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Write it down, on pen an paper
That you love me but hate me so
I'm alone in this crowded room full of people
And I can't seem to find a way through

There's no time, no time for life
No time to live
No time to thrive
The easy way out seems like the simplest way out, to me
Nothing to live for and nothing to gain
This seems more like a game
I'm sorry, I never promised you
I never said I wouldn't
But I did
I always have
I love you, I'm so sorry

Just say that last goodbyes to me
Goodbye doesn't always mean forgetting, but forget me please
I'm not worth remembering
I'm not making actions out of my emotions

Let me be like Juliet, drink the poison, for the one I love
Can you be Romeo for me? Die or me too?
Can it work out like in the movies instead?
You save me and I save you?
But it doesn't work that way, I'm ready to go, but never to return

I guess this is my goodbye, you won't see me again
Only in pictures, pictures that can't show my pain
The pain shown in my eyes that came from my heart
So farewell, you'll see me once more in the afterlife

It's not like I promised you, you never made me promise
I never made a promise and even though you told me not to do it. Well too late. I'm sorry
Its still my fault though
I'm sorry
So I'm gonna do it
I'm gonna go
Farewell, farewell


Sorry, this is poorly written cause I wrote it fast.
Just based off some shitty feelings I've been having.

Abbie xx

PS- This isn't about killing myself I swear, it's about cutting actually. I know that's still bad but,I couldnt help it. I gave in.
PSS- Don't worry about me either. Please.
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