW UP!” I shout at the end, Gerard flinching slightly

“No you’r-”

“But I am! I am pathetic, I could never stand up for myself, I still can’t,” I cut across Gerard. Gerard falls silent, watching me

“I can never do anything right,” I mumble. I pull my sleeve up and stare at the thin white line that adorns my right wrist; a reminder for the rest of my life

“That stain on the floor, downstairs by the kitchen, that’s my blood.” Gerard takes hold of my wrist gently, his thumb tracing the scar gently

“I was so determined when I heaved myself up off that bed, to end it all. I woke up an hour or so later in a small pool of my own blood.” Gerard looks up at me, his thumb stilling on my scar; my wrist tingles slightly

“But when I did wake up, that’s when it hit me.”

“What do you mean?” Gerard asks

“It’s what they would have wanted; my mom, the bullies at school. They’d want me dead, because that’s all they ever wanted.” Gerard frowns slightly. I let out a sigh as I pull my wrist free from Gerard’s grip, pulling my sleeve down

“That was just over two years ago.”

“You’ve been here for two years?” Gerard asked slightly surprised. I nod my head in response

“I don’t ever want to go back home. My mom never bothered to look for me or report me missing.” I felt Gerard’s hand press against my arm and I smile slightly

“So, what do you do?” Gerard asks, as I wipe away at the drying tears on my face

“Well, my dad still pays money into that account I mentioned. But I like to go out into the streets, and busk. I’ll just set myself up somewhere for a couple of hours and just play.” Gerard nods his head and looks over at my guitar case

“Does your dad know you’re here?” Gerard asks. I shrugged my shoulders. I doubt my mom told him that I ran away. I doubt she even thinks about him or me anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had another man in the house

“Probably not, if he did, I wouldn’t be here, that’s for sure.” I hear Gerard sigh, his hand sliding off my arm

“You know, you’re very brave Frank.”

Brave?” I stare at Gerard incredulously. Is he for real?

“Yes, brave,” Gerard chuckles slightly, rubbing the back of his neck

“How am I brave?” I ask, raising an eyebrow at him

“Well, you ran away from home, when you were what, fourteen?” Gerard looks at me, eyebrow raised and I nod my head

“You’re now sixteen-”

“Seventeen,” I correct him, “I turned seventeen yesterday.” Gerard nods his head

“Seventeen, and made a living, on your own, in one of the most dangerous cities. If it was me, I’d have been dead the moment I left home.”

“You’re just saying that,” I mumble dropping my gaze to my feet

“No, I’m not. I mean it. I can’t stand up for myself either. I’ve always been the freak of the school, because I was quiet and secluded. I wouldn’t survive out on the streets, I’d be an easy target for a murderer,” Gerard spoke. I look back up again, to see Gerard watching me, eyes filled with honesty

“It’s not so hard, if someone attacks you, just aim for the nuts and run,” I said. Gerard chuckled, making me smile. I fall silent; brave. He really thinks I’m brave? I shake my head slightly, before looking around the attic

“So, you say this place is 'haunted'?” I ask. Gerard snorts, before blushing slightly, making me laugh a little

“Supposedly. About the only thing that is spooky about this place, is all the spiders, as Bob found out,” Gerard said. I shuddered and Gerard smirked slightly

“I hate spiders with a passion! Was that why your friend screamed?”

“Yep! Walked into a cobweb. Thing is, he’s probably the toughest guy I know, yet he screams like a girl,” Gerard laughed

“I have to agree with you there,” I laughed. Gerard nodded his head

“Oh yeah, and a disappearing book,” Gerard frowned slightly

“A book?” I ask

“Yeah, um, The Catcher In The Rye,” Gerard said

“Sorry, that was me,” I apologise

“Oh, well that makes sense,” Gerard smiled

“One of my favourite books, I didn’t mean to drop it.”

“That’s ok,” Gerard chuckled, but winced and rubbed the back of his head. Damn, I can’t believe I hit him that hard over the head

“I’m sorry if I startled you this morning,” I said, blushing slightly

“Don’t worry about it,” Gerard waved a hand at me

“Just wanted to look at the drawing you were doing.” Gerard looked next to him and picked up the sketchbook, before handing it to me

“You can look if you want,” Gerard offered. I took hold of the book and opened it. Each page had a detailed drawing, either done in pencil or charcoal, some even had a touch of colour. The detail was unbelievable

“These are amazing.” I turn to the next page, a cartoon drawing of a vampire

“It’s my art for college.”

“You go to college?” I ask looking up. Gerard nodded his head

“I go to the Visual Arts School in New York.”

“So you’re what, twenty?”

“Twenty one, I’m in my last year,” Gerard said. I gaze at Gerard for a second, his hazel eyes still watching me, the candle light reflects of his pale skin, black hair slightly messy as it falls around his face. He’s almost like a piece of art work himself. Fuck, I’m staring at him. I divert my gaze back down to the cartoon vampire and flip through the last few pages, before closing the book and handing it back

“It’s always been my dream to go to New York,” I say as Gerard puts the sketchpad down on the ground next to him


“Yeah, that’s where my dad, really kick started his music career, where. That’s what I want to do; go and play in New York, out on the streets, in nightclubs and bars. Anywhere I can, and hope that maybe, just maybe, I’ll get somewhere, just like my dad.” Gerard smiles at me. I just wish I knew where he was, my dad. God I miss him

“You should go for it, I think you’d make it,” Gerard smiles again

“You think?” I ask slightly unsure

“If it’s something that you love, then yeah, I think you’ll get somewhere.” I smile back at Gerard, before nodding my head

GERARD?” my heart jolts and skips a beat, while the rest of my body jumps violently. Gerard’s eyes widen, as a mixture of worry and guilt fill his hazel orbs. I stare at the attic door, before staring back at Gerard, as the voice calls out again

“Mikey,” Gerard whispers

Gerard’s POV

Mikey. I snatch my sketchbook up off the ground once again, before hauling myself up quickly. My head throbs as my vision blurs. I squint my eyes shut, before blinking them open again. I look round to see Frank is standing on his feet again, eyes wide and fearful

“Gerard?” Mikey calls out again, worry taints his voice

“I have to go,” I whisper, before turning and walking towards the attic door. I stop in my tracks as a hand grabs hold of my arm. I look round to see Frank staring at me; I catch the faintest glimpse of hurt, before it disappears, the fear and worry consuming his eyes once again

“Please, don’t tell anyone I’m here,” Frank pleads in a whisper

“Gerard? Where are you? This isn’t funny!” Mikey calls. I shake my head at Frank

“I won’t, I promise.” Frank stared at me for a second longer, before nodding, his grip loosening on my arm. I rush towards the attic stairs, taking two at a time, careful not to slip. I burst back into the study, before rushing out into the landing

“Mikey?” I call back

“Gerard!?” Mikey calls back, voice frantic. I look round behind me, to see Frank peering round the door, his eyes sad. I feel a pang of guilt pull at my heart. I half smiled at him, waving quickly before rushing down the stairs. Sure enough, stood in the hallway, was a frantic looking Mikey

“Are you ok? What took you so long!” Mikey asked, before he hugged me tightly. I smile slightly, hugging him back. It’s funny, how he’s my little brother, but will sometimes act like the big brother

“I’m fine Mikey,” I say, pulling back from his embrace. There’s still a dull ache sitting in my head

“Then why did you take so long?” Mikey asked, pulling away, but keeping a firm grip on my arm, dragging me back through the house

“Well, you know me, easily distracted,” I say, trying to peer over my shoulder, to see if Frank was following, but Mikey kept pulling me through the doors, causing me to stumble a few times over my own feet. Mikey stops as we stumble back out into the autumnal air, the door closing behind us

“Gerard, you’ve been gone for over an hour.” An hour? I stare at him eyebrows raised

“An hour?” I say as Mikey starts to walk away, back out through the back gate and towards my car

“Yes, an hour! I tried calling you,” Mikey glares at me. A pang of guilt hits me as he glares at me. Sometimes I forget just how much of a worrier my brother is

“I’m sorry Mikey, I must have left it in the car.” I pull my keys out and unlock the car, Mikey clambering in and slamming the door shut. Getting in the driver’s side, I find my phone sitting on the dashboard. Picking it up, sure enough there are two text messages and four missed calls, all from Mikey. I look up at Mikey; he’s still glaring at me, arms folded across his chest, eyebrows furrowed . . . . . kind of reminds me of our own mom when she’s glaring at the pair of us

“I’m really sorry Mikey, I didn’t mean to worry you,” I bite my lip as Mikey continues to glare at me

“Did you walk all the way here?” I ask suddenly

“Well duh! How else would I get here?” Mikey snaps at me

“Fuck, Mikey! You know I hate it when you walk the streets by yourself,” I groan. Mikey scoffs at me

“Look, I’m really sorry Mikey.” I sigh as Mikey turns his gaze away from me

“I just don’t like that house.” I look at Mikey as he looks back round at me

“That house, just gives me a bad vibe, like there’s something bad inside that house.”

Oh Mikey . . . if only you knew . . . . . I gently place a hand on his shoulder. His eyes stare at my hand for a second, before he looks at me

“I’m sorry.” Mikey stares at me for a second before sighing and smiling a little

“Come on, let’s go home and play some video games.” Mikey smiles a little more and nods his head. I drop my hand from his shoulder, strapping myself in, Mikey doing the same. Placing the key into the ignition, I glance back up at the house again.

I wish I could do something, but what?


Chapter 8 - sorry if it's a bit short :-/ I'm not entirely happy with it, I have a few family issues going on at home, so my head really isn't with it at the moment. I will try and make the next chapter a bit longer, more funny and interesting
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