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Worst Day of the Year

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Goddammit; fuck me

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Why I hate my birthday

Most people would think I'm crazy...but I fucking hate it!
All it ever ends in is tears (not kidding, ever since I turned 10 it's been that way)...

Why? Here is a list

1) Everyone always forgets
None of my friends remember, or ask when it is...all they care about it for is to beat the hell out of me

2) My family won't be there;
My grandparents always go on vacation in January (usually leaving on or before my birthday), and this year my parents are going to the city (my mom has some surgery really early the next day, so yeah)

3) I always sit there and wish I was dead or something (it's weird, all the years since the depression hit I've gotten very suicidal on my birthday)

4) I NEVER do anything
Take this year for example, I have a chance to go the city (I just recently found out we have a Hot Topic there; so BAND MERCH UNITE), and my parents get to go to the city...and I have to babysit

5) It always turns out like shit
My family obviously doesn't give a damn, they force me out of my room and I always have to fake a smile and pretend I LOVE what they get me...

6) I hate cake;

7) It's never based around what I want...always what everyone else likes
For instance
I prefer marble cake (only kind I like; I LOVE that shit) and my family likes Vanilla (ewww)
What does my cake turn out to be?

8) Nobody even tries,
My friends don't even give me a hug or anything (no they just hit me) and my family doesn't bake (they go to the store and buy a plain didn't even have anything written on it)

9) Just another way to celebrate how I'm so fucking alone

10) It only ends in pain

I'm sorry if it's whiney, and a bit early (my birthday isn't for a month). But growing up, it's totally fucked it for me; showing me "hey, nobody cares enough about you to even say "happy birthday!!" And mean it!" So every year it ends in the same thing;
Self harm, and suicidal thoughts.
Ha no.
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